Missing Daddy C?
Episode 7: Empire of the Son

GG: The 베이스 is dead, Long live Junior Bass. Yes, Our condolances go out to 당신 Chuck. We hope your doing fine. But look on the bright side C, Your about to become the richest teen in New York City...It's not all bad.

At the 봉고차, 반 der 베이스 Appartment.
Chuck is in his room, sitting on the window sil.
Blair enters.

B: Chuck? Sweetie
C: (doesn't reply)
B: How are you?
C: (No reply)
B: Okay, 당신 just stay there, and I'll be here, When your ready to talk (Blair sits down)

(Silence for the 다음 few minutes)

B: Are 당신 talking...At the funeral?
C: What's there to say? (continues to stare out the window)
B: The good times
C: There were no good times, The 일 I was born he hated me
B: That's not true
C: He'd 로스트 something he loved and gained something he hated
B: Your father didn't hate you
C: Tell 당신 that did he?
B: No, But every parent loves their children
C: (smirks)
B: Come on Chuck, You've got to get dressed at least
C: Fine (Chuck steps down from the window sil too face Blair)
B: If 당신 ever need me, I'm here
C: I know
B: (Blair smiles) I'll just wait outside (Blair leaves, while Chuck gets dressed)

In the Living Room.
Serena enters.

S: Hey, Your here... (Serena hugs Blair) How is he?
B: He's just...numb, Hasn't he talked to you
S: No, He's just been in his room all night
B: That can't be good for him, he needs to talk about this
S: I know, but Chuck's not one for expressing his feelings
B: He will to me, I'll just give him some time, But how's your Mom?
S: She's fine, I think she's dealing with it well, but she's also one for not showing her feelings
B: She's be okay, Your Mom's tough, Chuck...
S: If he's got 당신 B, He'll be fine

Chuck comes out of the bedroom not looking very tidy.

B: Oh Chuck let me fix that for 당신 (Blair tries to fix Chuck's tie)
C: (stops her) It's fine! Well are we going 또는 not?
B: Yeah lets go

Goes to hold his arm but he walks off before she can, Serena holds Blair's arm and they all leave the appartment.

(At the funeral)

Reverand 육지, 쇼 어 is talking.

RS: And now Mr Bass's son Charles will say a few words...

Reverand sits down.

B: Chuck? Go on...

Blair pushes Chuck up to the front of the church.

C: I didn't really want to say anything. My Dad was one who went after what he wanted, and he would usually sucssed, He was also a man who faught for what he loved, and what he loved was Lily 봉고차, 반 der Woodsen, But it's a shame, She didn't feel the same way. (People begin to talk. Blair looks shocked) While my father was living his last breath. 당신 were with another man, and that didn't surprise me. But lets face it 당신 were only in it for the money were 당신 Lily, and 당신 (looks as Bart Business friends) Don't act like 당신 care, Now that my father's dead, 당신 think 당신 can take over the company,

Blair leans fowards.

B: (whispers) Chuck! Stop it
C: Well back to my father, the bastard, I really don't understand why your all here, He wasn't a good father, He didn't care, the last words he said to me were "You dissapoint me",

Blair gets tears in her eyes, because she is upset at Chuck's breakdown.

C: That's all I was a dissapointment, Not quite good enough. Well your dead now Dad, And your probably still dissapointed in me, but don't worry father, I'll carry on to disgrace you, and I hope your looking up from hell, So I can just prove 당신 right.
B: (Stands up) Chuck...Please stop
C: So when we get back to the appartment lets all raise our glasses to Bart!

Chuck looks around the church at the shocked faces, then rushes out.

B: Chuck!

Blair is about to run after him.
Eleanor pulls her arm to sit down and whispers to Blair.

E: Sit down Blair
B: I need to after him
E: He's beyond help, He really is a peice of work
B: Yeah well, He's my peice of work

Blair runs out of the church.

RS: Right, Shall we continue? (Looks at Lily)

Lily nods.

(Outside the church)

Chuck is hiding behind a 벽 and listens to Blair.

B: Chuck?! Chuck...Please...You need someone, And I'm here for you. (Waits for a response) Fine! Be stubborn, (waits for another response) Ughh.

Blair goes back into the church.
Chuck walks away from the church.

GG: Spotted. Chuck losing the plot, What's the matter C? Are 당신 really missing Daddy? But I'm sure all that cash will soften the blow...

(Later back in the 베이스 Appartment after the funeral)

Chuck is on the 침상, 소파 drinking from a bottle of champagne.
Lily goes to sit 의해 him. Blair is listening behind the couch.

L: Charles, I know your upset but was that outburst nesessary?
C: 당신 have no idea how upset I am
L: I'm in the same 보트 here, I 로스트 a husband
C: No 당신 로스트 a free bank
L: That's untrue, I loved your father
C: Past tense, 당신 loved him
L: Look Charles, We're here to remember your father and it would be nice if 당신 behaved
C: I didn't when he was alive why should I when he's dead?
L: Don't 당신 want to prove him wrong?
C: No, I'm beyond caring, and I know 당신 don't so stop pretending
L: I'm not Charles, I'm still here for you
C: I don't care, as far as I'm concerned your just another one of my Dad's whores

Lily slaps Chuck.
The room goes silent.

L: Charles, I'm sorry
C: 당신 are nothing to me

Chuck goes upstairs and Blair follows him.
Blair pushes Chuck into the bedroom.
Chuck walks over to the window.
Blair closes the door.

B: What was that?
C: I sudden outburst of my emotions, I thought that's what 당신 wanted?
B: I wanted 당신 to express how 당신 were feeling, Not Insult half the Upper East Side
C: They deserve it
B: Will 당신 stop 연기 like this, and Lily's been amazing to 당신 and your treating her like that
C: What does it matter to you?
B: (sarcasm) Umm. Well I don't know, I'm your girlfriend
C: Maybe that's the problem
B: What?
C: I can't do it Blair,
B: Do what?
C: 당신 and Me
B: That's just your dad's death talking, I know your upset, and I know your going to need time to get back to yourself but I'm willing to wait
C: I don't want 당신 too, 당신 deserve better
B: I don't want better
C: Blair...
B: (Angry) No! I can't believe your saying this...After everything! I thought we were good
C: I want you...
B: (intuerupts him) Then what's the problem

Chuck Looks very upset and takes Blair's hand to sit on the bed.

C: I can't be fair to 당신 while I'm like this,I need to greive and God knows how long that will take, But I need 당신 to do this, Because I can't ask 당신 to wait
B: (silence and tears start to well-up in her eyes)
C: Blair?
B: I don't want us to end
C: It's not the end, it's just a....a break
B: A break?
C: I need to get over this, And I just need to do it alone
B: 당신 want to be alone?
C: Just until I'm ready
B: Then I guess, that's what we're doing

Blair gets up but Chuck stops her from leaving.

C: Look I'm not saying never, Just not now. In the future...
B: I suppose there could be some pleasure in that, we have hope

Chuck and Blair kiss.

B: What are 당신 going to do?
C: I don't know, But...You get on with your life

Chuck leaves the room.

Blair looks at herself in the mirror to whipe away the tears.

B: How can I do that without you?

GG: So Blair and Chuck are over before it even got a chance to get going, So with Chuck going away to "greive", and we all know what that means, and B moving on, can she survive without C? We'll find out soon, 당신 know 당신 사랑 me. xoxo Gossip Girl.


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