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 SEE? Even Penn wants Chuck and Blair together.
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“People DON'T write sonatas about being compatible 또는 novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation, the GREAT LOVES are the crazy ones”-4x22

so what happned?? where's the real blair waldorf?? where's this balir waldorf?? the blair that loved Challenges, the blair who didn't care/needd/want the a approve people for her relationship.

why is all of sudden seedling for (being compatible, shared life goals and stimulating conversation) why isn't she looking for the GRAT LOVE?
After watching this episode, we feel like our recap will read 더 많이 like Chuck 베이스 Appreciation Post Part 500 또는 whatever, because damn. He’s just that awesome. From rocking a red onesie jumpsuit, to proving yet again that he is 더 많이 serious about Blair’s happiness than even Blair herself, he was the shining 별, 스타 of the show.

We loved Chuck in his onesie–Seriously, who else could pull that off?–and his man-bonding session with Nate at the beginning of the episode. We also loved the callback to early seasons of Chuck and Nate playing sports together–it actually felt like Gossip...
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Plz don’t attack me I’m just stating facts, and as they always say the truth hurts

As we all know from the first season until now Dan was always the OUTSIDER, LONELY BOY he even wrote a whole book about being the outsider and that’s after spending 4 & half years with the upper east sider’s circle.

No matter what he been through with them (Nate, Serena, chuck, Blair …) he still judge them and saw himself BETTER than them, still after everything he still looks down on them, want a proof Nate his best friend didn’t even have a dissent role in his book, the girl he loved since he...
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I was really pissed at Blair but then i remembered why i 사랑 her character and i tried to understand why she is behaving this way right now.

I think that she made so many mistakes and got hurt and now she is afraid to be with Chuck because she knows that he is the only one who can emotionally hurt her.What i mean is that when 당신 사랑 someone 당신 know that 당신 can only be hurt from that person because is the only one who really matters to you.She is afraid to go back to Chuck because of that(like Serena told her the 일 of her wedding). She goes to Dan because she knows that he can’t hurt...
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I know my last one of these was 게시됨 on the Gossip Girl 팬 page but I know there are a lot of Dair shippers there and I really don't feel like arguing with them about this. So to just save everyone some annoying fighting I'l just write here where hopefully most of 당신 will agree with what I have to say.
So just as a disclaimer I have not yet watched the most recent 2 episodes. Meaning the Valentines 일 one and the one after that. But I just cant bring myself to watch the Dair show. Gossip Girl is not the same show it was 2 또는 3 years 이전 and its becoming hard to watch. And yeah, I know it's...
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 It's such a big deal for him. It's taken on a thing, like she is the air that he breathes ...
It's such a big deal for him. It's taken on a thing, like she is the air that he breathes ...
So we're hearing this Ed Westwick fellow is kind of popular.

Understatement of the century? Probably. There's no denying that Gossip Girl's Chuck 베이스 is one of TV's most iconic characters, with his outrageous outfits, snarky one-liners and ability to straddle the line between leading man and villain. There's a reason he's called the Dark Knight. Another reason he's so popular? He's one-half of one of the show's 팬 가장 좋아하는 couples Chuck and Blair, also known belovedly as "Chair."

We sat down with Westwick to talk about what's ahead for Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester), Chuck's ability to...
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