If there is one thing we know about the GG Writers, it’s that they get off on causing pain for Chuck. When they need a plot device in order to 옮기기 앞으로 a storyline, throwing Chuck under the bus is their go-to move. What’s that 당신 say? Chuck is happy? Let’s bring his mom back for the sole purpose of ruining his relationship with Blair. Oh? 당신 need to prop Dan and Blair’s budding romance? Let’s put Chuck in a coma. Having observed and been thoroughly fascinated 의해 Chuck for over four and a half seasons, we are amazed 의해 all he has overcome despite the amount of shit that has been thrown his way.

Although Chuck has a reputation of being the resident bad boy of the UES, there is so much 더 많이 to him than a naughty streak. He has 더 많이 depth and 심장 than perhaps anyone else on the show (other than perhaps Blair — they might be equally matched here, at least historically speaking). Unlike anyone else on the show, Chuck has grown exponentially since Season One. Yes, he was born a billionaire, but Chuck is living (fictional) proof that money can’t buy happiness, nor does it replace actual human 사랑 — which is really what Chuck has strived for all these years.

Chuck has done far 더 많이 good than evil over the course of the show. He has always, ALWAYS been there for Nate, whether it be money he needs to save his family, 또는 a 로스트 weekend, 또는 tough love. He has helped Lily and Serena on many occasions, he was Dan’s only supporter through the beginning of Season Five (other than Rufus, but really…does he count?) and most of all, he has been Blair’s behind the scenes white knight 더 많이 times than not. He pulled strings to give her a perfect prom, he helped her repair her relationship with Serena, he tried to stop Father Cavalia from destroying her wedding, he’s never, EVER judged her 또는 wanted her to be ANYTHING other than exactly who she is, and from what we’re hearing, he will soon be paying the dowry that threatens to bankrupt her family in order to give her and Dan (cough Wannabe-Nate 2.0 cough) a chance at happiness. Chuck has acted out of 사랑 far, far 더 많이 times than out of malice.

Despite having so much 사랑 to give, Chuck has few people to give it to. We are continually grateful to Lily although Chuck’s scenes with her are few and far between. We have always loved the friendship between Nate and Chuck, but again-few and far between. Lily has other children/wafflemaking house husbands to worry about and Nate has his big boy job and blonde Serena look-alikes to fret over. Chuck is very much alone, which is tragic in itself considering the amount of time and energy he puts into caring about those he loves. Our last shred of hope for this season is that Chuck will finally gain a family he so desires and deserves.

It’s unbelievably heartbreaking to us that all Chuck really wants is a family, and every time he lets his guard down when he thinks this is a possibility for him, he ends up irrevocably damaged. But, he maintains faith that he will one 일 get to be Blair’s family 의해 holding onto their passionate history and the idea that perseverance wins out. Chuck is in a situation where he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If he doesn’t fight for Blair, she thinks he’s given up on them. If he does fight for her, then he’s scheming to “own” her.

The ultimate tragedy for Chuck 베이스 is that he tries so hard to be a good person (and is one), but a) never gets recognition for it and b) since others refuse to acknowledge this, they assume the worst of him, blame him for their own misdeeds, and taunt him into falling into a self-filling prophecy. He has no real reason to do good — what has he got to lose at this point — so why not be the villain everyone wants to paint him as? No one who claims to 사랑 him seems to care. And yet, he continues to struggle with this inner turmoil between who he wants to be and who people expect him to be.

An example of this would be in 5.7, after Chuck has apologized to Blair for everything he has ever done to her, promising to let her go (again) and worry about bettering himself. Blair ends up taunting him into finally 키싱 her to prove her “right.” We later had Dan sabotaging Blair’s wedding/life 의해 blasting the video of Blair professing her undying/ever-growing 사랑 to Chuck, and then blaming Chuck for it. No consequences for Dan whatsoever, but now Chuck is being continuously punished for having the nerve to think that Blair loved him wanted to be with him after she told him he was the one she “never wanted to leave” and that living without him was “the hardest thing [she's] ever done.”

Basically, it goes like this: despite the level of awesomeness Chuck has achieved on his own recognizance — because he has the drive to be a better man than his father was and to be the kind of man worthy of the 사랑 of a temporarily crazy but good woman — he must always, always pay for every wrong-doing he has every done, as well as the wrong-doings of others. To stand up for himself makes him a dick. Well, homies don’t play that.

We think Chuck is destined for greatness and we think Blair is obviously going through hard times leading her to make poor and erratic decisions, and we honestly think that everything will come together in the end of the season. Making Chuck this awesome plus continually kicking him in the teeth for no greater purpose is just awful writing. We said it before and we’ll say it again: we refuse to believe the show that has been so awesome for so long is now unintentionally this shitty. Chuck has become a great man, and he deserves a great future.

All Credit goes to cosmiclovecb.com