Bonnie McCullough/Bennett The Bonnie HATE retaliation spot!

Brylannie posted on Dec 14, 2011 at 09:07AM
I just couldn't help but make this because I don't understand HOW or WHY there could be so much Bonnie hate in the TVD world of viewers when the actress who plays Bonnie is super sweet and Bonnie is sweet and die hard for all those she loves??? I mean she really cares about PEOPLE and not just the ones in her life like when others die on the show that aren't in her click but everyone else just moves on and people actually get mad at Bonnie for being human and realistic, but anyway, I made this spot because it seems it's rear I check out a TVD female fandom vid that includes Bonnie or more than one scene of her.

And when I ask why Bonnie's not included or only in it once or twice it's revealed that the vidmaker hates Bonnie for some twisted reason that they really aren't even aware of??? Check out these Bonnieless vids or nearly Bonnieless TVD female fandom vid. It's ridiculous. If you Bonnie Fans feel the need to have a dislike party on these vids I won't be mad. Don't comment or argue. Just dislike :)


Bonnie's literally in ONE scene in this one and even Rebeka who's not even a regular is included in the video with more scenes than Bonnie.


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over a year ago ducky8abug4u said…

Differences of opinions are what makes the world go 'round! It's the spice of life!

I like Bonnie. She reminds me of women (and some men) that I've met in the past. She knows who she is. She's a very morally centered, highly flawed character. What's not to like, I say! :)