Silence: A Virtue 또는 a Vice?

Dont forget to read episode 7 "I know What 당신 did Last Sundown" first because i've 게시됨 two episodes today, episode 7 and 8, so read 7 before 읽기 this one!

Episode 08- The Silence and the Lamb

Gossip Girl: # Ssshhh! Quiet....Haven't 당신 heard? All's not well on the Upper East side....tempers are running high so Gossip Girl is on the alert...any developments and you'll be the first to hear about them! xoxo #

It's been a week since the East Siders clashed with each other.
Chuck and Blair are still over, Serena and Dan are not talking, Neither are Dan and Vanessa.
Chuck hates Nate and Serena and Blair are also not talking to Nate.
Serena is avoiding Chuck because of the whole Blair-Chuck situation,
Well atleast Vanessa and Nate are still talking...oh and Serena and Blair are going strong too!

Humphrey Residence.
Dan 답변 door, Vanessa is there.
There is an awkward silence until Jenny appears from her room and calls out.

J: Vanessa, hold on im almost ready....why are 당신 just standing there....come inside....

Dan gets out 또는 the doorway and goes back into his room.

J: guys still not talking?
V: Urmmm not He's being totally unreasonable and to be honest immature. I dont have time for cat fights. Shall we go.
J: Ye, give me 5 minutes. (runs back into her room)

Dan again comes out of his room, grabs his back from the sofa and walks right past Vanessa and out the door, without speaking a word.

In School yard.
Nate is standing 의해 the school gates he sees Blair approaching and looks down pretending that he hasn't seen her. As Blair walks past she avoids looking at him but does notice him standing there.
Serena also walks past a few 분 later, seeing and making eye contact with Nate.

N: 저기요 are you...?

Serena simply looks at him bluntly before turning her back and walking away!

Serena spots Blair and walks to her, Blair is seated at a bench, 읽기 a book...

S: 저기요 B.
B: it me 또는 is it really quite around here...?
S: Ye it is pretty silent....i wonder why!
B: Dont remind me! (they both smile)
S: Hey, im glad we can laugh about this now....i's still kinda crap...but we have each other and we're happy right?
B: Yeah doing....good.
S: Great! Ummm I saw Dan this morning....i didnt know where to look....he was right in my face....and it's been a while since i've seen him that close since....that day.
B: Well it's not like he's much of a pretty sight anyway! the way.....thanks...
S: for what...?
B: For not talking to him becasue of what he said about me....but dont have to do that for much as i hate seeing 당신 with him....i dont want to be the cause of another break just make up with him 또는 something...
S: No...B....i cant...not yet.....he insulted 당신 and you're my best friend....i need to let off's only been a week anyway....let him suffer a bit longer....! (they laugh)
B: How can 당신 be so sure he'll take 당신 back....?
S: Im not....right now i dont care....if it's meant to will be.
B: 당신 really believe that...that if something is meant to be it will be?
S: I like to hope so...hey dont worry....lets just have some girl time....have some fun.....and....talking of fun....we have to go to the Sanderson wedding! It's this weekend and it'll be the perfect opportunity to let our hair down!
B: Really....i dunno....
S: Comon B, out with the with the new! please! it'll be great...!
B: But.....everyone....will be there....everyone....
S: Exactly! We need to show everyone that we're having a great time! This isn't a 토론 we're going! (they laugh) anyway i'll see 당신 later ok. (gets up to leave)
B: Ok, later S.

It's the afternoon. 베이스 Residence.
Bart comes into Chuck's room.
He hands a card over to Chuck.

C: What is it?
Bart(Bt): An invitation. Richard Sanderson's son's wedding invitation....and dont pretend 당신 didnt know, i told 당신 about this months 이전 and have been reminding 당신 ever since. It's important that we attend...

Bart leaves the room, Chuck reads the invitation.
He guesses that everyone will be at this wedding. It's not common to have a wedding in the middle of a semester but the Sanderson's liked to stand out and this wedding would be an event no one would miss. He had to go.

공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 time at the waldorf residence.
Dorota is setting the 표, 테이블 with food. Eleanor is already seated at the 표, 테이블 waiting for Blair.
Blair arrives.

B: Dorota.....what smells so good?
Dt: Thats probably the 양고기 스튜 Miss Blair.
B: Lamb?
Dt: not like it?
B: Of course i do....(she sits and gets ready to eat)
E: Blair....i have an outfit ready for you.....for the's beautiful...i've been working on it for a while now and its ready.
B: Oh ....the wedding...
E: What do 당신 mean oh? We are going.....and 의해 "we" i mean 당신 to. You've known about this wedding for a long time now...
B: Ummmm i know (plays with her food) not sure if a wedding is....
E: Hush now....(raises voice) we are going to the wedding and that is final...dont think just becasue of whats been happening with 당신 at school...that im going to allow for 당신 to get away with avoiding 당신 family eat your 음식 quickly....i want 당신 to try the dress on......and dont eat too much... I want the dress to fit this time.

Blair angrily gets up and leaves the 표, 테이블 taking her plate of 음식 with her. She walks into the 부엌, 주방 and empties her plate in the trash.

She thinks about the wedding and feelings of fear surface, knowing that she will have to see everyone there, including Chuck. Everyone will see her and after everything that has happened, after what she did with Nate...will she be able to face everyone...? What will people be saying and what will they all think of her.
What if she doesn't look right...what if the dress is too small for her? 또는 too big? She looks at the clothes she is in....they seem a bit tight on her....are they tighter than usual 또는 are they always like this?
She remembers that she hasn't actually eaten anything since the night before....and it was such a big meal....maybe thats what made her so fat today....but she got rid of it....she can still feel her fingers scratching at her throat from the night before....her stomach rumbles and she begins to feel hungrier than ever....maybe she should just have a little bite...just enough to make the pain in her stomach go away....she looks at the dish with the 양고기 stew....she immediatley takes a serving spoon and begins eating straight from the pot...the feeling of content and pleasure overtakes her....the same feeling as yesterday and the 일 before and the 일 before that....times like these 음식 never tastes's not even the taste that feeds the obsession, but the feeling of satisfaction....finally being able to let go of the force which has been holding her back all 일 long from putting anything into her mouth....the pure gratification of being able to let go and feel good....and it made her feel so good...this is what made her happy....she continued to put 더 많이 into her mouth until she suddenly caught her reflection in the window infront of her...her mouth full...her face smeared with the stew... her eyes red...her hands covered...her cheeks plump and fat...she was she going to escape now? They would see her....they would see that she'd put on the a matter of minutes....the dress!!! how was she going to fit into it...what would she say to her mother...! tears began running down her face as the fear of facing her mother sunk in....she spat out the contents of her mouth into the bin and threw the pan of 스튜 onto the floor to disguise that it was almost empty....this way no one would notice that she'd taken any of it....she could say she knocked it over 의해 accident....she quickly cleaned her face and as Dorota ran into the kitchen...

Dt: Miss Blair....what was that noise...oh my (she notices the mess on the floor) how.....what happened....are 당신 ok?
B: Im fine...i knocked it accident....(she storms off to her room)

Once in her room...she looks into her mirror....she had to do something....she could still feel the 음식 in her if it was forcing itself out....she had to do something...the feelings of guilt and regret took control over her.....she couldn't stop the tears 또는 the shaking.....she rushed to the bathroom and leaned over the toilet....she couldn't stop it from coming out....she didnt want to. Sometimes it would be like would just find it's own way out....but sometimes she would have to force it the other day....using her make sure it didnt have a chance to digest....she just wanted it out all of it....hunger was better than the way she felt right now...she'd rather be was relief 더 많이 than anything....but it didnt make her feel any thinner....she came back into her room and in front of the mirror inspected her body....she was still fat.....but maybe her mother wouldn't notice....she hoped. But for now she just needed to rest...she was exhausted, she was in so many ways.

The 다음 일 at school.
Not much had changed....there were no signs of reconciliation between any of our east siders.

In the school yard.
Serena has another confrontation with Dan.....they stare at eachother for a while before Dan quickly looks away....Dan walks past her without saying anything.

Serena finds Blair...

B: Serena....we need to plan the wedding...
S: Plan the wedding?
B: How are we getting long are we staying, where do we go after, do we need to do any shopping etc...
S: And 더 많이 importantly how are we going to not say anything if we encounter any of the others...
B: What?
S: It's mouth is dry because i haven't spoken all day....i keep running into Dan, Nate, Vanessa...!
B: Dont mention that........ whore's name!
S: I'm sorry.....but seriously this whole avoiding everyone thing is driving me crazy...what is it going to be like on the one is talking to anyone! There's going to be awkward silences every turn we take...!
B: There will be other people at this wedding 당신 know.
S: Not people that we know!
B: Maybe they're not coming....
S: I doubt anyone would miss this Blair...i'm sure even....Chuck will be there....Mr. Sanderson works for Bart so they'll definately be there...
B: So...
S: Just saying....well warning 당신 that he'll probably be there....well im not certain but i would expect...maybe i should ask him...?
B: Ask him?! I weren't talking...?
S: 당신 know what i cant remember...i guess i just haven't spoken to him because...of your break up...i dont know if that means he's not talking to me.
B: Well it's probably better if 당신 didnt.
S: Ok....are 당신 sure?
B: Yes.

Meanwhile Vanessa walks Jenny to school again on her way to work.
At the school gates they bump into Nate.

N: Boy, am i glad to see 당신 guys....
V: (laughs) And why's that...?
N: Everyone at this school is crazy! They wont even talk to me....its like a funeral in the school yard!
J: (laughs) Well thats what 당신 get when 당신 stick a bunch of stuck up rich kids together!.....ummm no offence....
N: None taken....dont worry you're probably right.
V: I'm guessing it has something to do with the well publicised Chuck and Blair breakup....which just happens to be my fault! And i dont even go to this school!
N: No, dont say's not your fault....and anyway they totally hate me....i know what i did was....totally know what i dont even wanna talk about it...
J: Yeah....anyway Vanessa i'll catch 당신 later....comon Nate we should go in...
N: Ye....actually i dont even feel like it! Whats the point! I need a bloody break....
J: You're going to skip school.
N: Why not? 당신 should'll be fun...comon...
V: I've got a job...i have to go to work...
N: Cant 당신 call in sick....?
V: I dunno....i could do with a break....
J: Well im not was hard enough me getting in this school, cant mess that my dad would kill me! Im off...have fun! (she runs into school)
N: And then there was two....?
V: Fine....i'll call in sick...(she phones the 식당 and tells them she cant make it into work)

Nate and Vanessa decide to spend the 일 out of town....they go to New Jersey.
They spend the 일 sightseeing, having fun and getting to know each other better.
In the afternoon, they stop at an open cafe 의해 the river.

N: So...are 당신 having fun?
V: Ye, of course....its been having a good
N: Ye...great....i've had glad we did this....cheered me up.
V: I guess i needed cheering up too.......and hey....both of our best 프렌즈 hate us so we have common ground!
N: (laughs) Dans not talking to you....? Why is that?
V: Long story.....
N: Maybe 당신 wanna talk about it....?

Vanessa looks at Nate....because she hasn't confided in anyway about what she's gone through lately she decides to open up to Nate....she tells him everything....the whole truth about her father...about Chucks involvment...and about the fight with Dan...she becomes very upset and emotional....Nate has to comfort her and end up in eachothers arms....when Vanessa stop crying...Nate lifts her head up.

N: 저기요 everything's going to be ok 당신 know...this will all calm down and im sure things between 당신 and Dan will be just needs time. (he kisses her forehead)
V: I hope so.....shall we go?
N: Ummm's getting kinda late.

They get up and make their way to the train station.

Meanwhile in manhattan...
Jenny has stayed an 시간 after school in textiles club finishing off some work and takes a trip to the girls room...
Just as she is about to walk to the wash basin area she hears a someone coughing...(the girls room is set out in an 엘 shape where the toilets are seperate to the washing area so upon entering 당신 are situated 의해 the toilets and have to walk around a corner to get to the washing area.)
Jenny turns her head around the corner ensuring that she is almost out of sight...she sees Bliar being sick over the sink....just as she's about to walk towards Blair, she catches Blair putting her fingers down her throat....Blair hears someone behind her and immediately stops what she's doing to look around and see Jenny...

J: Hi...umm...
B: You! (she gulps as she attempts to clean herself up) I was feeling sick.....i must have 음식 poisoning 또는 something...(she can barely make eye contact)
J: Ok....ummmm are you....ok now?
B: Yeah im's nothing (proceeds to walk out, turns around to see if Jenny is still watching, she is, so she forces a smile and walks out)

Blair is humiliated at being caught red handed 의해 a wannabe It Girl! She is scared that Jenny will say something to someone....the last thing she'd ever want is for something like this to come out on Gossip would destroy her....she cant help but let out a gasp and she cant control the tears, the fear and the humiliation....she has to get away from school before anyone else sees her... she runs out of the school gates only to come face to face with Chuck Bass...

She looks a faced, red eyed, mascara running down her face...she looks him right in the eyes...he is only a few feet away from her, leaning on the wall, smoking....she does he...
Chuck can see there's something wrong...she looks as though she's been attacked 또는 choked...he is dying to approach her and to just hold her....a part of him is screaming out to her to just rescue rescue him...from the pain...he can see something is wrong but there is nothing he can do about it....he remembers their situation and the anger re-surfaces....the feelings of betrayal and hurt she caused him....he looks to the ground and carries on smoking...she snaps out of her trance and wipes her hands over her face attempting to clean it. She slowly proceeds to walk....she knows that she's going to have to walk right past him and is dreading the thought of it....she is hoping that maybe he'll say something to her...she is right 다음 to him....even through the fumes of smoke she can smell his scent...the smell of Chuck Bass...she has a flashback to the first time she really noticed that the opening of Chucks club....her eyes water up again but she tries to face away from him....he too is looking down, away from her....he doesn't think he can look at her from so close up....just the thought of a Blair that has been touched 의해 his best friend while she was his..........she used to be his.

Gossip Girl: # They say absence makes the 심장 grow fonder but they also say familiarity breeds what deduction can we make of this situation....? 당신 Know 당신 사랑 me xoxo Gossip Girl #

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Humiliated....? 퀸 B needs to get a grip!