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"CALIFORNIA" (1947) Review

I am a history nut. And one of my 가장 좋아하는 historical periods that I 사랑 to study is the Antebellum Era of the United States. One of my 가장 좋아하는 topics from this period is the California Gold Rush. I also 사랑 movies. But despite this love, I have been constantly disappointed 의해 Hollywood's inability to create a first-rate movie about Gold Rush.

I may have to take back my 코멘트 about Hollywood's inability to produce a first-rate movie 또는 텔레비전 production about the Gold Rush. There were at least three that managed to impress me. Unfortunately, the latest film...
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posted by MsMerlina
Barbara Stanwyck was born on July 16th. She lives the 영화 and in our hearts. I'm happy to see her 팬 are growing in numbers on this website!

Barbara had an amazing imagination...she was able to visualize goals, scenes in life and place herself in those life scenes. Of course she was beautiful as well...and good to people. There are many other awesome qualities she had...and all these attributes came together in one person to create a legend.

Barbara, Ruby ( her given name) continues to inspire me and I am learning 더 많이 & 더 많이 how to use my imagination to create a fulfilling reality. TCM celebrates July 16th...Happy Birthday, Barbara!
posted by MsMerlina
How do I 사랑 thee, Barbara? Let me count the ways.

Barbara Stanwyck is a legend. 더 많이 than that she personifies what is womanly, mysterious, glorious, imaginative, beautiful, strong, enduring, endearing, powerful, magical, fun, optimistic in life and in theatre. Not one to display theatrics 또는 uncontrolled emotions when accepting awards on stage in front of an audience, Barbara Stanwyck is a fine inspiration and role model for women.

I think women accepting Academy Awards, Golden Globes, 또는 other 'gongs' today should look at a video of Barbara before they go to any award ceremony. These women...
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January 20th, 2014 marks 24 years since Barbara passed away. Barbara, we - the fans, miss you. I'm marking the occasion with a link to a great new biography written about Barbara, a 1000 page plus beautiful, descriptive hard cover book called Barbara Stanwyck - Steel True - Volume One written 의해 Victoria Wilson. The thick volume, covering years from 1907 - 1940 has black & white 사진 throughout. I 사랑 this book! An excellent reference regarding all 영화 Barbara made as well as plays, radio shows and much more. We 사랑 you, Barbara.

posted by DR76
"TITANIC" (1953) Review

As many moviegoers know, there have been numerous film and 텔레비전 productions about the maiden voyage and sinking of the R.M.S. 타이타닉 on April 15, 1912. The most famous production happens to be James Cameron's 1997 Oscar winning opus. However, I do wonder if there are any 팬 who are aware that another 타이타닉 movie managed to strike Oscar gold.

Directed 의해 Jean Negulesco, the 1953 movie "TITANIC" focused on the personal lives of a wealthy American family torn asunder 의해 marital strife, a deep secret and the historic sinking of the Titanic. Family matriarch Mrs....
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