Blair, your killing yourself...!

초 part of the double bill, make sure 당신 only read this after episode 10- The 베이스 Identity!

Epsiode 11- A Blair To Remember

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck has gone from losing his mind to losing his memory....and 퀸 B? Well she may have just 로스트 the 사랑 of her life...! 당신 Know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo #

Blair is at home. she has been avoiding everyone and hasn't been in school for the past few days. Her mother is really worried about her and Serena has been regularly visiting her.

It's been two days since Chuck woke up and he has slowly been recalling the events he had forgotten from the accident. Nate and Vanessa have spent a lot of time with Chuck, showing him 사진 and making him read 기사 on Gossip Girl to try and jog his memory. It has helped a lot and he is able to recognise faces and names....he can also remember certain events in his life but nothing recent has yet been remembered.
Serena has been to visit and he remembers her and recalls some of their history...she talks a lot about Blair and he remembers the name and face but cant believe that she was once his girlfriend. He strongly believes that he would never go for a girl like Blair, because as far as he remembers she was Nate's girlfriend and was to decent and modest to even consider dating him. He is shocked that Nate cheated on Blair with Serena but praises Nate for doing the kind of thing he (chuck) would do!
Serena and Nate agree not to mention any recent events to chuck, i.e. his breakup with Blair, and when asked about it they tell Chuck that they want to let him remember those things himself and that he should just be patient.

In terms of his health, he has various bandaging to his head, chest and arms and legs. He has broken two ribs but not any limbs. Other than minor head injuries and retrograde amnesia, he should make a full recovery soon.

Blair is continuing her downward spiral, as she is deeply disturbed 의해 the fact that Chuck has forgotten his feelings for her. She blames this on herself and also feels that Chuck never loved her in the first place because otherwise he would remember her.
She thinks it is her fault that the accident happened because if it wasn't for her calling him, he would have been watching where he was going. Also, the fact that she cheated on him with Nate, especially since she falsely accused him of cheating with Vanessa has also caused her to feel great regret and blame for everything that has happened.

Serena comes to visit Blair again.

S: 저기요 honey......are 당신 ok?
B: (after a short silence) Fine.
S: Hey........ummmmm.........i've been talking to Nate.....and we were thinking that maybe it's visited Chuck again...
B: No!
S: Come on B, he remembers you....
B: No, he remembers my name....thats all!
S: Well if 당신 spent some time with him....just talking to him.....talking about the will help him to an Nate have been talking to him a lot and the 더 많이 we talk the 더 많이 he remembers....
B: He'll never remember
S: Of course he'll just take time.....your hurt Blair i can see that....i want to make it better and i know 의해 spending time with Chuck might just do that....please....(short silence) ........well im taking Erik to visit him tonight at around 8, so if 당신 decide to at my house before then ok.....(hugs Blair) Take care hun...i 사랑 you.
B: (looks up to Serena and smiles) Me too. thanks for everything.....for being there....
S: It's what 프렌즈 are for.....and this time im going to be a true friend to you...i promise. (they smile at each other before Serena leaves)

Later on that night.
Serena and Erik are getting into a taxi to go to the hospital.

Erik (Ek) : sis....(he points) its Blair.
S: She came...!
Ek: just on time.

Blair approaches the them.

B: Hi guys.....i thought i should come.
S: (hugs her) have no idea how glad i am that 당신 came....
Ek: Shall we go?
S: Ye lets go .....
B: (once in the car) Do 당신 think he'll remember me?
S: He'll remember your face and stuff, he remembers old stuff.....he though 당신 were.....still Nate's girlfriend.....
B: (upset 의해 that) really?
S: Ye but dont get upset hun, its just memory loss, a few days 이전 he didnt even remember my name....and now he can remember so much about's just a matter of time that everything comes back to him.
B: tell him....about everything that happened? Did 당신 tell him about me and him?
S: We told him that 당신 were his girlfriend a while before the accident....but we didn't give him any details.....i think it's best if we let him remember that himself....other wise we'll just force memories into him that he doesn't actually remember but thinks he does just because we described it to 당신 know what i mean?
B: I guess.
Ek: I guess we just need to be careful what we tell dont want to overload him with information he's not ready to take.
S: Exactly.
B: ok. i suppose.

Once in the hospital, Erik and Serena spend an 시간 with Chuck while Blair waits outside, Nate had already been there and is talking to Blair outside Chuck's room.
Eventually Erick and Serena come out and tell Blair she can go in. Nate tells Serena and Erik to go 집 and says he'l wait for Blair and give her a ride home. they agree, so Blair enters Chucks room whilst Nate waits outside.

Blair walks up to Chucks bed.

C: Blair....?
B: (she smiles) 당신 remember...?
C: Before 당신 go all emotional on me....the last i remember 당신 were just 의해 best 프렌즈 bird....
B: (the smile quickly disappears) But 당신 remember my name, my face....who i am?
C: Yes i remember your name and your face.....i also remember the dog i once owned at the age of's no big deal.
B: (clearly offended) You've ......forgotten who 당신 are.....
C: (looks at her, confused) I disagree....i've 로스트 a few memories here and there....i haven't forgotten who i am!
B: (holds his hand) 당신 have....your just like the Chuck 베이스 of yesteryear...thats not the Chuck 베이스 i've changed....
C: (looks at her hand holding his, he can see the sincerity in her eyes, so tries not to argue with her) look.....i dont get what your far as i know...i am who i am right now....if 당신 think i've changed then i can do anything about that....i've had people telling me things these past few days....things i remember, things that i dont one else has noticed a change in me other than my memories...
B: But thats because they didnt know you.....not the way i knew you....
C: Well i dont remember any of that...(looks away from her)
B: (becomes frantic) But 당신 have to......! (suddenly calms herself down) I know it's going to take time willing to wait...i'll wait for as long as it takes...
C: And what exactly are we waiting for...?
B: For 당신 to remember what we had! ......Us! Chuck and Blair......
C: (he mocks her) Look, 사과, 애플 of my eye, light of my fire, girlfriend of my forgotten past......seriously does it look like i know what your on about....please save the dramatics for when my memory is revived....until then....why dont 당신 take a seat....and we can play (gives him his seductive Chuck glare)....
B: (for a moment she feels like complying because she loves him and she would comply with any demand he gave her) I.....i cant do this.......if 당신 cant remember then what's the point...?
C: not forcing 당신 to stay....
B: But....i want to....i miss 당신 chuck...
C: well then your the first...
B: Exactly....because im the only one who truly cares about 당신 (she leans towards him and they look into each others eyes)
C: Actually the others seemed to care to, Nate...Serena...Vanessa...
B: No! not like me! your not listening!
C: I dont bloody remember ok! for all i know 당신 could be making everything up...! can 당신 stop pressuring me! i'll remember when im ready, i dont need 당신 telling me who i am 또는 who 당신 are to me!
B: (upset at being shouted at...she takes a few steps back) ok....if thats what 당신 want....i'll leave...(she walks out)

N: (gets up) Hey....that was quick....
B: Can we just go..
N: How did it go...?
B: he doesnt remember anything about me so whats the point of me talking to him....
N: shouldn't try and get him to just speak to him....normally.
B: About what! as far as he's concerned he knows nothing about me.
N: What if we go in together and talk, that way i could talk to him and 당신 could 가입하기 in to....less pressure?
B: No, i just wanna go home....if he remembers he can come to me...
N: Are 당신 sure...?
B: Yes.

They leave.

Chucks hospital room.
A Doctor comes in.

Doc: And how are 당신 today Mr. Bass....? (she gets out his file and browses through it while making some notes)
C: Great....but it could be better....
Doc: Is that so....? I hear you're beginning to remember things...?
C: Yes......
Doc: Thats good, it should all come back to 당신 in no time....(short silence)
C: look too young to be a doctor......24, 23?
Doc: 26 actually....are 당신 still feeling any pain when 당신 옮기기 your upper body...your chest?
C: 26 will do.
Doctor gives him awkward look.
C: Actually i feel a little itch...but its lower down than my chest...
Doc: Right....Everything seems fine...i'll be back tomorrow to run some proper tests and then it wont be long before you're able to go home.
C: Great, home.....i'm actually quite liking it here....especially when i have someone like 당신 to keep me that the best uniform 당신 have...?
Doc: uummmm i said i'll be back tomorrow. (proceeds to walk out)
C: I look 앞으로 to it.

It's night, Chuck is asleep.....he has been having strange dreams over the past couple of nights....when he wakes he isn't sure if they reflected true events 또는 if they were just dreams....he would tell Nate about them because the dreams usually seemed to involve Nate, and Nate would tell him how his dreams actually did happen in real life, maybe not accurately but the dreams were based on past events. those dreams were bringing back some of his memories.

Tonight's dream was no different...

He found himself in some sort of posh room, with colour coordinated walls and furniture, there was alcohol and deserts on fancy tables....he way lying down, just woken up, it was night, but the moonlight was sparkling through the windows. He looked at the body 다음 to was a woman....she was in her underwear, her legs wrapped around his....she looked familiar, he found himself smiling at her....and then stroking her face and her hair....she was beautiful. It was Blair. He felt happy....comfortable and 더 많이 importantly he felt attracted to her....why? She was his best 프렌즈 Ex. Did that mean this was a mistake....should he be with her like this? He remembers her 키싱 him....taking his clothes off....touching him...she wanted did he. He remembers the events of barely a few hours ago....the party....Nate...his other 프렌즈 at his opening night....then Blair...this room...the smell of her perfume....manipulating her into sleeping with worked....she was easy....he'd wanted to do this for so long...not because he liked her but because it was something that would be 다음 to impossible....sleeping with Blair Waldorf....he had to be the one to take her would be an accomplishment he would never forget.....but....right now that wasn't important to him.....there was something else....she was too good for him....he felt a little guilty....he'd taken away her innocence....her sweetness....he lay back down...he found himself 키싱 her on her forehead.....there was something about her.....maybe he did like her....but what would he say in the morning...when she woke up and realised that she'd 로스트 her virginity to Chuck Bass...he would have to calm her....maybe she would freak out....he had to be ready for it....but for now he just wrapped his arms around her and went to sleep again....and he knew that it felt good.

In the morning when Chuck took him a while to remember that he'd had a dream...he wasn't sure of whether it was actually a dream 또는 not...or if it was a memory that he had suddenly acquired....should he ask someone about decided he'd keep it to himself.
What if the things Blair told him were true...what if they were together and he did 사랑 her...did he really want that....? was he ready for that?
Right now he just wanted to get out of hospital and live his life...he was young, had just survived near death....he wasn't ready for Blair, 또는 any relationship.

Gossip Girl: # Oh Blair, how we feel your pain....we cant decide who came off worse in this accident....Chuck 또는 Blair!? Seems like Chuck is enjoying this renaissance, whilst Blair is falling further into loneliness.....cheer up B! 당신 Know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

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