So, since the writers started smoking pot to help with their creative process, I've been seeing CB 팬 all over the internet complaining about how crappy the show has become. And don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people complaining about what a mess they've made. But 더 많이 recently the 코멘트 coming from some of these CB 'fans' have been annoying me. Some say it's times like this that bring a fandom together, but I don't think that's the case for CB fans. I think that this crisis has only served to show who the real 팬 are. And it's a little scary to me how few we are.

Not only here, but on other sites too, I've seen 코멘트 like "Blair's been a total bitch. Chuck deserves better" 또는 "OMG! I hate Blair so much. I don't think I can even ship Chair anymore." And to those people I can only say don't! If that's how 당신 feel, don't call yourself a CB shipper anymore, because 당신 aren't. You're just a Chuck 팬 who wants him to end up with Blair because he loves her 또는 whatever. Don't go on sites dedicated to Chuck and Blair's relationship if 당신 can't stand 50% of this ship anymore.

I still 사랑 Chuck and Blair very much, but it's clear to me that BOTH characters are not who they used to be. They're no longer the perfectly flawed, unique characters that I fell in 사랑 with. But that doesn't mean I will ever stop loving them 또는 rooting for them to be together again (which we all know will happen, eventually). It doesn't matter how bad the show gets 또는 how out of character they are written, I will still ship Chuck and Blair. And that means I'll unconditionally 사랑 and support both of them.

Unfortunately, I'm now very aware that I'm a minority and most of the so-called Chair shippers are actually Chuck fanatics. This fandom has basically found an excuse for every bad thing Chuck's done. I've also never seen Chuck being attacked for professing his 사랑 for another woman 또는 hurting Blair's feelings. That was never a problem for this fandom. But now that Chuck's the one getting hurt all I see is Blair being crucified. And people will use any word, any action of hers as an excuse to say how awfull she is.

See, I'd like to think I'm a reasonable person, who respects other people's opinions, but when I come on this spot and see half of this ship being attacked over and over, I just get pissed off. I understand that A LOT of people hate Blair, I'd never expect a character like her to have many 팬 to begin with (although I'd say the same for Chuck). But if 당신 don't like her, 당신 can't really ship a couple she's a part of. Don't be part of a spot that is partially dedicated to her. I just don't see the point in wasting your time here, honestly. There's a reason 'hate' spots are forbidden on Fanpop.

/end rant.