“I’m such an idiot, Momo!” the 아바타 boy said
As he bitterly thumped his fist on his head.
Momo did not reply
But gazed hypnotically, wide-eyed at the boy….

“What would Katara say?” he mused;
“ ‘Don’t beat yourself up, Sweetie, you’re only confused’ ?“
“What would Sokka, her brother, advise?
‘Well, since I’m much smarter, you’re so right to surmise!’ ?
What would Toph say?” he thought of her too….
“ ‘Why beat yourself up before I’m through with you?’ ?
And I suppose Zuko would simply yell:
‘You idiot! Can’t 당신 tell?
It’s as plain as distinguishing Heaven from Hell!’ “

Then the 아바타 boy slowly fell:
Descending into a mysterious sleep—
A state of unconsciousness so deep—
Till his body could no longer his spirit keep
From wandering into quantum uncertainty
In an encounter with Ultimate Reality….

When he awoke, the 질문 of idiocy
Was still not addressed definitively
But somehow, strangely, he could smile,
Emotionally unaffected for a while….

“Maybe I am an idiot, 또는 maybe not;
The same could be said of the rest of the lot
But Ultimate Reality has yet to decide
In Her encompassing wave, we all reside
Like elemental particles in a restless sea
Of infinite Possibility
And endless Diversity…
So until I have breathed my last,
Ultimate judgement has not been passed—
Like a quantum wave function yet to collapse;
Emotional turmoil need not relapse.
For who’s to predict what was done 또는 undone
Would guarantee a probability of one
Entirely “evil” 또는 completely “good”
May lose its meaning on removing the hood
That narrows one’s perspective
In a Multiverse ever-subjective
Where even the smallest quark
Can choose to be wave 또는 particle
So does observer bias make its mark
In judging almost every article
Upon perceiving good 또는 bad,
Smart 또는 idiot, sane 또는 mad…

In a boundless ocean of probability
Why not choose…..Equanimity?