ooooh Chanessa.....? Ouch 퀸 B!!!
Episode 06- A Series of Unfortunate Events

Gossip Girl: # What do 당신 get when when 당신 십자가, 크로스 secrets with jealousy....i know
I want to find out...xoxo #

S: 저기요 b.
B: (smiles) hey.
S: urmm...have 당신 seen gossip girl lately?
B: S, im happy...having a great time...why would i want to poison my mind with gossip girl?
S: Well i think 당신 need to check it out...(points to her computer)
B: Why? Whats on there..(she runs to the computer and logs on to gossip girl, there she sees and 기사 and pictures of recent sighting of chuck and Vanessa together)... Its probably nothing...
S: ye...maybe...or maybe not?
B: He would never...not he wouldn't! Never! (she runs out of Serena's room)
Serena assumes she's going to see chuck so decides not to go after Blair. She looks at what is written on the Gossip Girl Post:

Looks like Chuck isn't as faithful as we thought he'd be.... it's only been a few days since C & B got together but C is already getting cozy with new girl Vanessa Abrahms! OMFG!
What will B do now!?

User Comments:
littlemissdeviless says:
I always knew Chuck 베이스 was a cheat...i was shocked to hear him and Blair Waldorf were a couple....but not so shocked to hear that he has a bit on the side....what do 당신 expect from a Bass...i feel sorry for his girlfriend! She should dump him ASAP!!...

At the 식당 where Vanessa works.

V: So what have 당신 found?
C: Plenty.
V: Oh my gosh! Tell me how!
C: I'll give 당신 the who and the where, the how stays with me...
V: Fine, i just wanna know who he is... Tell me now!
C: (pulls out some documents) this is him (points to a picture)
Lester Cahill, a Lawyer, married, 3 kids and the most shocking of all...he lives right here in nyc!
V: (speechless for a moment) oh my I...cant believe it...are 당신 sure...this is really him? Your certain?
C: 100%
V: What shall we do now?
C: we? (gets up) i've done my part, 당신 can take it from here...
V: (grabs his hand) no please... I cant do it alone...please...i just want to go see him...come with me.
C: I cant...i did what 당신 asked...i don't want to keep sneaking around.
V: one visit...that's all...please i just need a friend with me for the fist time i see him...please chuck.
C: (sits back down, v lets go of his hand) ok. Just once.

They continue to discuss how to visit V's dad.

Later on that afternoon
Blair meets chuck. At chucks house.

C: 저기요 gorgeous (he kisses her neck)
B: Hi, how was your day?
C: Lonely without you.
B: And yesterday?
C: (holds her in his arms) i missed 당신 (kisses her, she moves away)
B: Are 당신 ever planning on telling me?
C: Telling 당신 what?
B: About your new girlfriend?!
C: what?! I dont know what your on about babe...
B: Vanessa!?
C: What? What...about her...
B: Still gonna lie?
C: Blair i dont know what your thinking...but whatever it is your wrong...
B: Huh...i dont believe this...your lying to me...have 당신 and that...bitch been seeing eachother 또는 not?!
C: of course not! (grabs her arm) i 사랑 당신 blair!
B: (pulls her arm away) Liar! I have proof!
C: 당신 have nothing because its not true (attempts to grab her again as she turns to leave)
B: LIAR! (slaps him)
Chuck freezes and is shocked.
Blair is in shock too but turns and runs away.

Chucks phone vibrates. Its a text from Vanessa.

V text: i'm ready, lets go. Im so nervous. Thnx 4 doing this 4 me, it means alot!
Chuck grabs his 코트 an meets Vanessa in keeping his promise to her.

Chuck and Vanessa drive to the address they have for Vanessa's father.
They knock on his door...

Blair decides to let off steam 의해 going clubbing!
She sits at the bar, has a few to drink, she notices chucks ring on her finger.....she takes it off and plays with it for a while until she is approached 의해 a familiar face...
She quickly puts the ring in her bag.

B: Nate! How nice to see 당신 here...!
N: Blair...(seems drunk) where' is he...
B: (laughs) your drunk nate...and chuck....he and i broke up...he's a cheat!
N: i know
B: 당신 know?
N: doesn't everyone...anyway if 당신 ask always deserved
better 당신 know...
B: whatever...
N: come lets get out of here...this is no place...for ladies...for a ladies like you!
B: (laughs at his drunken behaviour) ok where shall we go?
N: umm i don't know just outside.
They walk toward an exit.

Vanessa and Chuck have returned from their visit, they are outside the diner.
Vanessa is upset.

C: 저기요 are 당신 ok, 당신 wanna talk now?
V: im...i dunno...i just...dont understand?
C: look maybe your better off without him, he was a jerk!
V: but im his child!
C: that doesn't make a difference to them! Believe me i should know!
V: but he didn't even wanna know me...he told me to stay away...what...i...(she bursts into tears, chuck
hugs her and tries to comfort her)

Back to the club...
Nate and Blair are finding their way to an exit.

N: 당신 are better off i am... Its better...but why are you...someone must 사랑 당신
right...i always did...
B: (laughs) Nate your drunk!

Blair gets a text from a friend.
Its a link to a gossip girl update...
Another chuck and Vanessa sighting, this time a picture of V holding onto C's hand in the 식당 in broad daylight!
And another picture taken barely 5 분 이전 of C and V hugging in the street!
Blair is in total shock and is now convinced that chuck is cheating on her.

N: but i did...lots of loved me right...and i 사랑 you...cuz we were in love...(nate opens a door, its a
back door exit, he is shoved outside 의해 Blair)
B: 당신 loved me?
N: i do...did...but and im drunk remember...(he leans 앞으로 to 키스 her)
They 키스 and are all over each other...

Gossip Girl: # Where there's trouble, gossip girl is sure to follow...looks like Ex-BF just 로스트 its "Ex" and maybe soon his BFF to! I predict a know 당신 사랑 me xoxo Gossip Girl. #

다음 episode will be 게시됨 on wednesday!

What is this musical boyfriends...? xoxo