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This Boston Celtics 사진 contains 농구, 똑똑 떨어짐을하는 사람, 드리블 러, 똑 똑 떨어짐, 농구 선수, basketeer, and cager.

John is absolutely passionate about 농구 and the Boston Celtics. He never misses a game on TV and he knows all about his 가장 좋아하는 players. So in 2011, when he was given the chance to wish for anything in the world, he immediately replied that he wanted to meet the team and attend a Celtics game in person.

This chance to have a wish granted came about because of John’s condition; he has two tumors: one on his pituitary gland and one in the middle of his brain.

Before John’s wish could be granted, however, Kids Wish Network needed to raise funds for it and a wish funding specialist made...
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A cool video of B 베이스 preparing for season and his reaction to being traded
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