Blair & Chuck In honor of my FOTM, I finally compiled my CB favorites. Which one do 당신 agree the most on?

Pick one:
S1 episode; Seventeen Candles
S2 episode; The Goodbye Gossip Girl
S3 episode; The Debarted
S4 episode; The Witches of Bushwick
S1 scene; Limo sex "You sure?"
S2 scene [+ all time favorite]; Garden "I'll see 당신 at school."
S3 scene; "You carry people. 당신 carry me."
S4 scene; Up in flames "I meant it Blair. With all my heart."
Sex/hot scene; "Say it."
Angst scene; "It's just a game. I hate to lose."
Fluff scene; "Say it twice..." "ILY, ILY, that's three, four..."
Funny scene; "I had sex with him in the back of a limo." "Several times."
Underrated scene; "I have you, that's all I need."
Best acted scene; Train station "It wouldn't be my world w/o 당신 in it."
Banter; "I wasn't aware that robots got jealous..."
Eyesex; "Seduce and destroy." "What's in it for me?"
Quote; "In the face of true love, 당신 don't just give up..."
Dance; "You don't belong with Nate. Never have. Never will."
Song; Too Late 의해 M83
Hug; "What are 당신 doing here?"
Kiss; "I 사랑 you, too."
Matching outfits; Red
Being there for each other; "I'll ALWAYS be your family."
Foreshadowing; 'I Do's
EL set pics; Tickling
EL quote; "It's ACTUAL LOVE. There's nobody for each other BUT THEM." - Leighton
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