1. Lift Off was based on the ideas of a Harvard 대학 psychologist, with the show being specifically designed for the toddler mind.

2. On Neighbours only six houses are ever seen on screen in Ramsay 거리 – Numbers 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32.

3. Neighbours originally premiered on Channel Seven, but was a flop and cancelled after a few months. Then Channel Ten bought it and turned it into the show we 사랑 today.

4. The pilot episode of 집 And Away was a 90 분 film.

5. Cheez TV was the first 텔레비전 show in Australia to have an internet address.

6. The first two series of Round The Twist were based on Paul Jennings stories.

7. The Comedy Company is widely credited with the circulation of the word 'bogan’.

8. Series two and series three of Round The Twist had an eight 년 gap between them.

9. A*Mazing originally had an obstacle that was a pit filled with ping pong balls. They removed this after two episodes, following contestants falling on the balls and hurting their spines.

10. Play School is based on a British show, that originally aired in 1964.

11. Mr Squiggle draws upside down because the artist controls him via his hat from above.

12. It is heavily rumored that Agro, from Agro’s Cartoon Connection has the last name “vation.”

13. Skippy was actually played 의해 three kangaroos.

14. Originally, Skippy was to be named Hoppy, but the show’s co-producer overruled the decision.

15. When Alan Fisher was killed off on 집 And Away producers faced severe 팬 backlash. As a result, they tabled many ideas as to how they could bring him back — including having him on as a completely different character, with a mustache that looked “remarkably like” Alan.

16. Although Genie From Down Under was half set in Australia and half set in England, the entire thing was filmed in Australia. The scenes with Penelope’s mansion were shot in Melbourne.

17. McLeod’s Daughters was the first Australian 텔레비전 show to be shot in HDMI.

18. Ocean Girl‘s main character, Neri, is short for Nerida – the Greek word for sea nymph.

19. The humpback 고래 in Ocean Girl was a 700kg fiberglass prop.

20. Bananas in Pajamas was inspired 의해 a song written 의해 Carey Blyton (Enid Blyton’s nephew) which was
shown on Play School for many years in the 70s.

21. The lady who was the face on Mulligrubs is Diana Kidd.