Where is the Bass?
Episode 1: Back to the Bass

GG: Yes. It's that time of 년 again, When Gossip Girl goes crazy for gossip like she isn't always but yes it's Gossip Girl's birthday, but 당신 know the only thing I want is a juicy story on one of our elite...Anyone wanna make Gossip Girl's dreams come true ?

At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give 당신 Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S but you'll come up with the same thing I did
S: (surprised voice) Blair...
B: What?!
S: Okay, Three words. Pot. Kettle. Black
B: What? S. I went on one 날짜 with that guy it's not the same
S: But 당신 did do it to make Chuck jealous
B: Yes, Anyway it wasn't all that, Actually I could have 더 많이 fun watching Dorota polish, Just boring. But it didn't work though did it?
S: Maybe it did...
B: How so?
S: He was in such a bad mood when he came home
B: Well he came home- that's one thing I didn't think he'd do
S: Yeah only because he knocked a vase over, 3am he got in
B: God...I'm going to have to talk to him aren't I?
S: I don't know B I got to get to class but just do something, 당신 two need to work out your problems

Serena walks away.
Blair takes out her cellphone and calls Chuck.

B: Chuck?
C: Who is it?
B: It's Blair...
C: Who?
B: Blair! Chuck what are 당신 doing?
C: I'm just hanging out with the president
B: (realizing) Chuck are 당신 high?
C: Sure. Why Not?
B: Ughh. Right I'm coming over
C: Ohhh and Blair, bring some booze
B: ughh. Hanging Up!

Blair hangs up.
(Times passes)
Blair arrives at the 봉고차, 반 der 베이스 appartment and enters.
Bart is just leaving.

Bt: Blair?
B: Mr Bass, Chuck in?
Bt: No, He in the hotel, Up no good as usual, I can't be doing with his 연기 out this week
B: Oh the hotel right,
Bt: Anyway, I have to leave, Bye Blair
B: Bye

Bart leaves.
Blair picks up her cellphone and calls Chuck.

B: Chuck?
C: Blair?
B: Great, Got it this time. Right 당신 better not of moved from that hotel room I'm on my way over now
C: Great...
B: Don't do anything stupid
C: How lovely 당신 care
B: No! I just want to argue with 당신 then do whatever 당신 want...
C: That include you?
B: That's the drugs talking
C: Is it?
B: I'm on my way

Blair hangs up.
At the Palace Hotel.
Blair is knocking on Chuck's door.

B: Chuck! (pause) 베이스 Open this door!

Chuck has a smoke in his mouth.
Chuck looks through the door eyehole and then opens the door.

C: Blair? What are 당신 doing here?
B: Ughh. Look at you.

Blair enters.
Chuck closes the door.
Blair takes the smoke out of Chuck's mouth and puts it out.

B: You're killing yourself here, 당신 know that
C: So glad your worried about my health

Blair and Chuck look at eachother.

C: Well now you've seen I'm fine 당신 can leave
B: No, I'm not going anywhere

Blair opens the window.

B: That's better

Chuck tries to light up another smoke.
Blair grabs Chuck's chin and takes the smoke and the lighter from Chuck and throws them through the window.

C: Blair!?
B: I'm just trying to help you
C: Then leave me alone
B: I'm not going until I'm sure your okay
C: Whatever

Chuck goes and lays on the bed.

C: I'm going to sleep
B: Yeah I think 당신 should

Chuck walks to the 침대 and falls onto the bed.
Blair sits on the bottom of the 침대 and watches while Chuck falls asleep.
Blair then stands up and puts a duvet over Chuck and kisses her hand then places it on his forehead.
Blair is then about to leave, but then walks back to the 침대 and lays 다음 to Chuck and falls asleep.

(A few hours later)

Blair wakes up and sees Chuck is gone.

B: Chuck?!

Blair gets up rapidly and runs around the room for Chuck but finds he is not there and looks shocked.

GG: Oh cheer up B, 'Tis the season to be joly, Chuck will back, well for our sake as well as ours, after all where Chuck goes 스캔들 goes...

A Few Days Later.
Blair is in bed, then wakes up and stretches and reaches for her cellphone.
Blair checks her messages.

B: (Hoping there is a message) Please...

It shows she has no messages.
Blair looks disapointed and worried.
Dorota enters.

D: Morning Miss Blair?
B: Not for me, Chuck still hasn't called me
D: Mr Chuck is sensible boy he shall be fine
B: Dorota, Saying Chuck is sensible is like saying the 타이타닉 is unsinkable
D: 당신 want breakfast Miss Blair?
B: Breakfast? I don't have time for breakfast. Chuck could be lying in a ditch somewhere, I need to go, I have to find him
D: But Miss Blair? What about your mother's lunch today
B: brunch! And I don't care about that, I care about Chuck and where he is.
D: Yes Miss Blair

Blair's cellphone rings.
Blair picks up the phone in a rush.

B: (excited) Hello...? Oh 저기요 S, What?!! He's at the Palace! I'm coming over now.

Blair hangs up the phone.

B: He's back. Serena's with him now. I'm going over there
D: Yes, Miss Blair

Dorota doesn't leave.
Blair gets out of bed.

B: Well don't just stand there, Go clean the oven

Dorota leaves.
Blair gets changed.
(30 분 Later)
Blair is arriving at the Palace and is at knocking at Chuck's door.
Serena answers.
Blair hugs Serena.

B: S. Where is he?
S: (they stop hugging, Serena tilts her head to show where Chuck is)

Chuck is lying on the sofa out of it.
Blair enters and walks over to Chuck.

B: Oh my God... (Blair strokes Chuck's cheek). What happened?
S: All I know is that Bart and him had an huge fight and that he said "he has no son"
B: He said that...?
S: Mmmhmm
B: God...

Chuck begins to come around.

C: Blair?
B: I'm here, Chuck I'm here
S: I'll get him some coffee
B: Get lots... We're going to need it...

Serena exits.
Blair looks down at Chuck and continues to stroke his cheek and kisses him on the forehead, She continues to look very worried.

GG: Is that really a tear in your eye B? and over Chuck Bass? The Bad boy and the 퀸 B, But 당신 know what they say what that doesn't kill us only makes us stronger but I say what doesn't kill us only leaves us wanting more... 당신 know 당신 사랑 me. xoxo Gossip Girl

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