It had been three days since the funeral of the late Bart 베이스 and the UES was still trying to come to grips with what had happened. Blair Waldorf on the other hand had another 베이스 on her mind. She was worried. Worried sick about the one person that she hadn’t seen since the 일 of the funeral. Chuck 베이스 was nowhere to be seen; he seemed to have fallen of the face of the earth. Not even Gossip Girl seemed to have any leads on his whereabouts these days.

“If only he could answer his phone!” Blair slammed her phone shut with a frown after calling Chuck for the millionth time that day, and turned to her best friend. “Where is he?”

“I wish I knew B”, Serena answered her squeezing her best 프렌즈 arm. “Maybe we should give up looking for today? My mom really needs me back home”

They had spent most of the 일 going from bar to bar all over the city trying to locate Chuck. He was not at the Palace bar, not at Victrola, not even at the old bar in Brooklyn where not many people would know to look. They had looked everywhere for him to no avail and now it was getting late. Blair understood Serena’s concern. Lily 베이스 was struggling to keep her head above the water, mourning her late husband and at the same time worrying about the boy she still considered her stepson.

“I guess 당신 are right”, she sighed, trying to ignore the strikes of panic rushing through her body. Where the hell was he? She needed to know how he was doing, she needed to hold him and make sure he was alright. At least as alright as he could possibly be.

She could still remember the horrible moment when she had received the news about what had happened to Bart, immediately thinking of Chuck, her 심장 aching for him. He was just getting to know the father who had been absent from his life for so long. She remembered worrying about his reaction, worrying about him doing what he was obviously doing know – hiding from the world, hiding from her. She had tried talking to him, tried getting him to let her near, to comfort him, BE THERE for him. But he had refused to let her do any of those things.

Chuck 베이스 had handled the tragic news in the only way he knew, she thought. He had pushed her away, pushed everyone away. Telling her to leave, that he did not want her there, locking himself away in his suite and spending the days before the funeral getting wasted and god-knows-what. She thought back at the funeral. How he’d been standing alone in the crowd, refusing to talk to anyone. But it had been the empty look in his eyes that had scared her the most. 더 많이 than the drinking 또는 the silence, the memory of his dark eyes looking empty and dead was still haunting her. After the funeral, he had gone off in his limo before she 또는 any of the others managed to get a hold of him, and then simply disappeared from everyone’s radar.

The cab came to a halt outside the huge building the Palace Hotel and Blair snapped back to reality, realizing she had 로스트 herself in her thoughts once again. Looking over to her best friend who was preparing to get out of the car she forced a tiny smile.

“Thanks S”, she said.

“Try not to worry too much B”, Serena answered pushing a blonde strand of hair out of her face, “we will find him, I promise. He has gone a-wall before 당신 know”.

Serena gave her friend a 키스 on the cheek and then stepped out of the cab shutting the door behind her. Blair sunk back against the seat, closing her eyes and swallowing hard as a lump formed in her throat and her eyes filled up. Where are you? She thought to herself, where did 당신 go and why didn’t 당신 bring me with you?

A single tear falling, making its way down her cheek.

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