Two weeks has past since Azula took her plan into action. She hadn't killed him yet but she did earn his trust. They had many fights but Jet considered them to be friends. Azula wasn't sure what to think, she still was planning to kill him but at the same time felt something strange. She just saw something inside him, even though he irritated her, she also found something about him interesting.

One 일 they were at the peak of the hide out, where Jet looks over the city to see if there's trouble. Azula was watching over it being unsure when she'll kill him. Jet spotted her and thought he'd talk to her. "Hey! What's going on?"

Azula signed "Nothing".

"You look like 당신 have a lot on your mind. Do 당신 wanna talk about it?" asked Jet in concern.

Azula than held her head up high "You'd like that wouldn't you? I tell 당신 something and make me think I can trust you, just so 당신 could betray me."

"No, I just wanna help, 당신 can trust me." said Jet.

"I don't trust anyone! I trusted before and I got hurt. I thought they were my 프렌즈 and I could trust them, I never expected it from them. They said they would never betray me but it was all lies!" said Azula coldly.

"Were they 프렌즈 of yours?" asked Jet.

"Yes" answered Azula.

"What happened?" asked Jet.

"Lets just say it wasn't good." said Azula.

"Will 당신 tell me what happened?" asked Jet.

"No! Besides they're only a minor detail. My family was worse but I'm not into telling sob stories." said Azula.

"What's wrong with sharing sob stories?" asked Jet.

"It's just a bunch of cry 아기 complaining about their lives and they can't just deal with it. I've learned to deal with it. It's made me strong. What I've been taught I've learned the hard way, if your trust you're just one of the fools. Life doesn't always end up fair and for those who can't deal with it are just pathetic." said Azula coldly.

"There's nothing wrong with feeling sad about your life!" said Jet slightly angry.

Azula than raised her eyebrow "You're obviously one of those people who can't just deal with things. 당신 can't just let go, forget, and 옮기기 on."

Jet than got even 더 많이 angry "You have no 심장 do you? If I didn't no better I'd say 당신 were 불, 화재 nation! What made 당신 this way? How could 당신 have no feeling for anything at all?"

"Emotions and personal feelings only get in your way! They 구름, 클라우드 your judgement. They did when I trusted my 프렌즈 and I got hurt. I could've ended their lives but for some reason I didn't." said Azula

"So there is a 심장 underneath that hard core soul." said Jet with a smile.

She got 더 많이 irritated 의해 him "You're an idiot! So what's your sob story?"

"Well my parents died when I was only eight years old. I had to steal 음식 to survive. I fought for the innocent but also made stupid mistakes. I almost killed a lot of people because of my hatred for the 불, 화재 nation. I almost ruined my life and now I'm making it up 의해 helping people." said Jet with a sad face.

Azula didn't show it on her face but on the inside she had pity for him. She felt as though her perspective had been widen. She felt something strange that she couldn't deny. She felt like she had to tell him her story but also wouldn't reveal she was 불, 화재 nation. "Well, I suppose I should tell 당신 mine, shouldn't I?"

"I would like that." said Jet with a slight smile.

"Well, I had a life in the upper class and I had everything I could ever want. However it felt like something was missing. I sometimes feel my father only wants me for what I can do and doesn't 사랑 me for who I am. My uncle favored my brother and doesn't believe I could change. I did torment my older brother because he always got attention from my mother. She always read him 침대 time stories and spent time with him. I only heard them whenever I was hiding outside the door trying hard not to cry. My mother didn't 사랑 me and she loves my brother 더 많이 than me and she thought....." Azula than passed because she was afraid she was going to cry.

"Ursa? What did she think?" asked Jet.

She almost cried as she said "She thought I was a monster! She disappeared when I was eight years old, nobody knows where she is. Only my father does and he won't tell anyone, not even me". She than lightened up and said "I don't really care though."

Jet smile and said "Yes 당신 do. I can tell. I'm not sure what it is but there's just something about 당신 that's different from anyone I've ever met. You're cruel and irritating but also tormented and amazing."

"How do 당신 know what I'm like? Trust me I'm not the person 당신 think I am." said Azula.

"I just know you're the most interesting person I've ever met" said Jet as he walked off.

She was left unsure of herself. She wasn't sure what to do. She decided to end her torment forever, she was going to kill him in his sleep. When he was sleeping she crept into his room with his knife. She held it above him ready to strike. She kept trying to plunge it into his 심장 but it felt like something was holding her back. She kept trying with all her might but she couldn't do it. She didn't know why but she just felt something strange for him. He was different than she thought he was. She had this feeling and he was different from anyone she had ever met. She had never felt this before and she wasn't sure of herself. She went back to her room to sleep and felt unsure of herself. She didn't know what happened, she felt like she was herself but also someone else. What will she do? Find out 다음 week!