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Dont get bored with the building up a storyline....and also trying to get 더 많이 of the characters involved!

Episode 05- East Side Story

Gossip Girl: # Rumour has it that Chuck 베이스 and Blair Waldorf are going steady? Is there such thing as a happy ending? We surely hope not...otherwise there would be nothing to gossip about! 당신 know 당신 사랑 me xoxo #

Nate and Chuck are hanging out.
It's the 일 after Blair and Chuck got together. They had spent the 이전 night together, their first time as a couple, so this is their official 초 일 as a couple and they haven't really had the chance to "announce" it! but don't worry Gossip Girl Kinda has!!

C: There's something i need to tell you.
N: Ye? What is it?
C: It's about me...and.....Blair.
N: What about you?
C: We've kind of....well...we're dont mind do you?
N: (shocked) your joking? 당신 and Blair....together? are didnt think 당신 were her type? No offence 또는 anything.
C: None taken...and im not joking....we've been hanging out for a while....and we kinda just ended up liking just happened....and she likes hard as that is to believe...but we really like each other. I just thought id tell you....incase 당신 had a problem 또는 something with me dating your ex.
N: No....why would i have a problem? She's all long as....your happy....and your both serious then...?
C: Very.
N: And your not like....using her....
C: No! Is it that hard to accept the fact that Chuck 베이스 might actually care about someone!?
N: No of course just asking....thats all.
C: Well we are serious....and i really like her....and she really likes me....i know she was your ex.....but we're together now and i know things are probably awkward between the two of 당신 but i would really appreciate it if my best friend and my......girl...friend could get along...
N: Ummm ye sure....i dont have a problem with her....i never have....i just dont think she's forgiven me yet thats all.
C: Well thats ancient history....i dont want no friction.
N: There wont be.

Dan and Vanessa are sitting in the Humphrey lounge.
They have just been talking about their lives in general, catching up and talking about old times.

V: Actually Dan, there is something i wanted to talk to 당신 about...
D: Ye? what?
V: My Dad.
D: Your dad? Didnt he ditch 당신 when 당신 were in pampers?
V: (confused smile) Ummm ye...i guess...
D: Well what about him?
V: I've been thinking about him lately.....a lot......I wanna find out who he is....
D: (surprised) Re-ally....
V: Yes really....i just .....i dont know anything about him...i dont know his name....where he lives...what he looks like...
D: Well thats part of finding out right?
V: Ye...but i dont know how....i mean theres just too many 질문 and no one to answer them...
D: Well there is one way 당신 can find out....i know who would have the answer to all those questions...and many more....just think...who would know all that?
V: God?
D: No silly! Your mother.......duh?
V: Oh...(looks down) i....guess.
D: Well she would wouldn't she? Im presuming she would...well assuming actually...although the difference in meaning between the words assumption and presumtion are widely debated...(interrupted)
V: Dan! can 당신 not drown me your analytical trying to have a serious conversation here!
D: Oooops...sorry! Well back to your dad.....why cant 당신 just speak to your mum about it?
V: I can't sure if she wanted me to know she would have told me about him....and anyway i dont want her to find out..not yet.
D; can i ask why?
V: Just she wouldnt like it ok....i need to find another way of finding out who he is...
D: Well, im not exactly sherlock holmes....but if 당신 need my help with it i dont mind lending a hand...or an arm....or both arms...or (interrupted)
V: DAN! stop it!
D: (laugh) sorry i was doing it on purpose! (vanessa shoves him)
V: what is wrong with you! ....anyway look...i have to go.
D; dont go cuz of me i was just kidding.....look we can talk....
V: No i was gonna go anyway....i have to work. ill see 당신 tomorrow 또는 something ok. (turns to leave)
D: Ok see ya.....and remember im here if 당신 need me.

Vanessa leaves. She heads to the cafe/diner to work. it's quite dark, around 7pm.
On the way she bumps into Chuck.

V: Isn't this district too poor for the likes of you?
C: Well of course it with Nate...he was here looking for you.
V: Where is he?
C: In there (points to the diner)'s life on the....lower East Side?
V: Better than yours will ever be....
C: Actually my life is pretty great right now...
V: Oh Ye, i heard...who would have thought....Chuck and Blair a couple....if 당신 ask me it's a match made in heaven...your both the same.
C: In a good way right?
V: Actually i was thinking in a bad way.
C: (laughs) I'll take it as a compliment glad 당신 envy us.
V: Envy! (laughs) who said anything about envy? im happy for you....maybe not her....but you...after how 당신 tried to help me with saving the bar, i guess i've stopped hating you. a little.
C: Well 당신 might find that i'm sort of a different person now....we might actually get along.
V:'ve gone soft?
C: Soft? still Chuck just 더 많이 open to being my friends. and 프렌즈 of that includes you.
V: I'm getting the idea that this has something to do with 당신 getting with Blair?
C: (smiles at the thought of blair) i guess....

Nate comes out of the diner

N: There 당신 are? how long have 당신 been standing out here?
V: I just got here a couple of 분 ago...chuck said 당신 wanted to see me...?
N: Ye...
C: I'll leave 당신 guys to it...Nate i'll catch 당신 off.
N: ye, bro, see ya.

Chuck climbs into his limo and heads off...

At the waldor Residence.
Blairs bedroom.

there is a knock on Blairs window.
Blair goes to the window and moves the curtains, she sees chuck on her balcony and opens the window to let him in.

C: Hi (kisses her and immediately grabs her into his arms)
B: Hi (they 키스 again)
B: Ever heard of a door?
C: Ye but i was taught about windows first.
B: My mother wouldn't be happy if she knew i snuck 당신 in here.
C: (kisses her) Well she'll never know (kisses her again)
B: I 사랑 this...(they kiss)
C: I 사랑 you.
B: (looks shocked that he actually said the 3 words so easily) I 사랑 당신 too.

they fall on to her 침대 and 키스 for a while.
They then talk, whilst also kissing.

C: How was your 일 gorgeous?
B: Great....i thought about 당신 all day...
C: Really?
B: I missed you....last night was amazing (recalling last night, the first night they spent together as a couple)
C: It was...wasnt were amazing....and beautiful...
B: And 당신 drive me crazy...
C: I know (they both laugh as they toss and turn while kissing)
B: 당신 know....your the only guy i've ever slept with...
C: I know.
B: Hopefully the only guy i'll ever sleep with right?
C: Of course....i'd better be!
B: What i meant was....that we'd be together for ever right?
C: I hope so....talking of forever....(he takes a small box out of his jacket)
B: (blushes and smiles) omg what is it..?
C: (hands the box to her) open it...
B: (takes the box and opens it. inside is a very expensive looking ring)'s beautiful....i dont know what to say...
C: Say yes...
B: (blair looks at him...shocked...) Are you.....proposing?
C: (laughs) no...i was just kidding....dont worry im not asking 당신 to marry me....not yet anyway....its just a show 당신 that i 사랑 you.
B: Oh....(smiles) i 사랑 it....(puts it on) and i'll never take it off! (kisses him)

They continue to 키스 and eventually have sex.

It's been a couple of weeks.
Everything is going great with Chuck and Blair....they are as happy as can be!
Serena and Dan have managed to get over their differences and are going strong.
Vanessa is at a dead end with her 검색 for her father.

Vanessas apartment.
She is 읽기 the paper.
She comes accross a news 기사 about a boy who was re-united with his birth parents after the death of his adoptive parents. The boy was an intern at a Government led educational organisation. There he managed to get hold of information about his personal life, including his original birth certificate which had information about his birth family and he used this to locate them.
She then reads a footnote which gives out the details of the educational organisation that the boy was an intern at....the organisation is co-owned 의해 none other than....Bass Industires.
Vanessa looks at the name "Bass", an idea occurs to her....

Later that day....
At school Vanessa and Dan are in the school yard.
Vanessa tells Dan about the article.

D: Bass?
V: Ye.
D: 당신 want to get the Bass's involved in your business...?!
V: No....not involved....i just need some information thats all....after i get it...its over.
D: And 당신 think 당신 can walk into Barts office and he's going to happily oblige to your request.
V: I wasn't thinking about 베이스 Senior.
D: Woah! No....nothing is worse than Chuck....please dont tell me 당신 were thinking of asking him for help! After everything he's done?!!
V: Look...he's helped me before
D: Helped call him and blair manipulating 당신 as part of their game, helping you?
V: No....he really did want to help me....
D: Look if 당신 want my advice...stay well away....ok....he's dangerous....just promise me 당신 wont get him involved....please...
V: Dan...
D: NO vanessa....i hate him ok and i dont trust remember all the things he's done right....with serena....and my own little sister...! and 당신 too....promise me 당신 wont go near him! if 당신 have any respect for yourself you'll stay away ok!
V: Ok! i wont go to him....i promise
D: Thankyou.....look im sorry ok...but there has to be another way....(looks at watch) anyway i have to go now so ill see 당신 later.

Dan leaves.

Later that afternoon.

Chuck's limo, Chuck gets in....surprised 의해 who he finds already inside.

C: What did you....... and 더 많이 importantly why?
V: I need your help with something. 당신 owe me right?
C: I owe you? since when?
V: Since 당신 used me.
C: Oh ye....that was pretty clever right?
V: No it wasn't ....but i dont care...i just need 당신 to help me with something.
C: I'm sorry Vanessa, but it's too late, i'm taken....(grins)
V: (frowns) Chuck! this is serious ok!
C: Ok ...what do 당신 need help with?
V: I know your dad owns the Education and Training Department.
C: He's a share holder.
V: Whatever, he runs the branch in New York?
C: So....
V: I know the department is linked to other goverment departments and your father probably has access to certain information?
C: And what information might 당신 require?
V: Personal information.
C: Well....if 당신 dont tell can i help you....?
V: (short silence) It's really personal....i will tell 당신 but 당신 have to promise not to tell anyone...
C: What could be that personal....?
V: 당신 have to promise me! I cant let anyone find out yet....not until im ready....which could be never.
C: Are 당신 gonna tell me 또는 do i have to guess?
V: left me and my mum when i was....1......and.....
C: 당신 want to hunt him down and get revenge?
V: No! I'm not like you! .....i do want to find him...but only because i want him in my life...
C: What if he doesn't want you?
V: I've thought about that....and i'll deal with that.....if it happens.
C: 당신 could always have my sure he wouldn't notice if we swapped places.
V: (looks at him, confused) Anyway....are 당신 gonna help me 또는 not...?
C: I'll see what i can do....but i dont think i can keep this a secret....from Blair....she is my girlfriend now and we dont keep secrets.
V: But it's not your secret to tell...please 당신 cant tell her!
C: look 당신 can trust her.
V: No i cant....she's 프렌즈 with serena and i dont want Dan finding out that i came to 당신 for one else can know chuck please!
C: But shes my girlfriend i cant keep things from her....
V: I dont's just one favour and i might let 당신 tell her later on but right now i dont want anyone else knowing.....please Chuck!
C: So 당신 want me to sneak around with 당신 behind Blair's back...?
V: It wont be like that.... i just need one favour from wont take up too much of your time...please im sure if she ever finds out she would understand..chuck....can 당신 do this for me 또는 not?
C: (looks at her, short silence) Fine....i'll keep your owe me.
V: Thankyou soooo much have no idea how much this means to me. I should probably go now, here take this (hands him a piece of paper) it's my number....let me know if 당신 find anything.
C: Adios.

Vanessa exits limo. Limo drives away but they did not go un-noticed!
There's always someone flashing a camera for scenes like these...

Gossip Girl # Spotted; V leaving C's Limo so late at night? Has 베이스 returned to his old ways? And with Miss. Nobody.....I wonder what storm will brew when Upper East side meets Lower East Side... 당신 Know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

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In fact here's a spoiler true Gossip Girl style, from the 다음 episode, a bit of a conversation between chuck and vanessa...

V: So what have 당신 found?
C: Plenty.
V: Oh my gosh! Tell me how!
C: I'll give 당신 the who and the where, the how stays with me...
V: Fine, i just wanna know who he is... Tell me now!
C: (pulls out some documents) this is him (points to a picture)
Lester Cahill, a Lawyer, married, 3 kids and the most shocking of all......

You'll have to wait till 다음 time to find out!
V Leaving C's Limo??