Why can't we be friends?
Episode 3: The Italian Joy

GG: Oh that 일 is here! All our Upper East Siders are leaving us, but don't worry not for good just for a field trip, And i know what your thinking, how will Gossip Girl get the Gossip? Oh didn't I mention, I'm going too...

Dorota is packing Blair's suitcases.
Blair is on the phone with Lucas.

B: I know, but it's only a week, I'll miss 당신 too, don't go having to much fun without me, Okay, Bye (Hangs up). Ohhhh. I just 사랑 him.
D: I am happy for 당신 miss Blair
B: Are you? Ohh he is just wonderful
D: I am done Miss Blair
B: Oh good, 당신 can take those down to the car, I'll be there in a sec...

Dorota exits.
Blair puts her hairband in and smiles in the mirror then exits after Dorota.
(Outside 의해 the car)
Serena approches the car.

S: 저기요 B
B: 저기요 S
S: 당신 excited
B: How could I not 7 days in Rome? Who wouldn't
S: Is Lucas coming?
B: No he's in vaction in Atlantic City with his brother, so he can't, but he's coming later on the jet for the last 2 days so that's be fine...
S: Ohh that's the shame, and you'll be in the most romantic city too
B: I'll have my BFF and that's all I need
S: Yeah we'll have a great time me and 당신 (both smile) We better get going then
B: (Smiles and both enter the car)

At the 베이스 Apartment.

Chuck is packing his suitcase.
Bart enters.

C: Dad? I'm nearly finished
Bt: Good, Listen I know I've been tough on 당신 recently
C: (shrugs)
Bt: But I want 당신 to enjoy this trip
C: Define enjoy?
Bt: 당신 do what Chuck 베이스 does,
C: (grins)
Bt: Because it'll be your last chance, because when 당신 get back I do not want anymore of your behaviour issues. I've got a big deal with Michael Lovato when 당신 get back and I'm not having 당신 ruin this
C: Fine, I'll enjoy myself
Bt: 당신 do that

Bart leaves. Chuck looks annoyed then closes his suitcase.

(At JFK International)

Most of St Jude's and Constance student are sitting at gate 7.
Nate, Chuck and Serena are sitting in one corner.
Blair walks over to them.

S: 저기요 B, Did 당신 get what 당신 wanted?
B: At duty free? I asked for some French imported mineral water and they look at me like I'm some kind of weirdo
S: (grins)

Chuck up from his book at Blair.

C: Hi
B: Hi
(silent pause)
N: Wow, Awkwerd anyone?
S: He's right, Can't 당신 two put what happened in the past
B: It is.
C: It is.
S: Come on 당신 two can be 프렌즈 like before
B: It's not before S
C: Yeah come on we can be sivilised
B: Can we?
C: Yeah, I can
B: Sure then

Blair sits down 다음 to Serena.
Speaker calls out for gate 7 opening.

B: That us?
S: Yeah, 당신 got your ticket B
B: Yes! I got it 29 A
S: Wait your in 29?
B: Yeah where are you?
S: 27
B: Who am I with then?

Chuck coughs- as a sign to Blair that it's him.
Blair turns around to face him.

B: (realizing)...It's going to a long 8 hours.

(On the plane)

Serena is sitting 의해 Dan.
Chuck is already in his seat.
Blair walks to the seat.

C: Alright?
B: Fine...

Blair tries to put her bag in the overhead locker. She stuggles with it because it's very heavy.

C: (stands up) Let me help you
B: No it's fine (Chuck pushes the bag in and his hand slips to hold onto Blair's, Blair quickly moves away and closes the locker. then sits down. Chuck sits down also.)
C: Look Blair, I think we should try and atleast be friends, It's just weird us like this
B: Yeah i know, we can get back to how it was before can't we?
C: Sure we can
B: Okay... (pause)
C: How are 당신 and Lucas?
B: (she looks shocked at his question)
C: Your right this is to weird... Lets watch a movie?
B: Lets (smiles nervously, then both put their headphones on)

(7 Hours later)

Blair and Chuck has just waken up.

B: So what are 당신 planning for this trip?
C: I'm not sure...My Dad encouraged me to have fun and "enjoy" myself
B: Wait, He's encouraging 당신 to be...You?
C: Yeah
B: Why?
C: He says it's the last time I can because when we come back he doesn't want me doing anything "Chuck Bass" realated
B: Business?
C: Yeah, he think's I'll ruin it
B: He should have 더 많이 faith in you
C: Tell him that...
B: He should, Your not that bad (smiles)
C: Thanks
B: Hey, Did we just have a convosation?
C: (shocked) Yeah we did.
B: see we can be friends
C: Yeah I guess we can (looks disapointed)

GG: What's this B and C are friends? So from friends, to lovers, to enemies, to 프렌즈 again, Haven't we seen this before? Are C and B retracing their steps, if they are get ready for the fireworks...

(After landing, the students are at their hotel)

Serena and Blair are unpacking.

B: I have to say, It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be
S: See...
B: Yeah, 당신 were right S, I can be 프렌즈 with Chuck (Blair's cellphone rings, Serena 답변 it)
S: Hello Blair's phone, Oh Hi Lucas (Blair turns around), Yes she's here (Serena gives Blair the phone.)
B: 저기요 Lucas, Yes everything's fine, Fight was great, Serena and I are just unpacking, we're going out for Ice Cream later, Yes, No, So when are 당신 coming out here? Oh great I can't wait to see you, Allright, Bye (Blair hangs up)
S: Ohh love's young dream
B: (giggles)
S: I'm gonna go see Dan for a while, 당신 mind?
B: No 당신 go,

Serena exits.
Chuck enters as Serena is leaving.

B: Oh hey
C: Hey. I've got something for you
B: Really? What?
C: Come outside

Chuck and Blair go outside onto balcony of Blair and Serena's bedroom.

B: It's beautiful
C: (looks at Blair) Yes it is
B: (doesn't realize that Chuck is refering to her, Chuck hands Blair a box) What's this?
C: Your birthday...
B: My birthday was months ago?
C: I know, but 당신 know we had that fight and I didn't get 당신 anything, well I'm making up for it
B: (smiles and takes the box and opens it. Inside there is a silver plated bracelet, with an an ingraved 날짜 on the side, "11/15/07") Oh my God, It's beautiul, Thank 당신 so much, That's really nice of 당신 (she sees the date) Oh what's the numbers? (looks at the numbers and sees that it is the first time she and Chuck got together) Oh No, No, No, No, Chuck...
C: I thought I could do this but I can't, I let 당신 go
B: Oh no, 당신 can't do this
C: Trust me, I've tried, Do 당신 know how many women I had to sleep with to try and get over you, and it's didn't even work
B: It's what every girl wants to hear
C: That's not important, I just want you
B: Please don't do this
C: (takes the bracelet and puts it on Blair's wrist as he does he goes to put 십자가, 크로스 his hand over hers and kisses her on the neck)

L: (From the outside of the hotel) Blair!!
B: (moves away from Chuck) LUCAS?! What? What are 당신 doing here?
L: I came back early, I didn't want to miss this trip with 당신 (Chuck looks annoyed) Chuck?!
C: Lucas...
B: (looks nervous) Well come up here

Lucas enters and gets to Blair's room and enters.
Blair runs to him and kisses him. Chuck looks away.
Lucas sees the bracelet.

L: Nice bracelet, (sees the date) What's the date?
B: (Looks at Chuck) It's...It's...It's the 날짜 my grandma died, Yeah very sad.
C: Well I'll be leaving
L: (continues to 키스 Blair) Yeah bye then

Chuck exits.

L: 저기요 I saw a champagne menu downstairs, shall I get us some?
B: Can't room service do it? I want 당신 to stay here
L: No, (moves away) 당신 get dressed and I'll get some champagne
B: Okay (Blair kisses Lucas just before he exits)

Chuck is walking down the corridor.
Lucas walks up behind him.

L: Oi, Bass!
C: (Looks annoyed and turns around) Me?
L: Yeah, 당신 (Pulls on his tie and pushes him against the wall)
C: Hey, easy
L: Is that what 당신 think Blair is? Easy?
C: No, Oppersite actually
L: Well what was going on up there, before I got here?
C: Nothing
L: I saw 당신 two, 당신 we're up to something
C: Then you're seeing things, nothing happened
L: Maybe, But what worries me is what was about to, I don't share my women
C: 당신 know there's a reason why your so quick to believe all this. (sarcasm)You got problems? 당신 know...Mecanical issues... (grins)
L: I'm this close to knocking your lights out
C: Do it then, Blair will 사랑 that (Lucas lets him go and begins to walk away)

C: Hey, man it's not my fault 당신 can't satisfy my..oh your woman (Lucas looks angry and turns around and punches Chuck)
L: Stay away from Blair. She's over you
C: (trying to stop the blood from his nose) 당신 sure about that? Ask her what the bracelet really was?

(Lucas looks confused and walks past Chuck to get the champagne, Chuck gets up and walks back to his room)

GG: OMFG! Spotted. C and 엘 packing punches in the corridor, Over a certain B maybe? Watch out L, this is Chuck 베이스 your dealing with, and Chuck 베이스 knows nothing better than revenge...I'm sticking around...This vacation just got interesting. 당신 know 당신 사랑 me. xoxo Gossip Girl.


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Be aware Chuck...Lucas doesn't share his women