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The wishes
I want
have always dwelt
deep, deep down inside my heart,
as they hold their breath and wait
for the 일 they can fly.
Letting go, I no longer need the
I used to believe that a bluebird
would bring me happiness, just
like in the fairy-tale.
I prayed that I could send my
wishes with it
as it flew freely through the blue
But one 일 it was sure to
like an illusion.
Though I've never once forgotten
its blurry form.
It will slip out of my hands,
fall and vanish like a bubble.
Even so, though my feelings will lie
deep, deep in my 심장 as if asleep,
they will only be...
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Your soul is made of ice

So to most people 당신 don't come across as being "nice"

But the truth is, if I were to disappear 당신 wouldn't even miss me at all

Never to catch me if I were to fall

But I'm glad we met

But now my clothes are soaking wet

With what?

Oh that's simple.... blood

So now I think it's time we say goodbye

Because 당신 see this knife

This is what is going to end my life


Tōshirō Hitsugaya is the captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13. His lieutenant is Rangiku Matsumoto

Tōshirō is short, with turquoise eyes and short, spiked, white hair, which tends to draw attention...
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posted by rusty746454
Name: Kurotshuchi Mayuri
Division: 12th
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai: Ashisogi Jizou (Beast-Killing Jizou)
- release command → "Kakimushire!" ("Tear off!")
Mayuri's zanpakutou turns into a weird staff like weapon with three prongs coming out the top. Ashisogi uses poison to sever the neural connections that transfer mobility signals from your brain to your arms and legs, it produces this drug all on it's own.

Ban-Kai: Golden Ashisogi Jizou (Golden Beaste-Killing Jizou)
Mayuri's Ban-Kai is strange it looks like a giant babyish alien with a ring around it's head and a pile of swords coming...
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So I had this awesome idea for a 팬 fiction, but I'm not all that into 글쓰기 those, 또는 읽기 them for that matter. What's happened in the story is how it is. But I couldn't pass this one up, so I had to put it somewhere, so I don't forget it. Here it is!:

Rukia stopped and put her hand out to stop Ichigo and Renji from running any closer to her. They were in a large field on earth. The Arrancar were loose again. Luckily the three 프렌즈 had been visiting each other, right around the area that the advanced hallow had appeared.
Renji and Ichigo stopped about twelve feet from Rukia, crouched...
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posted by Aul
This is a brief excerpt from a book I'm writing. My book has been heavily inspired 의해 Bleach and I think any 팬 of Bleach would enjoy it!

Protagonist: John Hedekira

I am surprised when I wake up. I cough as I regain consciousness, which hurts to do so. I am still in pain, but all I can think about is why I am not dead. I should have bled to death. I am uncertain what to make of this.
But one thing is certain. My mood has changed. “What am I doing?” I think furiously to myself. “Those beasts left 당신 to die, to die a slow death. They 스톨, 훔친 Soror and Frater. And I don’t...
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posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)
- release command: "Souten ni Zase!" ("Soar In The 겨울왕국 Sky!")
Creates a dragon of water and ice formed 의해 spiritual energy, it can even control the weather. The pressure from Hyourinmaru's water attack is so fierce that it peels the ememies flesh from their bones.

Ban-Kai: Dai Guren Hyourin Maru (Great Red Ice Ring)

Hitsugaya Toushirou is the 10th Squad Captain with Matsumoto Rangiku, one of the eight major female shinigami, as his Vice Captain. Hitsugaya and Hinamori Momo, Vice Captain of 5th Squad, have a history together,...
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We’ve known that Bleach 망가 is in its final arc, it seems as though the time has come as Bleach 685 will be the final Bleach 망가 chapter! Weekly Shonen Jump 35 seems to have 게시됨 the ending notice in Bleach 684 as a colour page and climax will be featured in Bleach 685.

The Ending notice:


Translates to: Colour Page and Special 15th Anniversary Super Legendary Climax.

This message appears in Bleach 684...
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 Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer/Ulquiorra Schiffer - 4th espada
read as Urukiora Shifā

Espada cuatro (4) in Aizen's army of Arrancar, and is one of the series' central antagonists. He is responsible for much of the conflict currently taking place in the show's continuity, as he is one of Ichigo's principal Arrancar rivals; the other differentially being Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

-He is typically slender and melancholic in appearance. He appears somewhat like a cold hearted person. He is believed to be the only arrancar/espada to have a 2nd ressurecion form. he was also able to kill ichigo twice.His cero is green...
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 Coyote Starrk
Coyote Starrk
Every Winter morning I think of you,
Missing the fuffilment of the icy black hole, that once 당신 used to be my heart.
Every Snowflake that falls from the frosted heavens reminds me of those sweet and special moments I spent with you.
My body aches for your warm, but icy embrace
My eyes yearn to see your smilling face
And now my 심장 now sucocmbs to the icy icy pit of loneliness.
Now every step I take, leaves behind a trail of frost and ice. Marking my lonesome presence.
For I wish for one 일 I can be with 당신 again my love,
just to inhale your calming scent,
to be wrapped in your arms,
To be warm again....
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Here are some things that prove 당신 are obsessed with Bleach:

1. 당신 eat every M&M and Skittle, in hope that it is actually Soul Candy.

2. 당신 know all the hado/bakudo/kido inchantments.

3. 당신 know everything about zanpaktous and bleach characters.

4. 당신 learn Japanese, to watch bleach without subtitles in Japanese.

5. 당신 make this.

6. 당신 learn some Japanese from watching bleach.

7. 당신 create characters and zanpaktous.

8. 당신 watch marathons of it on your pc.

9. 당신 use a stick as a zanpaktou, and pretend it has abilities.

10. 당신 try to cosplay.

11. 당신 make a quiz.

12. 당신 actually read this...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Tanaka Hidenori, Ounishi Shogo
Composed by: Ounishi Shogo
Arranged by: Tamai Kenji, Tsuri Shunsuke

Credit: link


Aoi tori otogibanashi no 당신 ni shiawase wo hakonde kureru shinjiteta
aoi sora jiyuu ni tobu sugata ni kono omoi kasanete wa negatteta

dakedo itsuka wa kiete shimau
maboroshi no 당신 ni aimai na sugata

wasureta koto nante nai kedo suberi ochiru 당신 ni
surinukete awa no 당신 ni kieru
soredemo omoi wa zutto zutto mune no fukaku fukaku de
nemuru 당신 ni tada iki wo hisome matteru
tokihanate kago wa mou iranai

dokomademo tsuzuku kagami no naka ni shiawase na ano hi no watashi utsushiteta...
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posted by blackpanther666
(Ulquiorra watched Starrk emerge from the Garganta, holding 'that woman'. The other looked nonchalant as per usual, but his face was evidently hiding some true emotions, something that Ulquiorra had no real way of understanding, nor comprehending. Starrk was a strange one; he had principles and feelings, yet he was lazy, 또는 unconcerned about the comings and goings of others and never seemed interested in fighting, an odd temperament for one whom had been chosen as Primera Espada. Ulquiorra had hoped to 십자가, 크로스 blades with him one day.)

Ulquiorra nodded to him and motioned at the woman. 'You can...
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1. Kyoraku
blames himself
for what
happened to
Perhaps the most
likely explanation
is that the last
time Kyoraku sent
out his lieutenant,
she was turned
into a hollow
monster and
exiled. And
because that
happened to Lisa,
Kyoraku can’t bear
to take any risks
with Nanao. He
keeps her away
from the fights,
lest he be forced
to shoulder the
guilt of another
lost lieutenant.
Ukitake: Really?
Because my last
lieutenant died ,
and I totally let
my new lieutenant
Kyoraku: Yeah,
well, we can’t all
be as emotionally
stable as you,
2. Kyoraku
doesn’t think
Nanao is suited
for combat.
It’s also possible
that Kyoraku...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: SCANDAL, Noriyasu Isshiki
Composed by: Noriyasu Isshiki
Arranged by: ATSUSHI

Credit: link


Tooku e itte shimau mae ni tsutaenakya to omoinagara
Kyou mo sugiteyuku jikan
Waraiatte sukoshi muneitamete

Harukaze ga fuku yoru "Hanaretakunai naa" tte
Sonna koto wo omotte nanka yokei ienakunatte
"Ashita ne" tte sayonara shite
Hitori aruku namiki no shita de
Futo omou, yume no ato

Maiochiru hanabira hirahira
Kokoro no sukima surinuketeku
Sunao ni nannakya
Donna itami ga mata boku no kokoro osottemo
Tozasareta doa no mukougawa wo mi ni iku kara

Marude seihantai no futari
Demo nande darou issho ni iru...
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As she waited for the final minutes
of the 4 hours to end, Orihime
wondered what she should do. It
seemed that 음식 had an influence
that needed to be controlled. If they
ate the fast food, the additives
made her act strangely. She was
sure about that if they went to the
Italian Restaurant, Ichigo would eat
too much and fall asleep. So, she
should insist they eat something
else. Ichigo did not want to go to
the Sushi bar last time. She'd have
to come up with another
As she remembered the events of
the last 4 hours, she noticed that
some things did not change. Ichigo
said he hated science projects...
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Taking place in the human world...

Ulquiorra walks down the side walk passing human children as they play. Hearing the laughter and annoying screams. He clenches his long white jacket. "if only they could see me" he thinks "then i would have them scream with fear". But he only thinks this due to he's supposed to be not emotional. So he hides it. but one person knows the real him. His lover Grimmjow.
"Ulquiorra!!?" Grimmjow yells as he appears floating above Ulquiorra. "Keep it short and simple" Ulquirra thinks as he says "What?"...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Futoshi
Composed by: Futoshi
Arranged by: Aqua Timez

Credit: link


Kizu hitotsu nai kokoro ga doko ni aru no darou ka
Kubimoto wo toorisugiru kaze ni tazunerareta
Mattou na kotae nante mochiawasete wa inai
Hitori hitotsu no inochi iki iki to ikiru dake

Sukoshi dake ao sugita haru ni uchinomesarete
Onaji natsu no hikari wo tomo ni kakiwakete kita
Kimi no eranda michi ni maemuki sa yo, habikore
Mata itsuka tomoshi aemasu 당신 ni

"Kumorazu ni ikite hoshii dakara ame wo kirawanai de"
"Uso wa tsukazu ni ite hoshii sabishiku naru dake dakara"

Kimi no karada wa sono uchigawa ni ai wo hisomasete...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Jane Su, Kenji Tamai
Composed by: Tōru Yata
Arranged by: Hayato Tanaka

Credit: link


hodoukyou kaidan amaoto
te o furu yo saigo no senaka ni
ao ni kawaru RAITO de toki ga ugoku
kasa no nami nomikonda my days

say a little pray for 당신 and me
mou eien o chikaenai ai o miokurou

dareka no tame ni ikite yukenai jibun o yuruseru tsuyosa o
anata ni yorisoenakatta koto kuyamazu ni irareru hibi o
inori wa kumo o hikisaki kono sora ni kibou tokihanatsu

wagamama mo moyashita ARUBAMU mo kyonen no 당신 na ashita ga hoshikute
anata no sono subete o mamoru tame ni watashi o mamoritakatta

no 더 많이 cry...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Ishida Junzou
Composed by: Ishida Junzou
Arranged by: Sakamoto Masayuki, SunSet Swish

Credit: link


yorokobi ga mau haru wo omou namida no hane
chiriyuku hanabira tonari anata no moto e to
kaze ga naru tabi soba ni iru yo tadori tsukeru
kanashimi yori samishisa yori mamorubeki wa ima wo ikiru anata

umare kawattara sakura no shita de mata ai mashou
motto sono toki ni wa waratte eien wo chikaou
aishi aisarete kono inochi wa mebuite saite
iroasenai manazashi wo mune ni maichiru negai
anata ni, anata ni, anata ni, tada aitai

furisosogu ame oto yamu made hikari wa naku
migi to hidari...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Credit: link


HAIESU DASSHUBODO ashi nagedashite
DAUNTAUN nukedashite betsu sekai e Yes Worry

Somebody get me a 사랑 Somebody get me a Wild
I 사랑 your deadly Hair I 사랑 your deadly Wild
Just Rozy 당신 got crazy

Bad Days nagasute te shizen ni kaesu Rock BiBi
NACHURARU shikou no ore tachi na no sa

Somebody get me a 사랑 Somebody get me a Wild
I 사랑 your deadly Hair I 사랑 your deadly Wild
Sphinx Rose RUDEI Living alone Hey

Sweet Days Sweet Girls Sweet Smoke Break Chain
and Ruby Breakfast BLT Joe Perry
yamagoya sodachi no ore...
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