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posted by Praesse
I thought I'd share this recap of GG, it's from link at Livejournal. Tell me what 당신 think! :)

Lets start 의해 parts I didn't like

Bart/Chuck - super sad but *but* it paves the way for reconciliation. 저기요 if they brought back CB after C called B a horse, they can do anything.
Nate giving Chuck the shoulder. WTF happened to being BFF's????
... yeah - nothing else


CHUCK, CHUCK, CHUCK - everywhere.

Chuck gets a friend and a cause - finally! They had to break down his minipulating ways sooner 또는 later.
Vanessa - she had no idea what she was getting into and her little smile when Dan mentions Nate? Adorkable!!
Serena - no underwear, S? LMAO!!! I actually LOVED Serena/Dan in this one. They were great - definetly going to get together later on. I see it. Also, if 당신 check in Serena's room - 상단, 맨 위로 drawer to the left, she has a dawer full of Chuck&Blair t-shirts. Dont believe me? Go check...
Poor (literally) Nate. And I loved that the Humphreys took him in. 당신 know Chuck is going to 사랑 that
Bart. Fave - loved the family bit but I wish Chuck would've been included. Poor guy!!

Now... on to the main event.

Chuck & Blair.

These two shinned and showed why they're the reason the show rocks. I mean; Blair is as big of a 암캐, 암 캐 as Chuck is and these actors work so well with each other; no other can compare.

- The flirting banter. B is such a c*ck tease! OMFG!
- Blair's little smile at Chuck's name. Golden. Girl is totally crushing.
- The 키스 on the cheek after the wager - nothing turns them on 더 많이 than a bet, does it?
- Slurpee Chuck showing up at Blair's in her underwear!!! OMG. Blair totally wanting him. The robe. The stakes raised. WINNER!!!! Her little smile after he left?
- The dress. Holy Mother of Chair!! He bought her a dress. A fucking dress! And she wears it *now* and Serena's like.... yeah - you're totally in 사랑 with my brother.
- The party. I 사랑 how she can't handle not having his attention. And Chuck's all into his business deal and Blair thinks its Vanessa and its so soap-operaish is fantastic.
- Her watching Chuck and Vanessa; 5000 things running through her pretty head.
- Her wanted to break the wager. Him going like WTF??? Poor thing thinks she doesn't want to go through her deal and she's just afraid she'll loose him. She's actually petrified she'll loose him
- The Blair/Chuck/Vanessa show off. SHIT!! V is standing between these two pirahnas completely out of her league
- Chuck is pissed. Blair is excited. Vanessa is hurt. Mess - everywhere!!
- Meet me in an hour???? Meet 당신 in an hour?? *dies*
- He shows up! Candles! Champagne! Red Lingerie! Silk Bedding! Smudge-eye look! Come fuck me look! I want 당신 now look! WELL, SHIT!!
- The kiss.... OMFG the kiss. *melts* - man! Ed & Leighton 사랑 키싱 each other. They must. Her little sounds, her need for him and it wasn't sex, it was intimate. Like this is their first time together since after the wedding.
- And then.... he pulls back and challenges her. And she says ILL SAY ANYTHING. He repeats her words - 3 words. 8 letters. *dies* say it... Chuck Bass.... *dramatic pause* (felt like I was watching a Spanish soap) .... I'll never say those words to you. OK... My Blair. Did 당신 ever see Gone with the Wind? Yeah? Ok. SHE'S IN 사랑 WITH HIM ALL THE TIME, STUPID!! *breaths* So he pulls back and changes their game

Chuck: Cant say them? Cant have me. I've chased 당신 long enough. It's time you chased me.


It's B's turn to chase her man. And I. LOVE. IT.

The thing is - if 당신 didn't see all of her 사랑 for him 당신 would think BC were over. But she's showing she's in 사랑 with him all this episode. I'm telling you... without giving too much away, of course... CB will be back on for good and soon.
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