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I can't sing
a song
honest lyrics
because I always end up sugar
coating the words
When will someone as laid-back as
realize he had something worth
Don't leave me, Sky Chord,
You would've stayed here back
then, yeah yeah...
I've 로스트 you, Sky Chord,
It's not anyone's fault, but...
I know there are things more
important to me
than becoming an adult.
But I'll be growing up the whole
I'm trying to figure out what they
You said we can't stay like this
I know..
so let's take that first step.
sunao na
uta ga
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1. Ikkaku: Foot fetish.
“The reason he doesn’t
wear socks is because he’s
looking for someone like him
- someone who will stare
lustfully at his feet. Plus that
‘lucky dance’ is totally
his way of showing off his
manly toes.”
2. Orhime: Likes to eat
food off of people.
“Especially sweets. Her
dream is to eat something
sweet off of Ichigo’s
stomach. 당신 know it’s
3. Gin: Sex in a
completely dark room.
“Weirdly, he then opens his
4. Yumichika: Mirrors
“And yes, it’s because he
wants to watch himself. The
guy is into himself -
there’s nothing wrong
with that.”
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i haven't made these in a long time so they might not be that good and im not trying to make fun of bleach.

one 일 ichigo and renji were having a fight and byakuya was watching them

renji:byakuya can 당신 at least help me
byakuya: no i can't help 당신 i'll just stand and watch from distance
renji:some captian 당신 are

ichigo: who are you? why are 당신 here? what's your name?
renji:stop asking stupied questions

renji and ichigo countinued fighting but ichigo was to weak

renji:do 당신 even know the name of your zanpouktoe (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
ichigo:no.... is it bob
renji:hahahaha no......
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again, im not trying to make fun of bleach but heres another one of my funny storys

rukia just explained to ichigo about hollows and the soul society. now shes giving her powers to him

ichigo:hurry up and give me the sword little girl
rukia:for 당신 information this little girl has a name,and my name is rukia kuchiki.
ichigo:ya,ya,ya just stab me and give me the powers because the hollow is coming

then rukia stabs ichigo and all her powers go to him.

rukia:dang it! 당신 took all my powers 당신 were only supposed to take some now im useless. now i need soul reaper powers!
ichigo:well sorry, its not my fault

rukia: please donate your soul reaper powers to rukia kuchiki. and if 당신 are helpful and kind please go online and type www.give me your soul reaper powers 또는 else i'll kill you.com please think about the children.

ichigo:rukia who are 당신 talking to?
rukia:the audience 당신 dumbo i need powers
posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Shi-Kai → Katen Kyoukotsu
- release command → "Hana Kaze Midarete Kashin Haki Tenpuu Midarete Tenma Warau" ("Flowers Fall In The Wind, The God Of 꽃 Weeps The Winds Of Heaven Are Falling Buddah's Laughing")
Shunsui has two zanpakutou's.

Ban-Kai → Unknown

With his old-style hat and his flashy 꽃 coat, Kyouraku Shunsui strikes a rather different appearance from all the other Taicho, who wear the white 코트 symbolizing the Taicho rank on 상단, 맨 위로 of their normal Shinigami attire. Kyouraku wears his 꽃 코트 on 상단, 맨 위로 of that.

Kyouraku is among the first Taicho to encounter...
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저기요 guys its me Ichi-nii yet again, Ive been thinking alot about this lately and would like to know what u guys think about it too. I'm a VERY big Yoruichi and Ichigo fan,and Ive always wonderd what it would be like if the story was actually written so that they end up together. I know alot of u wont agree with it, but I still think that would've been interesting to see on how it would play out. I know that it will NEVER happen,but if did how do u guys think it work out. Ofcourse Yoruichi is older than ichigo, but he accomplised so much in such a short span of time. I do think that Yoruichi finds Ichigo atrractive cuz she always teases him about being so "innocent" when eva shes naked around him. In any case I would like to know what u think and give ur opinions about the whole topic. I personally would like to see it happen.
posted by blackpanther666

Shunsui raised his eyebrow, unwilling to admit that he was impressed. Even so, he hadn't exactly released his Bankai yet, so would leave him a back-up if Starrk's new ability was too powerful. Either way, it wouldn't make any difference - Shunsui would not lose to him. He would not let Toshiro down, 또는 allow Aizen's minions to defeat him here and now, in the Seireitei.

[Start 음악 1]

'Busogoma!' Shunsui shunpoed rapidly, heading Starrk's counter-attack off and spun in the air, landing with his face to Starrk's back. The Espada twirled gracefully, firing off a Cero. Shunsui avoided this...
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There are so an enormous amount of dirt affordable WoW gold sellers these times that picking one may be pretty hard. quickly link after all, it's not like 당신 need that a great offer gold-or do you? right listed here are several matters 당신 will require to know when purchasing for just about any gold vendor. just one incorrect choice and that purchase of dirt affordable WoW gold could turn out a great offer costlier than 당신 have been expecting.

You're obviously looking for dirt affordable WoW gold, but that doesn't show that it is best to go using the lowest provide 당신 find. those people absurdly...
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Ichigo Kurosaki

I was stupid, yet
Courageous in
Heading to face
Impending doom,
Going as weak as
Only a human can be.

Kind of funny, how
Unlikely enemies
Round up allies that,
Over time, become
Some of the best
And kindest people a
Kid could know
In this world.

I've gained a power
Some call 'dangerous'.

Some other being, a
Thing inside me,
Reeling with belief that
Our body will
Never be mine,
Grows strong inside.

Almost taking control,
Never alone, yet I
Don't let him for long.

Bright light can't
Release this
Atrocious being,
Violently fighting his
Eviction from my soul
I'll win in the end, I just know it.
- Ichigo Kurosaki
posted by unohana
531 :名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい:2010/12/18(土) 17:52:25 ID:wn/5oIzu0 794 名前:マロン名無しさん[sage] 投稿日:2010/12/18(土) 16:40:31 ID:??? >>788 続き

森田さん 折笠さん登場⇒久保先生登場⇒中井さん古谷さん登場

Morita, Oririn, Kubo, Nakai, Furuya’s appearance.


Beginning stage greeting, picture preview.


Various parts about the movie.


Ichigo’s complete hollow seiyuu Morita made it(yell?)...
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The moment I saw you, I felt safe.

Because you're the only one who treats me the way I am.

I felt your warmth, when the sunlight touches.

Our relationship gets closer as we be together.

But one will leave one some other day.

And then 당신 left this world and left me alone.

I am sad because I killed you.

I killed 당신 because to save myself.

I met a human who looks like you.

Orange hair and hot headed but kind and caring.

I trust the man and gave him my powers.

I was forced to go back because I break the law.

The man who I knew for two months, came to recue me.

Am I that worth it?

I am not worth to spill a...
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posted by Animeanimal
“The Shackles of the Wheel”

A Bleach fanfiction 의해 AnimeAnimal

Why? Why does he remind me so much of him? Why dammit! Ichigo cursed in his head as Karin brought Kevin 집 again. This was the fifth time this summer that his sister had the scrawny, brown-haired boy from down the 거리 over for lunch. Ichigo was unsettled 의해 it all and didn’t know why. This boy should not have reminded him of anyone. He had never seen the kid before in his life and no attributed was even close to the persons of whom he reminded him of, none. After giving the kid one 더 많이 thorough examination, Ichigo turned...
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This story was when Ichigo ws trying to plan and save Rukia. And plus in this story Ichigo has a retainer. Thank 당신 I hope 당신 like the story!

Ichigo,Orihime,Chad,Uryu were thinking of a plan how to save Rukia.So Ichigo said,
Ichigo: So Orihime try to heal any one who is hurt okay?
Orihime:Okay Ichigo.
Ichigo:Alright Chad 당신 go use 당신 Elderectoe if I get a srcatch!
Chad: What?! Why a scratch? Can't it be like your blood gets out of your mouth 또는 something?
Ichigo: Well lets just stick with scratch.
Chad: Well okay then Ichigo. Goss.
Ichigo: Now Uryu use those two-million thingy okay?
Uryu: Really...
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#22 Tentaisenkō
#31 Sanka Kashi
#43 Mippū Kōzan Tsudzuru
#44 Zenchi no Chikaku
#50 Reitamamono
#67 Reigiman
#81 Aiganchō Niwatori
#83 Chikyūenge
#84 Gosentetsukasanegi
#86 Damasumuro
#87 Tenkyū
#88 Hōbutsumenkū
#89 Rensakami
#90 Kurokakusui
#91 Rippō Dankū
#92 Jigen no Kiji Azarashi
#96 Sōkōsha Kiseichū no
#97 Hikkakeru Konsuterēshon
#98 Kigen ga Nekusasu
#104 Sendaichi Kabe
#120 Kenja no Eien Gōu

#47 Jōshō Chikyū
#50 Uwamuki Haishutsu
#57 Kokutsu Ninijizi
#58 Ōsutoraria Setsudan
#62 Garasu no Jūdan
#63 Ekusutoraiku
#67 Sabishī Fureareku
#67 Sūkōna Hahen
#72 Muro Hihō
#74 Moeru Yōna
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posted by DarkJules
Sternritter- D (The Demon)

Name: Damien Sterben

    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black with the tips of his hair purple.
    Standard Quincy Outfit (but without sleeves).
    With Quincy 망토, 망 토 that covers his left side.
    Tattoos on both arms.
    Black Fingerless Gloves (Removes when going into battle.)
    Kanji for Hate written on the palm of his right hand & Black on his left.

Fighting Style:
    Not physically strong,...
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저기요 Gotei-13, what's the
best way to ask someone to
marry you?
As requested 의해 anon. :)
Komamura: [on one knee] Will you
marry me?
Rose: I have written 당신 a very
special song for tonight.
Rukia: [holds up drawing of
bunnies getting married]
Kyoraku: Will you…be my better
Byakuya: Accept this ring with
Kira: Please marry me. I will be
happiest man in the world.
Soi Fon: I will put this ring on your
finger so quickly that 당신 won’t
see it coming!
Matsumoto: Hey…do 당신 wanna get
married? Like right now?
Iba: I’ve got a lot of plans. I hope
you’ll join...
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posted by Sasunaru120
당신 are a human with special powers, but 당신 never knew it until the 일 Ishida saved you
from a Hollow. He offered 당신 to help 당신 to control your powers so 당신 became best friends. Thats when Ichigo noticed you, he liked your way to handle things, how 당신 looked, how 당신 talked, simply he liked everything over you, but he would never admit it, because 당신 were always hanging around with Ishida and he thought 당신 were his girlfriend.
How 당신 came together:
The 벨 was ringing. Ichigo yawned tired, finally school was over! He packed his bag and stood up, then he saw 당신 standing at the door....
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posted by tammav5
iv been told before im good at writeing poems so i wanted to write one about toshiro hitsuguya. hope 당신 like it!!!i may just as well write for ever character but to start i want to use toshiro.yes its like a 사랑 poem. and in your 코멘트 plz dont make fun of it unless your jokeing ok?! so with out further ado i present "a bleach poem"

My boy is toshiro
strong as a storm
sometimes short-temperd
but always so warm.
a cold additud to many
but also kind at heart
he shows off his skills when the battle gets hard.
ill show 당신 my love
my devotion to you.
so teach me to care to fight for you
ill protect 당신 forever
i 사랑 당신 so much
ill 사랑 당신 forever and ill never stop.
1. Unohana: Likes to run
ice cubes down the other
person’s body.
“I think she just enjoys
watching her partner
shudder, 당신 know?”
2. Rose: Sex with music
“His own music, mostly.
Rose likes to get it on while
recorded Rose sings.
That’s not weird.”
3. Aizen: Like to be tied
“Which begs the question,
was all of Bleach weird
foreplay so that he could be
tied up in the super bondage
chair? Let’s hope not,
‘cause my life goal
wasn’t to be part of
Aizen’s sex game.”
4. Matsumoto: Strip
“She likes to make her
partner strip tease, I mean.
Matsumoto does enjoy a guy
who slowly takes...
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posted by whiteflame55
The city gleamed in the late afternoon sunset, windows reflecting the 담홍색, 핑크 and red hues of the sky to create a panoply of of color as it refracted off of a jungle of metal buildings that twisted across the breadth of the island. The sky was ablaze with that natural light, but the ground level was lit 의해 the electric, despite the early hour. Neon and holographic 이미지 glowed brightly on every street, virtually ignored 의해 the passersby in spite of their common purpose being advertisement. Crystal screens flickered on with 이미지 of all sorts, speaking in all manner of languages to convey a bevy...
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