“Nate! How could you?” she cried, “How could you!?... Y-You cheated on me, w-with h-her of all people!” tears started to fall from her eyes and they started cascading down her face. Nate stood in the middle of the Archibald library, 셔츠 and tie missing, bending down to pick up his discarded items of clothing he said carefully and slowly. “I’m sorry Blair, 당신 said 당신 wanted to wait, and there has been so many things going on lately at home. And after things ended last night I thought we had broken up” Nate looked over at an uncomfortable Vanessa who is frantically trying to restore her clothing and hair to its former state. Blair was taken back 의해 the 코멘트 he made. Blair turned at stalked out the still open 도서관, 라이브러리 door.

‘Why?’ the 질문 that was gnawing at her brain as she ran through the Archibald’s town house, which was difficult to do as they where throwing a 칵테일 party. Blair was frantic; she was trying to recompose her self, whiles trying to flee the house. She wasn’t watching where she was going until she ran straight into the open arms of Chuck Bass.

Chuck was at the Archibald’s party because Nate had asked him to be there, he was standing propped up against a pillar in the hall way, starting out the open balcony doors on his left. In his right hand was a glass of his most favoured beverage scotch. The memories of last night drifted back into his head, they had been plaguing him all day, since that morning when he woke up with Blair Waldorf in his arms, her head resting on his naked chest. She had wound up in his suite after Nate and herself had, had an argument and with Serena being out of town she came running his way. The thing he didn’t expect was to have Blair run straight into his arms at the Archibald house.

“Blair? What’s wrong?” he asked his arms encircled her body holding her close to his own, he could feel his body reacting to hers and he hoped that she wouldn’t notice. Blair wrapped her arms around his waist and held on to him. She buried her head against his chest, her body shaking violently from the tears that where still now flowing down her face. The tears which where now soaking into the front of Chucks shirt. “Chuck, take me somewhere, please.” Was her reply, to his 이전 asked questions. As soon as the words had escaped her lips Chuck un-wrapped his arms from around her and was guiding her out the door of the Archibald townhouse.

GG: Spotted Blair Waldorf seen leaving the Archibald residence in the company of Chuck Bass. Careful B, 당신 may just loose your 셔츠 and your pants.

They entering into the back of Chuck’s limo, still neither of them had spoken since Blair had asked to be taken away from the house. Blair sat close to Chuck, she tucked her legs up onto the 좌석 beside her and cuddled onto his arm holding on for dear life, Chuck responded 의해 wrapping both his arms around her soft body.

Blair turned her head; so it rested it on his shoulder, gazing longingly into his brown eyes. Her head left his shoulder, her eyes now fixed on his soft lips. “Are 당신 sure?” Chuck asked. Her answer was to press her lips to his, the moment their lips touched a sign escaped Blair’s lips. The 키스 which started out soft and innocent turned passionate and deep. Chuck released a groan as Blair’s hand curled around Chuck’s 칼라 pulling him closer to her, deepening their already passionate kiss. With another groan Chuck pulled away reluctantly and rested his forehead against hers. “Blair...” She placed a finger against his lips to stop the rest of his sentence. “Stay with me tonight... please” her voice was soft. “Okay” was all he said. As he rapped his arms back around her body and she curled back up against his chest, where she shut her now heavy eyelids and drifted off to sleep listening to the steady beat of his heart. Blair slept the rest of the way to the Palace; the only thing she remembers was being carried in Chuck’s arms up to his suite.