Hot Property....
Episode 5: Natural born lovers

GG: 저기요 Upper East Siders, Yes we're back, Our trip is over. It's sad to leave, Rome had it's scandals but There's no place like 집 for scandals and I'll choose Manhattan everytime...

(On the plane journey home)

Chuck and Blair and laughing, joking, chatting and just having fun on the plane.
They are playing a game with playing cards.
Blair has just won the game.

B: Yes! I win...again!
C: No. 당신 cheated
B: No, I'm just better than you
C: Oh really? (Chuck reaches over to Blair and begins to tickle her, Blair laughs histerically)
B: Stop, Chuck...Stop...Your killing me
C: (Stops and holds her, then they both kiss)

Serena is looking back at them and smiles.

S: Oh, they're such a cute couple
D: Yeah Chuck 베이스 and Blair Waldorf now that truly is a match made in heaven...or hell
S: 저기요 that's my best friend your talking about
D: Okay, I'm sorry...But Chuck and Blair...
S: (Gives him evil stares) I thought 당신 were working on your judgemental issues...
D: I am, I'm doing my very best
S: Good, Cos these are my friends, I kind of want 당신 to get on with them
D: Serena 당신 can't put us together, we're not compatibe, as I remember Chuck 베이스 refered to me as (does quotation marks) "Brooklyn Trash" (closes quotation marks)
S: Okay, If I tell them to try, will you?
D: Sure, 당신 know I'm willing to make the effort...I'll give it 80%, that's the best I can do
S: Thank 당신 (Serena kisses Dan)
D: Okay, I'll give it a 110%
S: (Smiles and kisses him again)

(At the Airport, Backage Pick Up)

Blair is stuggling trying to pick her bag up. Chuck runs to help her.

C: Hey, let me help you...
B: Oh thanks sweetie (Chuck takes the case and puts it on the trolley, Blair and Chuck start making out)
S: Oh get a room...
D: And 의해 room we mean at 집 and nowhere around this airport
B: (Chuck and Blair stop kissing) Oh I don't know, there has been odder places...
D: Oh suddenly to much information, Gag reflexes mulitplying
B: Ohh don't worry Humphrey I've got pleanty 더 많이 where they came from
D: Ohh, I'm so leaving (Dan walks off, Blair and Chuck laugh)

(Blair and Serena walk off, Nate 가입하기 Chuck)

N: So 당신 and Blair, Back on?
C: Yeah, and that's it this time, We're done now
N: Well I'm happy for 당신 man
C: 당신 are? I thought you'd be pissed
N: Why? Me and Blair, That's acient history, 당신 two make 더 많이 sense than me and her ever did
C: Thanks man, So what up with 당신 and punky brewster?
N: Vanessa. Her names Vanessa and God knows, She hasn't replied to any of my calls
C: Take my advice, Stick to what 당신 know, and that's Upper East, Lets face it worked for me

(Blair looks back and smiles and Chuck, Chuck smiles back)

B: Ohh S, I'm so happy
S: It's just great to see 당신 happy, But what happened to Lucas?
B: Oh I don't know, After we had that fight, I guess he got the jet back home, But I don't think we'll be seeing eachother again...But I don't care...I have what I want
S: And 당신 always get what 당신 want in the end don't 당신 B
B: It's true (both giggle)
S: So do 당신 want a ride back 또는 are 당신 going with Chuck?
B: I think I'll go with Chuck, 당신 don't mind do 당신 S?
S: No, not at all, 당신 two need some time together
B: Oh we wont today, Mom called earlier she's got some "big news"
S: Really?
B: Oh don't worry, She's probably just had another eye lift 또는 botox
S: (grins)

(Later at the Waldorf Appartment)
Chuck's limo is pulling up outside.
(Inside the Limo, Chuck and Blair are kissing)

B: Chuck, I've got to go
C: I know (He continues to 키스 her)
B: My Mom's waiting...
C:Do 당신 have too?
B: Yes..I'll call 당신 later (Blair gets out of the limo) Bye
C: (smiles)

Blair walks towards the appartment building with her cases.
Chuck steps out of the limo.
Eleanor is looking out the window.

C: Blair...
B: (Blair cloes her eyes and looks realved that Chuck has called her back, then turns around) Yes...
C: (Walks towards her and kisses her, Eleanor looks shocked and angry) Bye (Goes back into the limo)
B: Bye (smiles broadly, then enters the appartment)

GG: Spotted. Blair and Chuck making out outside the Waldorf Appartment. They certainly didn't waste anytime... Looks like Chuck really can change but for how long...

(In the Appartment)

Dorota is waiting to welcome Blair.
B: Dorota!
D: Miss Blair

Dorota goes to hug Blair but Blair rushes into the Appartment.

B: Mom... Mom...
E: (Comes out of the kitchen) Blair sweetie... (Eleanor hugs Blair) How was your trip?
B: Wonderful...It was just perfect...But what's this news?

(A Man walks in half naked from bedroom- His name is Ross Young, Blair looks shocked)

R: Honey...Where's that....? Oh hello...
B: (smiles nervously)
E: Blair this is is Ross Young
B: He's that alright, (mumbles) Who is he?
E: Blair this is my new friend...
B: (Ross puts on a shirt) Hi...What happened to Cyrus?
E: (avoiding the question) Ross is an actor 당신 know...
B: No I didn't know...So Ross how old are you?
E: Blair!!
R: No it's okay, I'm 36
B: Wow, Here that mother...36!
E: Yes, I know Blair
B: So what happened to Cyrus?
R: I think 당신 should tell her Eleanor...
E: We had a fight, In Milan...It's just over okay?
B: (speechless)
E: Anyway Ross...He has a daughter
B: Really...
R: Yes, She's not much older than 당신 Blair, She's 18
B: Yeah great...So was this your news mother? That a week after 당신 supposably break up with Cyrus 당신 get yourself a toyboy
E: Stop being so unfair Blair
B: Ughh...
R: Well 호박 will be here later...
B: Pumpkin...
E: 호박 is his nickname for his daughter...Maybe 당신 two could become friends
B: If 당신 say so mother...Well this has been a very eventful week for me, So Dorota is going to unpack and I'm going out later
E: (Blair goes upstairs) 당신 are not. For once 당신 will stay here we're having a nice family meal.
B: Then why is Ross staying?
E: Get out of my sight
B: It's only been 7 days Mom, And you've already got someone new, they have word for that...

Blair goes up the stairs.

E: Oh and Blair, Hows Lucas?
B: I don't know, and don't care...
E: Yes he told me your story in Rome
R: Should I leave 당신 two
B: Yes!
E: No 당신 stay Ross,
B: Lucas spoke to you...
E: Yes poor boy was distraught, He told me everything, At least it was 7 days with me Blair, What was it with 당신 seven minutes? Your a disgrace to this family...
B: Well the 사과, 애플 doesn't fall very far from the 나무, 트리 then does it... Like mother like daughter. Ughh. (Blair goes to her room)

(In Blair's room)
Blair's eyes well-up with tears, she rubs them away quickly. She then sees she has a message on her phone from Chuck.

"Can't wait to see you, I'll pick 당신 up at 7. 사랑 당신 x

Blair smiles and giggles to herself, that she is happy.

E: (from downstairs) Blair! Ross's daughter is here, Come down here...
B: (looks annoyd and rolls her eyes) Fine!

Blair comes down the stairs.

E: Clean your face Blair, your a mess
B: (Clears her eyes)

Ross is in the elevator and pulls the arm of his daughter out of the elevator.

B: Oh My 'effin God!! (Shocked expression)
R: This is my daugher......Vanessa
V: Blair!?
B: Vanessa? (Looks shocked)

GG: OH...MY...GOD...B's Mom is dating V's Dad, This really is a clash of worlds, Just think B, She could be your new sister. Do I hear high pitched screams of a 퀸 B? Don't worry B you've still got Chuck, For now...You know 당신 사랑 me. xoxo Gossip Girl

Happy Families..??