So, the reason this is my only imagine for Back to the Future, is because I mainly only do it for The Outsiders, The Goonies, Stand 의해 Me 또는 The Breakfast Club. Thank 당신 all for requesting and I hope this is what 당신 wanted!

For: Deidra

"Stop breathing so loud!" 당신 yelled to Marty, your boyfriend of 2 and a half years. 당신 were almost 9 months pregnant with your first baby. 당신 were both 17 and actually were both really excited for the baby. I mean, it wasn't planned but it was a pleasant surprise, even though it was hard.
"Sorry," he mutters, walking to you. 당신 were in your pajamas on Marty's 침상, 소파 on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Nobody else was in the house.
"Baby, it hurts."
"I know, honey, but-"
"Okay.." Marty answered and slowly backed away from your hormonal self.
"No," 당신 started to cry, "Don't leave me."
"Fine." He walked back to 당신 and 당신 guys cuddled.
"Thanks, baby." 당신 and him cuddled in silence for half an hour.
"Really? I know your pregnant and everything but that doesn't give 당신 the right to pee on me. Like, why-" Marty turned to 당신 and 당신 were as white as a ghost.
"My water broke." 당신 whispered, wide eyed. When 당신 said that, he couldn't help but grin.
"Alright, alright." then he whispered: "I'm gonna be a dad."
He carried 당신 to his car and drove off.
"Ow! It really hurts now! 더 많이 than before!"
"Well if its hurtin' 당신 that bad, why don't be use the time machine and go back before 당신 were pregnant!"
"Oh, that's a smart idea!" 당신 screamed furious.
Soon enough 당신 were at the hospital and were admitted right away. Marty let everyone in the hospital know that he was going to be a dad while 당신 were screaming in pain. 당신 sat in the hospital room with Marty for 20 minutes.
"Ok," says a doctor. "We're ready."
당신 screamed and pushed and cried and yelled nasty things to Marty like "I hate you!" "Can we use the time machine now?" etc.
Finally your baby was born.
"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just did that."
"I can."
The nurse came back with your baby wrapped in a little 담홍색, 핑크 blanket, silently sleeping. 당신 let out a few 더 많이 tears as she was placed in your arms. Marty jumped up and down smiling from ear to ear. "Lemme see her! Lemme see her!"
"Ok! Calm! Shh!"
당신 passed her over. "She's so light! And tiny!"
The nurse looked over at him. "Yeah she is! She's 6 pounds, 7 ounces."
"My beautiful," Marty kissed her forehead, "Jessica."

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