So in my last 기사 I mentioned that I wanted to compare two of my 가장 좋아하는 characters; Azula and Kuvira. And that's just what Imma do.

First and foremost they are both cunning and manipulative. The two of them share that crazy ability to just twist their words to make their will appeal to their opposers. In the way Azula got Ty-Lee to 가입하기 her side, Kuvira was able to get that one small Earth village on her side.

Likewise both seem to have this large interest with politics and military. They both have very meticulous strategies as to how to take the 다음 place. They both want dominance. The only difference is that Azula's intentions weren't born out of a good nature as Kuvira's were. Alongside this is the fact that they both took control over large Earth Kingdom powerhouses. They also both did so using said kingdom's very own military force. Kuvira rallied up a bunch of Zaofu citizens and set out as Azula found control of the Dai Lee.

Aside form political and military interests, Azula and Kuvira were both child prodigies. Ozai among others recognized Azula's vast firebending abilities. She mastered at least 14 (if I remember right) firebending forms. Likewise Suyin recognized that Kuvira was very skilled when she was only 8 years old.

The two are also both rather smug and confidant. The two know they have skills and they flaunt it. They do this to the point of almost putting themselves in danger. Kuvira in going for a one-on-one with Korra, and Azula trying to take on all of team 아바타 plus Zuko and Iroh 의해 herself in The Chase.

Going off of that that thought, both took down (or very nearly) took down the Avatar. And while the 아바타 was in the 아바타 state at that. (Though Kuvira's ultimate victory came when Korra was not in said state). Azula took Aang with a flash of lightning, he was only save because Katara was there. And Kuvira very well would have had Korra if not for Jinora and Opal. Right down to surprise interventions, their face off with the 아바타 was similar.

Of course there are all those little things like when Kuvira motioned for her guards to take Suyin and the twins awasy vs the time when Azula ordered her guards to take care of Zuko an Iroh in (I think) the 아바타 State. And the whole battle scene with Korra. When she was tossed to the ground and her hair came undone, all I could think of was Azula's final agni kai.

Don't get me wrong though, Azula and Kuvira (though similar in many ways) are also very different. They are both very unique characters and I 사랑 them both.