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posted by annvie9
Role-playing isn't something that comes naturally to some people. It was a little hard for me at first, but I got used to it. So I'm here to help 당신 get it better. RP-ing is just like telling a story, except you're limited to only your character. But really, it's not that hard. It's one of those things 당신 learn over time.

1.) Use the best grammar 당신 can.
In all reality, we don't expect perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but do try your best! We want your posts to be understandable. It would be helpful if 당신 게시됨 "He gasped for breath" instead of *is gasping*. And you...
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posted by Hellblazre583
Basically what we are doing here is creating your very own personalized Zanpakuto. nothing 더 많이 and nothing less. Howeve if 당신 would like to 당신 may include a brief 설명 of yourself as a Shinigami. Please do not include Vizards, Hollows, nor any other blasphemous things, because, like I said before, this is purely Shinigami.
This is the approximate format i wish 당신 to use because i believe that it will streamline things and make it a whole lot easier on everyone.

Zanpakto name =
Release Command =
Shikai name =

Bankai name =

[shikai abilities 3]
Ability 1 name =
Ability 2 name =
Ability 3 name =

[bankai abilities 3]
ability 1 name =
    Description =
ability 2 name =
    Description =
ability 3 name =
    Description =
posted by SozenKurosaki
Zanpakto name = Kantoruka
Description: is the brother of ichigo's zanpakuto Zangetsu
Release Command = Now Shine like the sun KANTORUKA
Shikai name = Lumina Kantoruka
Description: Shines so bright that it makes opponents blind for 5 minutes

Bankai name = Runokai Kantoruka
Description: It's like Tenza Zangetsu but reversed colors

[shikai abilities 3]
Ability 1 name = Blindness
Description: temporary blindness for a few minutes
Ability 2 name = paralysis
Description: will cause a temporary paralysis for 10 minutes
Ability 3 name =

[bankai abilities 3]
ability 1 name = Getsuga Tensho
설명 = Getsuga Tensho translates to Moon Fang Striking The Sky and like Ichigo Kurosaki it is the 옮기기 that Kantoruka taught me
added by supersilver108
is kind o funny