Jane's eye
Name: Jaidyn Johnson

Nickname: Jane

Age: 16

Personality: Funny, bubbly, kind, out-going, smart at times in danger, happy

Appearance: Dark brown hair, purple eyes, medium skin, 5' 8"

날짜 of Birth: November 8th

Powers: Waterbender, hand-to-hand combat, knifes

Outfit: Light blue 고삐, 홀 터 넥 top, dark blue shorts, waterbending pouch, knee-high gray converse, and blue 심장 목걸이

History: She was born in the Earth kingdom, not the Water tribe. Once knew Willow Harris when younger. Doesn't like to talk about the rest, but joined 아바타 while saving girl from 불, 화재 Nation.
Jane's 목걸이