Set fifteen years after the war, and Aang and Mai are married and they hate Katara and Zuko for cheating on each of them. Toph and Sokka are trying to get them to make amends and are cooking up a devious plan. Hehehehe WARNING! Not for Katara and Zuko lovers.


Mai and Aang's POV

Things had never worked out between Katara and Aang. She had, had an affair with Zuko which was why Zuko and Mai broke up.
The depression of the break ups had driven them together, and eventually they recognized their feelings. A 년 later they had their wedding on the same 일 as Zuko and Katara not wanting to go to theirs 또는 they to theirs.
On a sunny 일 Mai and Aang woke up to a pecking on the window. The looked and saw a messanger hawk with the earth tribe symbol on it.
Aang picked up the letter and read it.
"It's from Toph and Duke," he said. Toph and The Duke had married before even Mai and Aang had. "They want us to come to Omashu for a reunion."
Mai was fighting between a smile and a frown. "A reunion would be great, but that means..."
"Zuko and Katara would be there," he finished. "I don't want to see them either, but I think I could survive. I really want to see Toph, and Sokka, and Suki, and Duke. All of them."
"I know," she sighed. "Alright. Send them a reply that we'll be there in two days. I'm ganna go pack."
"Okay." He kissed her quickly then proceeded to the write the reply.

"Are we there yet?" Mai complained.
"You asked that five 분 이전 Mai, and the answer is still...yes." Mai looked up and grinned.
"YES!" she cried. Aang laughed. "Shut up you! I can't wait to tell them the news." She passed a hand over her stomach where their new baby was growing.
She had been pregnant for eight and a half months and was actually due in two weeks.
"I can't wait to see the expression on everybody's face," he said. She laughed.
"Put Appa on autopilot, I want to get one last make out session before we land." Like a good husband should always do, he obeyed his wife. Five 분 later, and after fixing Mai's hair they landed and were greeted 의해 Toph, Duke, Sokka, and Suki, and their son Shu.
"AANG!!!!MAI!!!!" Everyone shouted and engulfed them in a hug.
Sokka then spoke. "Okay either 당신 got really fat 또는 your pregnant."
Aang huffed and put his arm around Mai. "My woman could never get fat," he said.
"So's she pregnant?" Sokka asked. Suki slapped him lightly on the back of the head.
"Sokka stop teasing them," she scolded. Then she turned to Mai. "Congratulations. Do 당신 know what gender it is?"
"Boy," she said. "And we are naming it Aang."
"No we are not."
"Yes we are."
"Aang we are naming this baby after 당신 또는 you'll be sleeping on the 침상, 소파 for the first 년 of it's life." Aang bowed his head and sighed. Mai smiled and patted his head. "Good boy."
"I should try that tecqunique with Sokka when he tries to cheat on his diet," Suki glared at Sokka.
"Come on. I made it three weeks without meat."
"The goal was six. And 당신 know the reward 당신 would have gotten was worth it."
"Don't want another kid anyway," he grumbled.
"WHAT DID 당신 SAY!!" she shreiked. He shrunk back and stuttered.
"I...ugh....well," he squeaked. Everyone laughed.
Then Mai asked the 질문 that brought everyone silent. "When will Zuko and Katara get here?"
"In about..." he trailed off as they saw a red banister being carried 의해 four men.
"Can't help showing off can they," Mai muttered.


"Okay so the plan is to get them to become 프렌즈 agai right?" Toph asked.
"Yes," Sokka answered. "I'm 더 많이 worried about Mai and Katara then I am Zuko and Aang."
"No kidding. The 불, 화재 lord and the Avatar(A/N: see how i capatilizied 아바타 but not 불, 화재 lord. Figure it out for yourselves.) at least no how to act civil."
Sokka nodded and went to greet his sister and brother in law.

The banister opened and Katara and Zuko walked out. They smiled at everyone minus Mai and Aang. Aang must have been seeing things. Katara had looked very sad when she saw Mai was pregnant.
Zuko on the other hand was furious that Mai was pregnant. Their baby would probably have control over all the elements just like his annoying pest of a father. One thing he did not need was two avatars.
Putting aside his anger for the moment he greeted them. "Avatar Aang, Lady Mai." He bowed only slightly.
"Fire Lord Zuko, 불, 화재 Lady Katara." Aang did not bow at all.
Katara took a deep breath. "'re pregnant?" she asked.
Has she gone blind? Mai thought. Still she smiled a real smile, but only at the thought of her baby, not at Katara. "Yes. Due in two weeks actually."
Katara smiled lightly. "Congratulations."
"Thank you."
"Soooooo, when can we eat?" Sokka asked. Katara rolled her eyes.
"Same old Sokka," she muttered.
"MAI!!!" A new voice shouted. The pregnant woman turned and saw her old friend Ty Lee running/cartwheeling towards them. She landed in front of them and hugged her.
"It's so good to see you," she said. Then smiled at her stomach. "OH MY GOD!! Congratulations. The father's Aang right?"
"YES!!" they cried indignangtly. Ty Lee laughed.
"Relax I'm just messing with you. I could tell 의해 it's aura that it was Aang's." Everyone missed the glare Katara had at this.
"So how are 당신 and Lee doing?" she asked. Lee was a man from Kyoshi she had met from her days as the Kyoshi warriors. They had fallen in 사랑 and had married two years later. The only people who didn't arrive at the wedding were Toph and Duke, because Toph had gone into premature labor and couldn't make it.
Zuko, Katara, Aang, and Mai had acted as civil as humanly possible for the sake of Ty Lee which she had been so grateful for that she had cried.
"Great!" she cried. "Lee couldn't make it though. Something went wrong in his fields. All his cows started getting sick. Apparently they started eating some bad corn."
"Awww, that sucks. I wanted to kick him in the balls for trying to make a 옮기기 on me before he met you," Suki said in a sickly sweet voice. Sokka paled and held his groin shuddering as if remembering something. Seeing this Mai and Aang busted out laughing.
Aaang turned to Toph. "So where is Yung?" he asked refering to Toph's son.
Toph sighed with amusement. "He had taken a liking to young seamstress in the palace and didn't even hear me say that 당신 guys were coming. At the moment he's either making out with her, 또는 putting ice on the red hand shaped mark on his face." Everyone laughed.
"Okay i've been a good little Sokka so far but I put my foot down. It's time to eat!" At that moment Suki decided to bring her foot down on 상단, 맨 위로 of his. He gasped.
"I can wait," he wheezed.
"No Sokka's right," Aang said. "I'm getting pretty hungry." The gang walked inside the palace to enjoy a nice quiet dinner. Yeah right.