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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago grimmjowftw said…
zanpakuto/shikai: Kaosu no Hanshu “lord of chaos”
release command: Hakia “Destroy”

description: Kaosu no Hanshu which means “lord of chaos”, its hilt is crimson red with black details. The hand guard is circle with three 1 inch long curved blades on it (almost like a throwing star). Its blade is of the normal sliver and black.

bankai name: Kaosu no Umarekawaru Hansu “renewed lord of chaos”

description: The katana’s blade changes from the original black/silver to solid white (same color as Sode no Shirayuki). The hilt turns light blue with white designs. The guard is the same but white.

shikai abilities

>kaitai disuku “demolition disk” – the swords blade detaches itself and spins. It then launches at the target. This attack can only be blocked if the target is stronger or is in bankai.

>shi no ha “blade of death” – black reaitsu forms around the blade, making it 2 times stronger on each strike. Every strike weakens the target and empowers the user, unless the target has a larger spiritual pressure.

bankai abilities:

>me ni mienai katto “unseen cut” – the user can be any distance away for this attack, as long at the target is in sight. The sword is wrapped in white reaitsu. This takes around 5-6 seconds. The user then makes a cutting motion, and that cut appears on the target, unless blocked by kido or dogged. This attack isn’t usually an instant kill, but does 3 times normal cutting strength.

>go-mai ha ikari “five bladed fury” – this attack does the same amount of damage as being hit by five blades at once, this attack can only be used after a wound is put on the wielder.

>shiroi kizu “white wound” – if there is a successful attack that cuts the target, the user says “shiroi kizu” and the wound turn white and slowly spreads over the body. When the entire body is white, it forms a ball around them, and then explodes, killing the target. This attack can only be used before the death of the wielder.

over a year ago BrokenSun35 said…
Here is my new blade so I would like to see what everyone thinks so comment please.

Zanpakuto Name: Ejiputo no kami (Egyptian Gods)
Release Command: Rule over your kingdom!

Appearance: In sealed state it is a normal katana with a gold handle in Shikai it becomes a pure black Khopesh with gold hieroglyphics on the sides the wielder also gains a pure white 5 foot tall staff with the head of a falcon on top, the wielder also gains the Eye of Horus on their right eye.


Isis (Goddess of Magic): The wielder raises the staff in the air and the head of the falcon becomes engulfed in flames, a fiery circle (20 feet in radius) will surround the wielder, he/she then slams the staff down and inside the circle there is a large explosion (The wielder does not get hurt) the power of this is the same as an average cero.

Geb (God of the Earth): The wielder slashes the Khopesh at the opponent a slash (Looking like Ichigo’s getsuga) made of pure stone launches at the opponent the stone gets an inch wider for every foot but when it reaches 50 feet in distance it will turn to sand and cause no harm to the opponent.

Bastet (Goddess of Cats): The wielder’s eyes become gold and feline, the wielders speed and reflexes have doubled now being able to have bolts of extreme speed and react to attacks with great speed, this lasts for 2 minutes and has a recharge time of 2 minutes.

Bankai Name: Kami no shihai-sha (Ruler of the Egyptian Gods)

Bankai Appearance: The wielders sword and staff do not change but he does gains a red Egyptian cloak with a hood on the cloak hieroglyphics are seen constantly moving around, the wielder also has the Eye of Horus on both eyes and has 2 pendants attached to gold cuffs around the wielders wrists these pendants are Ankh’s (The Ankh means eternal life)

Horus (God of War): A 20 foot tall human with a falcon head wielder a large Khopesh appears behind the wielder this humanoid has the same function as Sajin’s bankai every time the wielder moves so does the so does the human/falcon (This movement being the same with attacking). This human/falcon lasts for 2 minutes and has a recharge time of 5 minutes

Anubis (God of Death): Since Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead to see if the weigh the same as the feather of truth in Egyptian myth this ability represents a human with a heavy heart thus not weighing up to the feather of truth and being punished because of that reason. The wielder and the opponent are covered with chains this cuts the speed of each person in half this lasts for a minute and has a recharge time of a minute

Ra (God of the Sun): The wielder’s weapons disappear and are replaced with disks appearing to be mini suns, each disk is about 2 feet around these disks are extremely hot and severely burn anything they touch and can cut through almost anything, these disks can also grow twice their size in a 2 second grow time this being the asme or shrinking time. The wielder can use them as swords and fight with them, every time they clash with another weapon that weapon becomes increasingly hot to the point it burns the opponents hand to hold the weapon if that happens the opponent has to wait 10 seconds for their blade to cool down, also if the disks are ever pointing face on at the opponent the light is blinding.

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over a year ago VordofOedel said…
Have you guys ever realized of much the words wolf and god are quite similar in Japanese?

Okami and Kami.

Makes me think of that old legend...
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
i can't remember if i said what my soul reaper would look like (or its in pages 50-111 so i'll do it again; soul reapers name is my name.

soul reaper: captain of 3rd and 11th division (he and kenpachi share the duties as captain)

personality: has mood swings so often, one moment he is laughing and the next he is angry beyond hell (dose yell at subordinense and may hit them with a sheved sword but never aims to kill, and the blow is only a knock on the head, plus they ussally duck). in battle he is like kenpachi, has an eyepach on his right eye,like kenpachi's and wouldn't use his shinkai or bankai unless provoked.

he is good friends with ichigo(a captain in my mind) and kenpachi(he also has no sense of direction). as for other captains, he tends to try to fight them when ever there isn't a battle going on but not to kill them. he alows the 12th division captain to put upgrades in his body(myuri dosen't try any funny busness with him. and he is extremly loyal to yammamoto, to the point that he dosen't have any moodswings.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
kinda strange/dumb idea I got last night trying to sleep listening to the song fireflies by owlcity so here you go.

Zanpakuto - Hotaru ( Fireflies )
Sealed - A normal sized thin nodachi with a gold hilt and a tsuba in the shape of crescent moons back to back with two circles in the middle of the crescent moons on the outsides of them. The sheath is black.
Release Command - Yoru Ni Migaki ( Shine In The Night )
Released - The blade size stays the same except it is dual edged and completely black. The tsuba has now fanned out in the shape of an upside down V except more curved and the circles on it are bright gold. Above the tsuba, at the base of the blade, theres another circle that’s flashing and gold colored. The hilt stays the same except at the bottom theres a smaller design of the tsuba with another small gold circle in the space between the crescents. When the blade makes contact with an object, it blinks gold for a second then goes back to pitch black.
1st Shikai Ability - Raitoappu ( Light Up )
The blade turns a very bright color of gold which is very blinding. Lasts for three seconds then turns off to black again.
2nd Shikai Ability - Kiminari No Bagu ( Lightning Bugs )
( Used when Raitoappu is active )
The light on the blade flies of and bursts into millions of balls of light that shoot at the target. They all die out in five seconds after the command.

Bankai - Ju Man Hotaru ( Ten Million Fireflies )
The blade stays the same but the circles on the on the hilt and tsuba lose their color and turn completely black. The color flits from the blade and into the surrounding area, filling it with millions of tiny lights. If she uses her shikai moves, the lights fly to her blade and then flash brightly or disperse to attack the target.
1st Bankai Ability - Sacuringu-hi ( Circling Fire )
The lights move in a circle around the area and melds together and makes a sphere of light-like-fire that keeps the target from leaving the area, also encircling the shinigami. Lasts for thirty seconds only.
2nd Bankai Ability - Kinshi No Hikari ( Dieing Light )
All the lights blink out and turn black, turning the area pitch black. Some of the lights move back to the zanpakuto and lights up the spheres dimly. This creates a blinding effect on the opponent except they can still make out the little spheres if they look hard enough.
3rd Bankai Ability - Ban To Basuto ( Burn And Burst )
The lights burst brightly for a few seconds and then burst for a final blinding light that lasts five seconds. After that is used, the blade reverts to shikai and bankai can’t be used for another hour.

havent made a shinigami for the zanapkauto yet cuz its 1 30 in the morning and im tired but its going to be a girl because picturing a guy with this zanpakuto seems kinda… gay.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
please comment. i really would like some opinions on this one.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Kyyyyyaaaaahhh!!!! I love fireflies and your Zanpakuto is no exception!
I like the idea of an Eygptian one too, although reconstructing Sajin's Bankai and Ichigos Getsuga Tensho is a little over used...
I also like the lord of chaos one! (yet again, Getsuga reference)
Besides that, originality is pretty moderate, not completely ripped off. *thumbs up*
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
bleach_num4_fan- assume zanpakuto, it almost sounds like a kamikaze type, maybe instead of dieing the light self destructs to cause damage and you can make more?

also did your screen name use to be thebackflach? the picture looks the same so i was wondering.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
now it didnt...
over a year ago Diya-Anime said…

Gin'iro no tsuki o jōka suru/Purify the white moon
Tsuki Hana/Moon Blossom


Tsuki sen no hana/A thousand flowers of the moon
over a year ago ky-chan said…
umm...any descriptions? abilities? even shinigami?
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
well because everyone here love's me so much here is my latest Charcter and Zanpakuto for bleach the fallout :P and as always rate and comment :)

Name : Reiku Mandran

Age : 22

Height : 5'2

Rank: Asstain captain of 4th Divsion, Former 8th seat of 9th divsion, future captain of 4th divsion

Muscel build : Low muscel build

Body type : slender and lanky ( like Retsu )

apperance : Reiku has Meduim legength blonde hair that she always wears in a bun or a ponytail she has beautiful baby blue eye's. the sleeve's of her shinigami Rob look a bit long for her because of her slender body she is also very chesty so her breasts tend to pop out of her robe. as quoted by Nabimaru during her short stay in squad nine "welcome to squad nine I adore haveing the most Beautiful woman in soul society as my eigth seat." guy's in squad nine and in squad four seem to have a natural atteraction to reiku of wich she despise's.

persnailty : reiku is a shy outgoing person but she is also the type to speak her mind when asked she only speaks when spoken too and thinks highly of the fourth divsion as well as the other captains in the gotei 13 she thinks all captains are useful she also thinks highly of her captain.

Bio : Reiku had a tuff life she was always the one who her family depended on she made dinner and cooked and cleaned in hope's of one day joining the shinigami acdeamy and becomeing a squad four member one day when she was off doing shopping a fourth divsion shinigami sensed that she had high level retsu and that she join the acdeamy at once and gave her a one way ticket and so she packed her bag's and is now liveing what she often calls the high life and sends her family little bits of her income as a soul reaper.


Strength : 15

shunpo : 100

Agilty : 90

Kido : 100

Stamina : 60

Durabilty : 40

Endurance : 20

Zanpakuto :

release phrase : Heal the world

shikai name : Narou ( to heal )

Bankai name : Narou seken ( to heal the world )

Shikai abilties :

shikai descirption : in it's shikai and sealed state the blade looks normal with a ghostly white sash around it. when the blade enters in shikai it turns into a Reverse blade sword with the sharp part of the sword on top.

aigo sekisho ( Protection barrier ) this abilty prodouce's a small barrier that acts as a level 55 Bakudo it protects the user from binding skills it can stop any given sword strike ( Asstaint captain level anything else will destorey the barrier ) the barrier can only block up to levl 50-60 Kido spells, this abilty has no given time limit but can hold up to 3 people People can leave the barrier if they wish only shinigami can enter the Barrier. the barrier is eight by eight.

engo sutansu ( protection stance )

this abilty allowes Reiku to use Bakudo's , healing kido and Binding spells at half of the cost of what they normailly cost they also seem to be 3x more effective however the moment she trys to activate a Hado this abilty wears off, the Bakudo spell she casts are little one by one barrier's that heal the people inside minor wounds heal in seconds major wounds heal in 2-5 minutes. Only one person to a barrier and people who are dead cannot be healed people in the barrier's are safe from 3rd seated member sword strike's and Any form of fraccion.

mamori sutansu ( Deffense stance ) the blade completely melts away to a green liquid that reiku can use only for deffensive purposes how it works is the liquid take's up a 5 feet raiduis when a person is running through the liquid it slows them down by 20% another way is that the liquid fourms five 10 feet Pillairs that can shift from where they are , the pillairs can block sword strikes that are asstain captain level anything captain level and above the pillairs slow the sword strike by 20% this abilty cannot be used offensively , human tissue can pass through unharmed. the pillairs can also block kido up to level 45.the liquid only works if your standing or touching it if your in the air or on the ground and away from it the liquid does nothing and you have no speed reduction.

Bankai Abiltyies

Bankai desciption : the blade give's off a blinding green flash the blade keep's it's fourm as a reverse blade sword but extends two inches and the sharp side looks dull.

Chiyu Tacchi ( healing touch ) this abilty is staright forward but is riskey if Reiku's Blade touches anything that has Human tissue it heals it with great effectivness it take's Milliseconds for Minor wounds to heal and 60 seconds to 2 minutes for major wounds to heal however the blade has to be constantly touching the person for the person to be healed if the person runs off before all wounds are healed there injuries will come back slowly ( EX : if a shinigami was stabbed in the gut and only had the wound healing partly the wound would return 5 minutes after removal or sooner ) this move is also risky because it counts for Espada's too so if a really injured espada touches the blade it's wounds heal as well.

Yakushi ( The healing Buddha ) the blade transforms into a Gaint Buddha like Figure it's mouth is wide open and a green liquid is pouring from it's mouth into a bowl of which is held in the bottom two hands of the Buddha the other two arm's are used to grab up to 4 people at a time two in each hand , they place you in the bowl with the green Liquid of wich can heal( Minor wounds are healed Insantly and Major wounds heal in 3 minutes ) you this abilty is also Deffensive if the two hands aren't being used for healing ( the Buddha is healing it cannot use any Defenseive abilty and IT CAN be harmed ethier way ) , the two hands make a hand the sigin of the Tiger and four five by five Pillairs appear the pillairs redouce captain level sword strikes by 30% ( if they strike the pillair the speed is redouced ),the pillairs can also turn into the green liquid this is 10 by 10 and is used to redouce speed by 30%. the down side to this abilty is Reiku can't use her other two Bankai abilties and has to consentrate on keeping the Statue in it's soild form or it will turn back into a sword, also the Buddha can't move it's other arms if it's useing the Deffensive move.the speed reduction only works if you run through the Liquid or touch it.

Shouheki benso ( Barrier of Deffense ) this is a Gaint 20 by 20 Barrier that can hold a Crowd of 10 people Reiku can also make smaller Barriers that are one by one and protect one person if she does this she make's 20 small barriers this abilty protects agaisnt all sword strike's and level 60-70 Hado. this abilty also has proven to Decerease the cost of Binding,Bakudo and healing Kido by 5%. this abilty can also stop captain level sword strikes and cannot stop captain commander swrod strikes . the healing raito int the barrier(s) is Minor wounds are healed in seconds and major wounds are healed in 5 minutes Also pepole can wish to leave the barrier. much like in Reiku's shikai