Chiyo: "Sometimes Shinigami's have to do what is neccesary, but not necessarily right. The life of a Grand Master is never easy, you're always going to disappoint someone. But we are called to do what is right for our subordinates. Not for ourselves." Those were the words I live 의해 in those days, and I honored them above all else. Chiyo was currently on his balcony overlooking the gardens. It has been so hot in the house last night that he had gotten very little sleep, currently well represented 의해 the bags under his eyes. At the moment all he dawned was the lower half on his kimono. His chest bare save for a long bandage soaked through with blood, the last gift from his dying father. The sun had almost peaked over the forest, and sent shades through the 나무, 트리 tops. But there was still something daunting about the blackness. For a 초 Chiyo almost see his mother working the soil in the garden below him, but he knew this was just a illusion a trick of his mind. There was a light knock on his door, that took his attention away, and when he looked back she was gone. "It's open Hinatori come in." Hinatori was his personal assistant, and body guard sent 의해 Katsurou when he couldn't make it, but Chiyo had come to appreciate Hinatori's presences.

Hinatori: Hinatori entered the room a few feet, and noticed Chiyo on the balcony. In his arms he held fresh kimono's and bandages. "Good morning Grand Master Sakura, how fares the pain today?"

Chiyo: Chiyo didn't turn to his visitor. Instead he held his position at the railing, looking down over the gardens. For once he was glad his long hair covered his face." 당신 know I have always appreciated the honest opinions of my 프렌즈 Hinatori, 당신 are no different." aftef a moment of silence he continued. "So tell me am I a decent man?"

Hinatori: Hinatori was taken a back, he didn't know how to answer. For a few moments he observed Chiyo In silence. "In my personal opinion 당신 are one of the finest men in all of Seireitei there is no one kinder 또는 더 많이 giving my master."

Chiyo: Chiyo smiled for a moment before it faded back behind his pain. "I'm glad, to hear such kind words, even if I myself do not believe them." Chiyo left the railing and entered the room, and finally made eye contact with Hinatori who was in a pleasant mood.

Hinatori: "Shall we begin Master, that looks bad." motioning with his eyes to bloody bandages on Chiyo chest. He followed Chiyo over to the 표, 테이블 on the far side of the room, and laid the clothes, and bandages on the edge. He waiting for Chiyo to sit, and went to work removing the bloody ones. After he was finished Chiyo laid down, and Hinatori poured boiling water over the wound, as Chiyo gripped the 표, 테이블 in pain. Blood and water ran down Chili's sides and filled the grooves in the table, which had been cut for this purpose. It ran passed his feet, and emptied into a basin at the end of table, to be disposed of later. Once Hinatori deemed Master Chiyo's wounds were thoroughly cleaned he set the water bucket aside. "Are 당신 ready, Master Chiyo this will hurt." Hinatori lifted his hands over, Chiyo's chest, and the tips of fingers began to glow bright Orange. Chiyo readjusted on the table, and nodded, at him. Hinatori pressed all down of finger tips down the wound, as his skin began to sizzle, and burn. Chiyo groaned in pain, as he faded in out of consciousness. After a few moments it was over, but the pain lingered on. "a few 더 많이 treatments, and the wound should be completely closed but the damage to your soul center will take a significant amount of time to heal, if 당신 continue to use your powers. 당신 run the risk of further prolonging healing. Chiyo do 당신 understand? No matter what 당신 cannot release your bankai. If 당신 do, your soul center would not be able to withstand the stress"

Chiyo: Chiyo finally sat up and leg his legs dangle over the edge, of the table. He grabbed Hinatori's shoulder and stood up. He was little weak, but he with Hinstori's support he could stand straight. "Relax, we are at peace, there's no reason to over exert myself." He winked at Hinatori. "My clothes it's getting late." Chiyo stood up, and held his arms out, as Hinatori removed his kimono, and laid the fresh 키모노, 기모노 over him. He straightened the sleeves, and then walked around to tie the front of it in place. He then walked over and grabbed the White 키모노, 기모노 still folded on the table, and shook out the wrinkles. He then laid it over the black kimono, making sure to take his time showing respect to his master.

Chiyo: After Chiyo had been completely dressed Hinatori grabbed his zanpaktou, and slid it in his belt. "Thank 당신 as always, Hinatori." Hinatori bowed to him, and he bowed to Hinatori in turn. The Hinatori made his leave. Chiyo lingered on a few moments baring himself for the 일 ahead, and then he left his room to head down the hall.

*A Few hours later.

Hinatori: knocked on the door to Chiyo's study, and when he heard him respond, he slid the door open, and bowed. "It would seemed we have a visitor Master Chiyo."

Chiyo: Chiyo was sitting at his 책상, 데스크 글쓰기 in a book, when he heard this he looked back though. "have the maid prepare some 음식 our guest is surely hungry."

Hinatori: Hinstori nodded in agreement, but he didn't like the sparkle in Chili's eyes it gave him a pang of worry.

Chiyo: Chiyo kept 글쓰기 in his book, until he was sure enough time had passed. Then he slapped the book shut, and stood up. He slipped his zanpaktou in his belt, and left his study. As he strolled down the hall he was greeted 의해 his staff, to which he gave pleasant greetings as always. He finally came to door he was looking for, and stopped a few feet away. He steeled himself. Then he approached the door, and slid it open. In the room sat a young man. The 표, 테이블 was laid out with food, but none of it had been touched. Hinatori stood off to the side of the table. Hinatori bowed as soon as Master Chiyo enter, but the end man sat there. Hinatori have the kid a stern look, and whispered bow, but the kid didn't respond instead he stairs Chiyo straight in the eyes unamused. Chiyo lifted his hand to Hinatori. "It's perfectly fine, Hinatori. He is free to do as he pleases it is his right as a citizen of Seireitei. Please stand." Hinatori stood, ans resumed his place. Chiyo strolled over the head of the 표, 테이블 pulled his zanpaktou out of his belt. He handed it to Hanatori who held it in his righthand. Hanatori assumed his place to Chili's right a few steps behind him. Chiyo watched their guest carefully, who just stared him in the eyes, not saying anything. Chiyo picked up a piece of fruit, and rolled it in his hand. "My mother brought this back from the world of the living on one of her missions there. It's a something called a peach. It's quite delicious." he smiled at his guest who seemed uninterested, but his body language said he was hungry. 의해 the look of his clothes he was one of the less privileged of the Rukon District. "Come now it's not pleasing to do business on an empty stomach, I know it always makes me a little cranky. Eat something, 또는 if 당신 like the staff can make whatever meets your liking." The boy uneasily reached out and grabbed a peach. He bit down into it, as 주스 dripped down his face. For the first time his face lit up in amusement, and he smiled. He wiped away the 주스 with his sleeve. "Can I have another sir." he asked timidly. Chiyo reeled back and laughed. "Eat my boy anything 당신 like it's all for you. We have a copious amounts of food." Chiyo watched him eat. He was just happy for that moment to have company, and it bought back memories of his youth. He was was almost sad, that this boy had to endure such a life. "What's your name, I don't think I ever asked."

Nori:" Nori. Nori Mitsuka."

Chiyo: Chiyo was stone faced for a few moments. Then he smiled gingerly. "it's a pleasure to meet 당신 Nori Mitsuka. I am Grand Master Chiyo Sakura. But 당신 can just simply call my Master Chiyo 또는 just Chiyo. After all 당신 are my guest here. Where are 당신 from Master Nori?" the boy stopped eating, set his 음식 down. He turned away in shame. "The 37th District in Rukon." Chiyo pined over that for a few seconds. "There's no shame in where 당신 come from, even if it is the slums." he reached out and grabbed another piece of fruit. "After all 당신 are a soul reaper are 당신 not?"

Nori: Nori sighed, I guess you're right Master Chiyo." he smiled coming to terms with his hightened status.

Chiyo: "That's 더 많이 like it, relish that one so young could summon such power. Not everyone In Seireitei is so lucky. Some people here will go there entire lives without knowing such joy. But that's leads us to why 당신 are here Nori. 당신 see I am not old yet. My back is still strong, and resolve to fight still burns bright. My family has known leisures, and it has disconnected is from the lands, and people we rule over." Chiko paused to let what he has said sink in, and waited for Nori to nod. "I have been looking to sponsor, and extended the schooling offered at the Academy to 더 많이 than just children of the noble families. The Academy, could be something great, and Katsurou is one of the best instructors in Seireitei. But why should we bar that from others just because they are not nobles. It doesn't make sense to me in the slightest." all Nori could repsonded with was "No it doesn't make sense." Chiyo realized he wasn't catching on. "I have never been one to dance with words, Master Nori. Which is why I want to sponsor who to take a place at the Academy. 당신 would receive training from Master Katsurou personaly. Along with clothes, and 음식 in your belly. It would give 당신 a 집 where 당신 would be warm at night."

Nori: Nori was overwhelmed with the offer he was finally understanding as tears flowed from his eyes. "What home? Master Chiyo?"

Chiyo: Chiyo smiled he had feelings of euphoria seeing Nori cry. "Here with me. This house is big, and empty my sisters are often gone, and it gets lonely." Nori suddenly looked at him in bewilderment. "But why. Master Sakura, why offer a lowly citizen like me such an honor. Surely there are others 더 많이 worthy." Chiko leaned forward. "Surely there probably are. But 당신 see I cannot have an heir of my own." Chiko pulled his 키모노, 기모노 open with his right hand reveiling his bandage chest, and midsection. "One last gift my cruel father. My soul center in broken, and an heir of my own is not a possibility. I don't fully understand it myself, a lot of medical talk. But it has long been, my ambition to be a father one day. As 당신 said I could probably wander the streets all day, and find someone stronger. But your 심장 is 더 많이 full, when I saw 당신 in the 거리 yesterday. 당신 took on 6 men stronger than yourself with 불, 화재 I youe belly, and resolve in your heart. So I just have one request will 당신 가입하기 my family, and become Nori Mitsuka Sakura."

Nori: Nori wiped the tears from his eyes, and gripped his 키모노, 기모노 around his legs tightly. Then his hands slowly loosened. "No I think I just Nori Sakura. Master Chiyo."