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As per usual, Katara was absolutely furious with Zuko for even suggesting that Azula should live, and the fact that she 로스트 her mother to the wrath of the 불, 화재 nation didn’t help to extinguish the flame that was growing within her. Despite being a firebender, Zuko, now a changed person, couldn’t help but feel that Katara would never break down the ice cold barrier that lie between the two……….and that truly felt like a burn.
Extremely confused, Zuko stormed off to his bunker, contemplating how he could possibly choose between his sister (she’s maniacal, but still his sister, nonetheless) and an ally who’s trust he had been working to win over. He had to come up with a plan….. and fast, for Katara had an elaborate blueprint to obliterate Azula on the bustling 일 of her crowning, which was only seven hours away. Tentatively, Zuko had crafted a strategy that was so impulsive, it might just work; he would “agree” to battle Azula with Katara, but, rather than physically fighting her, he would simply dodge her attacks and redirect them on the opposite course, creating the illusion that he 로스트 much of his power during the eclipse.
The seven hours passed relatively quickly for Zuko, and as he was shakily making his way towards Azula, he noticed the determination that Katara held in each and every one of her steps. He liked that about her; no matter how terrifying 또는 horrid a situation had been, Katara had always kept her poker face on and put her all into it.
As Azuela was charging up her electricity, waiting to generate lightning, Zuko stood, ready to take everything that Uncle Iroh had taught him and redirect. Within a 스플릿, 분할 second, Azuela readied her aim, concentrated as if nothing else existed, pressed her two fingers parallel to her face, and released the static energy with the ferocity of a 황소, 불 that had just been angered. As soon as he 비둘기 to redirect the lightning, Zuko made the uneasy realization that Azuela hadn’t been aiming for him, she was aiming for Katara, who, for once in her life, looked helpless.
It was the perfect storm: Katara and Zuko worked together, so she was half of the battle, and, unlike Zuko, she did not have the capacity to redirect lightning. See, Azuela had been quite talented at 읽기 people, and she always knew that Zuko wouldn’t even dare lay a finger on her. Meanwhile, Zuko’s ninja- like reflexes kept himself as well as Katara from reaching a not- so- peaceful fate, and, while he swore to himself that he wouldn’t assail his own sister, knowing that she tried to murder Katara made him think otherwise. ALL BETS WERE OFF NOW!!
It was one thing for Azuela to hurt Zuko, but it was another for her to stoop so low as to harm a waterbender, whom, even with her headstrongness, was standing in the shadows during the entire battle. Zuko, probably 더 많이 than anyone, understood that the true and only 출처 of firebending was emotion, and now that complete fury overwhelmed his entire body, he would be able to unleash a powerful wave of fire, which could possibly be the most decisive feat of firebending he ever took part in. he took a deep breath, harnessing his anger, pushed his right arm out, and, while running towards Azula, he swung, releasing a gargantuan burst of fire. After having to hear the eerie and agonizing shrieks of pain emitting from Azula, the flames died down, leaving nothing but a large pile of ashes.
Katara froze them and handed the block of ice over to Zuko, sympathetically saying “I think this might serve as some consolation,”
but rather than wallowing in his own sorrow about his sister’s death, he intensely threw the block down to the ground, destroying the only reminder left of his sickened sister’s existence. Katara shot him a look she had never given anyone before, a look of pure affection. Her piercing blue eyes were wide, yet full of passion as she profoundly thought about what she should say. With the slightest bit of hesitance (she had loathed him for quite a while),
Katara said “Ummmm, thanks for, uh, 당신 know, saving my life. I know that it must’ve been really hard for 당신 to stand up to her like that.”
Zuko leaned in a bit closer and pressed his fingers to Katara’s lips
“Don’t mention it. I could never bring myself to let someone hurt you.” It seemed as though he were about to 키스 her, but he shied out. Not being able to contain herself, Katara leaped, flinging her arms around his neck, and KISSED HIM! This was no ordinary kiss; when Katara had finished her little rendezvous, she slowly drew back, looking in Zuko’s gorgeous golden eyes for a reaction, but he didn’t look back at her. Instead, he simply pulled her in 의해 her waist, gave her a little smirk, and he kissed her right back, their lips interlocking in synchronized movement with the passion only a firebender could inflict upon others.
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Jet : *lost in the 불, 화재 Nation village, trying to find a way out of there* Where am I? I never went to this part of the village.
Azula : *in her cell, looking at Jet* Who are 당신 and what are 당신 doing here?
Jet : Oh.. I'm lost, so what are 당신 doing in the cell?
Azula : Shut it! Get me out of this place!
Jet : Who are you?
Azula : 당신 don't need to know.
Jet : I am not releasing unknown people.
Azula : If that's how 당신 play the games, take this! *throws a pouch at Jet, making him hypnotized*
Azula : Alright, get me out of this place.
Jet : *hypnotized, Jet 스톨, 훔친 the keys from a guard and unlocked...
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Okay so for the final chapter we will be seeing the story in the finale in the last three episodes, so enjoy the story.

Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters
Jet after weeks of traveling finally managed to find the Order of The White Lotis. However he was attacked when they first saw him. "Wait! Wait! I come in peace! I just need you're help!" begged Jet.

"Let him go!" said an old man. The man was kind of fat, old, had long hair with a bald spot, and a beard. "It's nice to see 당신 again."

"It's you! What are 당신 doing here?" questioned Jet.

"I'm the leader of the Order of The White Lotis. Now tell...
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Two weeks has past since Azula took her plan into action. She hadn't killed him yet but she did earn his trust. They had many fights but Jet considered them to be friends. Azula wasn't sure what to think, she still was planning to kill him but at the same time felt something strange. She just saw something inside him, even though he irritated her, she also found something about him interesting.

One 일 they were at the peak of the hide out, where Jet looks over the city to see if there's trouble. Azula was watching over it being unsure when she'll kill him. Jet spotted her and thought he'd talk...
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okay so this is done the the California girls song to the southern water tribe. Me and my friend made this, so 당신 no takey ;)

I know a place where the snow is really brighter,
cool, wet and wild there must be something in the water.
Sipping jinn and 주스 sitting underneath the glaciers,
boys break their necks trying to kill the 불, 화재 Nation.

You can travel the world,
but nothing comes close to the snowy coast.
Once 당신 go fishing with us, you'll be fallin' in 사랑 Oh.

Southern Water Tribe were unforgettable,
big blue boots with parkas on top.
Snow kissed skin so cold we'll freeze your Popsicle...
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