A Rose for his Queen?
Episode 2: East Side Story

GG: Good Morning Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, Maybe you've noticed Gossip Girl hasn't been to bed, Well why sleep when we're still waiting on news about our resident king, Any news on the 베이스 be sure to let Gossip Girl know...

At the Palace Hotel.
Chuck is drinking coffee, Blair is holding the cup up for him.

B: Drink it
C: I'm not thirsty
B: Coffee's good for 당신 drink it

Chuck takes a sip and then again.

B: Better?
C: Yeah

Blair puts the coffee down.

B: Tell me what happened?
C: (laughs) Same old
B: Serena told me something about 당신 and your Dad?
C: Yeah so...
B: Do 당신 want to tell me about it?
C: Not really
B: Chuck come on tell me...
C: He wishes I was never born, That I wasn't his son, Just because he was born poor and I was born loaded
B: I'm sure he didn't mean it
C: but he did (Blair goes to hold Chuck's hand, but Chuck gets up) I need to go
B: No! Your not well enough
C: I'm fine,
B: Do 당신 want to prove your Dad right?
C: I always do

Chuck picks up a bottle of champagne and exits.

B: Chuck...

Blair follows Chuck out the door.

B: Chuck?! Stop
C: Bye Blair

Chuck leans on the elevator door then falls in.
Blair rolls her eyes.

B: (shouts) Fine! Go kill yourself see if I care!

Blair looks very upset.

(1 Week Later)

At School.
Blair and Serena are sitting on the steps chatting.

B: So I've got a 날짜 with Lucas Mayfair tonight
S: Lucas Mayfair? Isn't he like realated to the royal family
B: Yeah, Can 당신 imagine it, 퀸 Blair
S: Your already 퀸 Blair
B: True, But I've never ruled a country before (both laugh)
S: So Chuck?
B: Chuck who?
S: Chuck Bass
B: I know... (looks annoyed), Nevermind as far as I'm concerend there is no Chuck Bass
S: 당신 sure about that?
B: 1 million per cent
S: Okay, Well enjoy your date. Dan and I are going Queens to see his Dad's band tonight
B: Eww
S: 저기요 Rufus's band are great
B: I was refering to Queens
S: (grins) I'll see 당신 later (Serena walks off)
B: (smiles, then gets up and walks towards the school where Chuck is standing smoking, Chuck sees Blair and puts the cigarette out) Don't on my account
C: 당신 don't like it
B: Ofcourse I don't I have standards (Blair continues to walk towards the school, Chuck follows her)
C: Blair, I'm sorry about last week
B: I don't care
C: 당신 do though
B: No. I don't care, I have the energy to care anymore
C: But...

(Blair turns around to face Chuck and stops walking)

C: Come out with me tonight
B: I'm busy, I've made plans
C: 취소하기 them
B: For you? (thinks) Not a chance
C: Please...
B: I have a date
C: A date? With who?
B: Lucas Mayfair
C: He's wrong for you
B: Why? Cos he might treat me well, show me respect, listen to me. But wait 당신 did those things to didn't you, Oh no that's right...You didn't.
C: I'm sorry
B: Too little too late

GG: Oh poor C. Well it doesn't look like 베이스 is going to get to tap that ass. Well there's always a first for everything...

Blair walks away.
(Later at the Waldorf Appatment)
Blair is in her bedroom getting dressed.
Eleanor is downstairs in the living room.
Lucas enters.

L: Good Evening Mrs. Waldorf
E: Evening,
L: I'm here to collect Blair
E: Yes, I heard it's so nice that she is dating someone appropriate
L: Appropiate?
E: Oh yes, the last one well wasn't really a boyfriend but was just compleatly unsuitable
L: Well she'll be in 안전한, 안전 hands
E: Oh yes I can see that

Blair comes down the stairs.

B: Mom is...Oh Hi, your here?
L: 당신 look nice
B: (looks disapointed 의해 his comment) Thank you
E: Oh Blair, Cyrus and I wont be back tonight we're flying to Milan for the show
B: Okay, Have a good trip Mom (Blair and Eleanor hug) We going?
L: Yeah (Blair and Lucas walk to the elevator)
E: Have a nice time
B: We will

(Later after the Date)
Chuck is waiting in the shadows for Blair with flowers, He is not seen, He doesn't see Blair entering with Lucas.
Blair and Lucas return to the appartment just in time to see Cyrus and Eleanor leave.
Blair and Lucas go to the appartment.
Chuck walks towards the appartment building and Eleanor sees him and stops him.

C: Mrs Waldorf is Blair in?
E: She is, but she has company
C: Well I'll just go on...
E: (pushes him back) No, She's finally found someone good, a nice man, Your not for her
C: I think that's Blair choice
E: 당신 took Nate from her and now it's Lucas, But I wont let you, This is my daughter and I will not let 당신 hurt her again
C: I'm not going too
E: I can't take that risk
C: I still want to see her
E: Then I can't stop you, but I don't want 당신 near my daughter again
C: Depends what she says then doesn't it
E: Indeed

Chuck walks past Eleanor and goes into the elevator.
Chuck steps out of the elevator with a grin on his face.
He then looks up to the landing where Blair and Lucas are kissing.
Blair nore Lucas sees Chuck.
Chuck looks up and looks upset, leaves the 꽃 on the 표, 테이블 and gets back in the elevator.

B: I'll be right back, I just need to get something

Lucas enters Blair's bedroom.
Blair runs downstairs and sees the 꽃 and smiles (she thinks they are from Lucas) then picks up the card.

"Forgive me? - Chuck"

Blair then hears the elevator hit the bottom, then looks towards her bedroom then to the elevator and gets in after Chuck.
Chuck is walking away.
Blair gets to the bottom.

B: Chuck!
C: (turns around) 당신 and Prince Charming seem to be getting on well
B: What?
C: I just thought I'd give it one last chance...
B: I 사랑 담홍색, 핑크 roses
C: I know 당신 do (Blair smiles and looks down)
B: (looks back at Chuck) Thank 당신 anyway
C: (moves closer to Blair) Please come with me
B: (moves closer to Chuck, he is now holding her hand) I can't, but I just wanted 당신 to know, that...I...I don't regret us,
C: neither do I.
B: I had the best time of my life with you
C: (silence) Are 당신 happy with him?
B: (pause) Yes
C: Like 당신 were with me?
B: (uncertain) Yes
C: honestly...
B: Yes,
C: Then go, I want 당신 to be happy
B: (she is crying) I am
C: (tears in his eyes) That's all I want, just I wanted it to be with me.

Blair and Chuck look into eachother's eyes.

C: One last time? (Blair and Chuck kiss, Chuck then lets go of Blair and walks away)

Blair looks upset and is about to run after Chuck but then steps back into the building.

GG: Oh hand me a hankie. This is like a tear jurker. Blair and Chuck. Over?! Yes. True. 당신 heard it hear first, So B's got another man lined up for the spot of King, And now with Chuck willing to make room, Is the Upper East Side going soft? Until 다음 time 당신 know 당신 사랑 me. xoxo Gossip Girl


All over for C & B?