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I have decided to do a double bill today and post two episodes on the same day! So read this episode first and then read episode 8 which should also be 게시됨 and ready to be read straight after this one! Enjoy!

Episode 07- I Know What 당신 Did Last Sundown

Gossip Girl: # It's been a long eventful night....our editors have been busy and the tip off's have been
coming through like wildfire....so keep them coming boy's and girls, we have secrets to expose and lives
to ruin! 당신 Know 당신 사랑 Me! xoxo #

Chuck is at home.
He wonders how Blair found out that he'd been hanging out with Vanessa, he feels deflated as he recalls
Blair slapping him. Its as if his whole world has collapsed over one misunderstanding. The only person he's ever
truly loved is angry with him for something he hasn't even done. Gossip Girl suddenly comes 2 his mind. He quickly gets on to the gossip girl website and searches for 기사 with his name, there he finds the 기사
about him and Vanessa. He posts a 코멘트 under his name;

ImChuckBass say's:
"pathetic as usual, get ur facts str8, im only in 사랑 wid 1 woman; BLAIR WALDORF!"

He returns to the home-page and almost dies when he sees the newest blog!
Its a picture of Nate snogging Blair taken 1 시간 ago!
Chuck stares at it for a while, in shock, how could his girlfriend and his best friend do this to him.
Distraught at the news, he climbs into bed. He's never felt so heartbroken in his life.
Tears run down his face as he cries himself to sleep...

The 다음 일 at school.
The 사랑 스캔들 involving chuck, Blair, Vanessa and Nate is all over school!
Nate is near the school gates as he is pulled around from behind and punched in the face!

N: (falls to the floor and gets up again) Chuck...its not what...(interrupted)
C: (pushes nate up against a wall) What were 당신 doing with my girl man!
N: look...i...i was drunk...i didnt...
C: Too effin' drunk to recognise her?! (pushes him harder)
N: no...but she told me 당신 guys broke up...n i know thats not an excuse but i swear i was drunk and i didnt
know what i was doing...im sorry man...i...
C: We didnt break up ok! (lets go of nate) i thought 당신 were my bro man...its over...(turns away)
N: she kissed me ok...i was drunk...(chuck continues to walk away) im sorry man...(kicks the 벽 in anger)

Meanwhile, also in school, Dan approaches Vanessa.

V: 저기요 Dan.
D: Thanks for taking my 조언 about chuck.
V: what are 당신 talking about?
D: im guessing the pictures of 당신 up and close to chuck 베이스 has nothing to do with 당신 asking him to help with
your papa search...unless...you and chuck are...doing it?
V: what?! No! I would never! Not with chuck!
D: good because that would be criminal!
V: but...i did go to him for help with finding my dad.
D: great, so 당신 decide to do the exact opposite of what i told u not to do?! Im glad 당신 value my 조언 so much!
V: Dan...please...i needed his help...cant we just put it behind us? Me and chuck are keeping away from each other
now anyway, he helped me and now its over.
D: right so how did it turn out then, other than getting caught up in a war of gossip, lies and cheating with chuck
and Blair, and d latest scoop also has nate involved!
V: oh my...i don't believe this...
D: and don't even think about asking me to bail 당신 out of this one!
V: Dan...
D: maybe 당신 should go to chuck...you seem to have a soft spot for him!
V: what?! Dan your being a total jerk...you know what...just leave me alone...ive got enough things on my plate.
I don't have time for your chick fit!

Vanessa walks away leaving Dan clearly offended.
Just as she leaves Serena appears and joins Dan.

S: what did she want?!
D: umm...nothing...hows your morning been?!
S: well i've had Blair crying to me because of that...ugh i know she's your friend but i cant believe what she's done!
D: umm wait a 분 the last i heard it was your friend doing the dirty...Vanessa has done nothing wrong ok...
S: oh of course...i should have guessed you'd stick up for that...home-wrecker! Who does she think she is...!
D: ok fist of all, she would never do anything with the likes of chuck, scum like him go perfectly with girls like Blair!
S: and what the hell is that supposed to mean? My Blair is 더 많이 of a woman than Vanessa could ever dream of being!
D: well id trust your idea of a woman being like that...!
S: huh! How dare you! I don't have to listen to this, get out of my way! (pushes past him)

On her way she bumps into Nate, she's still angry from her argument with Dan.

S: (gives nate a dirty look) ugh 옮기기 your the last person i want to see!
N: (confused) what? What did i do to you?
S: 당신 took advantage of Blair! 또는 have 당신 forgotten?!

Serena storms off.

The whole school is pretty much aware of the situation, Gossip Girl has been full of rumours, pictures and blogs on the latest happenings. Our favourite Upper Eastsiders are clashing left right and centre and there are no signs on reconciliation. things are very quite at school, with all the arguments and death glares. No one is talking and all the other kids have been constricted to spying and whispering.

Dan is angry with Vannessa for going to Chuck for help and not listening to his advice. He feels betrayed and especially due to the fact that he hates Chuck so much, he is angry that Vannessa even considered getting Chuck involved in her personal life.
He is also angry that Vannessa has, as a result, become embroiled in the mess which has been caused between Chuck Blair and Nate. So he is in the 'i told 당신 so' position.

Vanessa is angry with him for arguing with her and being so immature. She cant believe that he doesnt understand her reasons for going to Chuck for help and couldn't care less if Dan wasn't speaking to her.

Serena is also angry with Dan for insulting her best friend, Blair and cant believe that Vanessa would come in between Blair and Chuck, especially since she knows how hard it was for Blair to get with Chuck in the first place. She knows how important Chuck is to Blair and is angry that someone has ruined things for them. Therefore, she is also angry with Nate for 키싱 Blair, and taking advantage of her when she was vulnerable.

Nate cant understand why Serena isn't talking to him but is upset that he let himself get caught up in this situation. He greatly regrets betraying his best friend 의해 키싱 Blair, he genuinely was drunk and not thinking straight but Chuck doesn't ever want to even look at him again. Nate knows there's no chance Chuck will be forgiving him any time soon.

Blair still believes that something happened with Chuck and Vanessa and isn't willing to be convinced otherwise. She is angry at Chuck but still feels really guilt for cheating on him with Nate. Chuck feels betrayed 의해 the people he loved most. Nate and Blair both destroyed the relationship he had with them and he cant even bare the thought of looking at either of them again.

Later on that day.
Blair and chuck come face to face.
After staring at each other briefly, Blair decides to break the silence.

B: 당신 started this...with...Vanessa...
C: so 당신 hear a rumour and decide to get revenge?! I know what 당신 did last night, the whole school knows!
Is that how it would be with us Blair? Every time we have an argument 또는 a misunderstanding, your gonna go
cheating on me with my best friend...cuz if it is then what's the bloody point! (he notices that she isn't wearing the ring and she catches him looking)
B: (looks down) i...it was just...a...kiss...
C: you...you cheated! It doesn't matter if it was a 키스 또는 sex...you betrayed me...i lose my girlfriend and best
friend all in one moment!!
B: what about 당신 and Vanessa?! 당신 started this!
C: there is no bloody Vanessa! 당신 could have listened to me but no...! Wtf blair are 당신 that easy!
(sarcastic laugh) Why do i even ask that! I'm an expert in how easy 당신 are.

Chuck is really angry an Blair is in tears.

B: how can 당신 say that...after everything...
C: After everything? And 당신 cheated! After nothing Blair...its over! (walks away)

Gossip Girl: # Ouch!! I predicted a riot didn't i? This thunder came without rain...i wonder if
lightning will follow...You Know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo Gossip Girl! #

Episode 8 is already 게시됨 so 당신 can continue 읽기 right now! Episode 9 will be posted, possibly Friday.
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