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Episode 04 - Art is a Healer

Gossip Girl: # Gossip Girl here, your one and only 출처 into the scandalous lives of the Upper East Side...what do i have in store for you? A 사랑 story even Shakespeare would be proud of...All's Well That End's Well...You Know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

In School.
Serena and Chuck.

S: Had a blast last night?
C: What?
S: I saw 당신 managed to return to your old ways...
C: I dont know what you're talking about...
S: that wasn't 당신 i saw at the bar covered with women?
C: Calm down ok....i was...passing time.
S: one 분 your asking me to help 당신 out with Blair...and the 다음 minute...just because of one minor set just give up and go back to being your old self!
C: I can do whatever i like's none of your business!
S: Oh great! So 다음 time dont bloody ask me to help 당신 out ok! if 당신 want to play around then go ahead....Blair can do better than 당신 anyway...i dont know why i keep trying! I should be protecting 의해 best friend from someone like you! She probably wouldn't be satisfied 의해 your kind anyway!
C: Well she was pretty satisfied when she 로스트 her virginity to me...
S: ...What!? keep dreaming Chuck!
C: Oh, of course ...she hasn't told 당신 about that has she....some friend.
S: Your lying....your just making it get to me...
C: (smiles) why don't 당신 ask her....

Serena storms off...
C: (to himself but out loud) I was going to make it up to her...

Serena finds Blair.

S: B? I need to ask 당신 have to be honest...
B: What?
S: Did 당신 sleep with him?
B: Who? NO of course not! are 당신 crazy i hardly know him...geez we only met last night...and im not ever gonna see him again anyway. so its... (interrupted)
S: Not him! im talking about ...chuck!
B: ...(shocked)....oh my god....he told you....the squeel!
S: Blair i shouldn't have had to find out like that! why didnt 당신 tell me your best friend! all this time....and you've slept with him! i cant believe it...when? How! and WHY!
B: it was a long time was was before all of this!
S: When.
B: the..... opening of his club.
S: OMG! i knew something happened back then! i cant believe 당신 didnt tell me! why!
B: I couldn't...i ....was embarrassed.....i knew you'd laugh...cuz it was with chuck...i dunno...i wanted to tell you...omg i cant believe he did this! out of all the things he's done! this is one of the worst! i trusted him with that!
omg has he told anyone else! im gonna kill him i swear! i hate him!!!
S: Dont get mad...he probably only told me...just forget about it ok...
B: No im not gonna let him get away with this! he always does something to ruin everything!
S: Well 당신 did leave last night when 당신 could have stayed with him...
B: All he had to do was ask...and like 당신 said he found alternative company....and me leaving is no excuse for him to betray my trust!

Blair storms off ignores serena's attempt to call her back.

End of 일 at school...Blair finds Chuck.

B: You!
C: (he turns around and sees blair approaching)
B: What do 당신 think your playing at! i thought you'd changed! 당신 asked for a 초 chance! i gave 당신 your 초 chance and 당신 blew it!
C: you're the one that walked out last night! not me...i waited for you.
B: NO, 당신 didnt! i waited for you....for 당신 to just ask me
C: I did...i have the text to prove said no.
B: 당신 expect me to run after 당신 when 당신 call...!
C: I expected 당신 to be there.
B: Well it was to late 의해 then......and how could 당신 tell serena about....that night! i trusted you!
C: It just came out! and does it matter, we're all 프렌즈 anyway...
B: Oh, so who else have 당신 surprised 당신 havent boasted about it on Gossip Girl!
C: I...(interrupted)
B: 당신 really think you're gonna be able to apologise and fix things this time!
C: Blair...(interrupted)
B: (almost in tears) No, ive had enough....i dont wanna hear it anymore...from now on...just dont speak to me...dont look at me...dont even think about me.... just stay out of my life for good....ive had enough! i just hate this ok...i hate you...ok (both seem teary eyed and Blair turns and walks away)

The 다음 day...Blair's bedroom.

Blair wakes up....the curtains are drawn so it is light.
Last night Blair came 집 late and threw herself under her duvet...she cried herself to sleep.
Her 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 had been left on her 침대 side table, but because she came in at night the lights were off and she didnt notice.
Blair lays on her back and looks to her ceiling. she jumps up due to being shocked at what she see's above her.
On her ceiling is the painting from the art gallery exhibition. the one she liked. the one that wasn't for sale but has somehow ended up on her ceiling....

Blair is confused, it's obvious that chuck has something to do with the painting ending up on the ceiling and feels guilty for arguing with him yesterday.

Dorota enters.

Dt: Oh, Miss Blair 당신 are haven't eaten your dinner...? Oh...have 당신 seen it.....the painting..?
B: did it get there and who put it up there!?
Dt: oh! it's wonderful isn't it! Your friend Charles arranged it...there were some gentlemen here yesterday after 당신 left for school who put it up there and they told me i was not to say anything until 당신 saw it's wonderful!
B: Wonderful???!! 당신 said they came in the morning? (Whispers to herself) He did this before the argument...?
Dt: What?
B: Nothing....
Dt: Oh and the note...what did it say?
B: What note?
Dt: 당신 haven't read is on your bedside table....there (points)

Blair picks up an envelope from her bedside 표, 테이블 and opens it.
The letter says...


I have granted your wish to wake up every morning and see the painting on your ceiling.
Now grant my wish to wake up every morning and see 당신 다음 to me.


Blair sighs and takes a deep breath, clearly touched 의해 the note.
With almost tears in her eyes she quickly gets out of bed.

B: I need to get ready for school.
Dt: But what did the note say?
B: (hands her the note) Here read it....leave me to get ready!
Dt: (after 읽기 note) Oh my! Oh my! Miss this boy....does he like you?
B: Please just leave me to get ready!
Dt: Yes Miss Blair....i apologise...(proceeds to walk out, before leaving she says...) What he did....the was very thoughtful of him.
Blair smiles, dorota leaves.

At School.
Chuck is smoking 의해 school entrance. Blair spots him and walks over to him.
Chuck quickly disposes of the cigarette.

B: It's ok, 당신 didnt have to get rid of it.
C: Well, i know 당신 dont like it.
B: (smiles) Thanks.
C: I'm sorry for yesterday.....
B: But 당신 didn't do anything....
C: I told Serena about us. And i've kind of gotton the hang of apologising...
B: (laughs lightly) Well she would have found out anyway....i shouldn't have gotten so angry with you....i'm sorry for arguing with 당신 and for getting angry....i....i'm really sorry.
C: I forgive you........ for everything you've done, and for everything you'll do in the future...i don't care if 당신 get mad at long as....(looks down)
B: As long as...? what?
C: .......I dont know....the other the gallery...when 당신 left with that other guy....i thought that...i thought that it was over...that you'd gone for good....i don't wanna feel like that again. i'll put up with your tantrums as long as 당신 don't leave again.
B: My tantrums??!! since when do i have tantrums....and when i do it's not like its for no reason.
C:(moves up against her, smiles and plays with her hair) Well aslong as 당신 channel all that negative energy into something positive....we wont have a problem....will we?
B: Chuck...(pushes him slightly away) i'm trying to be serious here....
C: Well so am i.
B: Yeah until 당신 started teasing again.....just listen.......i saw the painting...on my celing was the nicest thing anyone has ever doen for me....really.
C: i'm glad 당신 liked it.
B: How could i except 당신 would do something like that.
C: Well, i wanna make all your wishes come true.
B: and the note...
C: What about it?
B: Did 당신 mean it?
C: Actually i haven't read it, i got someone else to write that..
B: What! What do you....
C: (cuts her off) Im just kidding! ...(laughs) Of course i meant it....
B: (smiles, he is stroking her now) is that really your wish?
C: .......Yeh
B: It'l take some time.
C: I know....i can wait.
B: Will you?
C: Any doubt?
B: Maybe....your not exactly the....settling down kind of guy.
C: wasn't...but you've...put a different perspective on my life.
B: I have? your saying you've changed?
C: Yes. (whispers close to her face suggestively) Any doubt?
B: 당신 smell of tobacco....(turns her face slightly away)
C: (leans away slightly) Look...a lot has happened....with us....i'm willing to put everything behind us so that we can have a fresh trouble free start? Do 당신 want that?
B: What would that mean....for us? is there "us"?
C: What would it mean?....Well it would mean no 더 많이 더 많이 더 많이 lies...what do 당신 want it to mean?
B: now for should be saying something but your not....? 당신 always do this....and its the reason that....i slipped away before...why cant 당신 just open up?
C: (looks to the ground) Ok, (looks into her eyes) I wanna be with you. I ....think....i think im falling ....fallen 사랑 with you.
B: 당신 think?
C: ok...i (is cut of)
B: Wait...dont...i dont want to push 당신 into saying something your not ready to say....telling me 당신 want to be with me is enough....we can take it from there....(smiles and strokes his face) I wanna be with 당신 too...
C: It's not that im not's just that i dont know anything about love....i dont know how it should feel....i dont wanna say it to 당신 and make 당신 think i feel it when i dont actually know what that feeling 당신 know what i mean?
B: Then how do 당신 feel?
C: I...want to be with you.....your the most...the only...important person in my life and i never want to lose're beautiful (strokes her face) inside out, but especially on the outside! (they both laugh) and i cant 곰 to imagine 당신 with anyone else....i've never imagined feeling like this....i never thought committment was for me...until i fell for know i never even thought about things like marriage 또는 having kids and a family....but now i kinda think it would be nice....thats if i can manage to get there in the first place! but if i only do it....with you...i dont think i could imagine being committed to anyone else....i really do see a future for us...(kisses her)
B: I can't believe it....i never thought this would happen....not with you.
C: Why not?
B: Well...i never expected that you'd feel this way about me....i know 당신 cared...but i didnt expect 당신 to ...fall for me the way 당신 have....and just so happy right now...i dont ever want this to end...i....i want to be with 당신 for ever.
C: Me to. (they kiss)
B: Will 당신 always be there for me? Always?
C: I hope so.
B: 당신 only hope?
C: I'll try my best, i promise....but 당신 know it's impossible to predict the future...anything can happen...but of course i'll always be there for 당신 unless divine intervention alters that.(they smile and kiss)
B: I'll always be there for 당신 can come to me for anything....when 당신 need to talk 또는 anything...i want 당신 to feel comfortable opening up to me....i can be there for you.
C: I know. (kisses her)
B: I've been through a lot in my life....and most of the time i've had no-one to talk to about it....i want that to change...i want 당신 to be that person....the person who i can go to...unconditionally...any time of 일 또는 night...when i need to.
C: Of can always come to me (he holds her to his chest and puts his arms around her tightly)
B: I want 당신 to feel the same way....i know you've had a rough time in your life too...and i want to be that person for you....the one 당신 rely on to be there when 당신 want to talk 또는 cry to.
C: (their embrace ends, instead he leans his forhead on hers) Hey, 당신 already are that person. i told're the most important person in my life....(they 키스 for a while)
B: We should get to class...(they kiss) we'l get late (they kiss)
C: So what (he kisses her)
B: Chuck...(he kisses her again, she pushes him off) comon, really lets go. We're late!
C: Fine....! (they walk off, blair holds onto his arm)
B: 의해 the way how did 당신 get hold of that painitng?! it wasnt for sale...
C: Oh, i have my ways...!
B: nothing illegal right?...(their conversation trails off)


Gossip Girl: #Well well well, looks like 퀸 B has found her mate...but how long will the nest hold?
So Thats all Folks enough about the Upper East Siders and Who am I? Thats one secret i'll never tell!! 당신 know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo Gossip Girl #

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