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Article by australia-101 posted over a year ago
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- not being able to tell if there is a 거미 running down your leg 또는 just a drop of sweat

-hanging out with the squad at the shopping centre because your parents won’t let 당신 use the air con

-the water is the same temperature regardless of whether 당신 use the “hot” 또는 “cold” tap

-your 음식 staple is not rice, but ice

-catastrophic 불, 화재 danger warning

-going to the cinema and buying tickets to 4 영화 just so 당신 have a reason to stay there all day

-waiting for your zooper doopers to freeze overnight

-you decided to go to Bondi and it’s extremely overcrowded, but the 바닷가, 비치 is too hot to walk on anyway

-buying the last box of Golden Gaytimes from Woolies

-volunteering at a Bunnings barbecue and empathizing with the sausages and onions

-having to choose between not drinking tea/coffee 또는 overheating

-spending the entire 일 in the dark with the curtains drawn because 당신 can’t afford to use electricity
Article by australia-101 posted over a year ago
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1. Lift Off was based on the ideas of a Harvard 대학 psychologist, with the show being specifically designed for the toddler mind.

2. On Neighbours only six houses are ever seen on screen in Ramsay 거리 – Numbers 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32.

3. Neighbours originally premiered on Channel Seven, but was a flop and cancelled after a few months. Then Channel Ten bought it and turned it into the show we 사랑 today.

4. The pilot episode of 집 And Away was a 90 분 film.

5. Cheez TV was the first 텔레비전 show in Australia to have an internet address.

6. The first two series of Round The Twist were based on Paul Jennings stories.

7. The Comedy Company is widely credited with the circulation of the word 'bogan’.

8. Series two and series three of Round The Twist had an eight 년 gap between them.

9. A*Mazing originally had an obstacle that was a pit filled with ping pong balls. They removed this after two episodes, following contestants falling on the balls and hurting their spines.
Article by australia-101 posted over a year ago
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I fell in 사랑 in a Macca's parking lot
Sat on the curb eating vegemite sangas and pavlova
We talked about the Emu war and how it's too darn hot (whoa oh oh oh)

I told my mum that i'm gonna go swimming
And I'll need three litres of sunscreen to keep me safe
But if it's jellyfish season then i'll need to stay inside (whoa oh oh oh)

I'm always 'slip slop slapping' (yeah,yeah)
I'm always up for a barbie' (yeah,yeah)
No I don't listen to abbott (yeah,yeah)
And I'll never like julia either

I am Australian girl
wishing, praying it'll be colder
I'm wearing shorts, singlets and thongs
Sweating, crying, all australian girls (Whoa oh oh oh )
I was raised 의해 the 악어 hunter
Every 일 is 50 degrees
Let's kick abbott out of parliament (Oh-way-oh)

I wanna see all the 영화 on netflix and try starbucks
But then i realise i live in the outback on a cattle farm
News by MisterH posted over a year ago
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Copied and edited from: link


I really mean it! What would 당신 be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would 당신 be able to do if 글쓰기 fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would 당신 do if it's illegal to do a cover of your 가장 좋아하는 song on YouTube? What would 당신 do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would 당신 do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet from getting killed 의해 SOPA/TPP!

SOPA may have been stopped, but large companies with many copyrights are trying to re-institute portions of it under other names and policies. This attempt to protected speech in the name of copyright is unacceptable, and must be resisted.
News by HollyWoodBigFan posted over a year ago
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Looking for the newest Aussie actress to watch-out for? Well, I think I’ve found her.

Opening at The Ensemble Theatre in Sydney on September 19th, 당신 can catch actress Jennifer Corren starring in the new comedy “Camp.” For anyone who has ever gone camping, you’ll be able to relate to playwright Gary Baxter’s newest tale which chronicles three couples, a tribe of children, one black snake, and an esky full of beer.

Like many vacations, “Camp” starts out with the best of intensions but quickly deteriorates into a series of unpredictable encounters. Battling the elements, Jennifer portrays Julie, a bit of a control freak who thinks of herself as a natural leader and a problem solver amongst the group.

Directed 의해 Ensemble’s own Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry, Jennifer is joined on-stage 의해 Ben Ager, Michelle Doake, Jamie Oxenbould, Karen Pang and David Terry. Jennifer is proud to be part of the show, explaining “What a joy it is to be working on this wonderful project with so many talented people. The Ensemble Theatre is like a family that I feel proud to be called a part of now. After playing Julie and experiencing all the...
Opinion by 123a posted over a year ago
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UPDATE 5.20pm: EVACUATIONS are under way in a dozen central and southern Queensland towns with floodwaters forcing 더 많이 than 1000 Queenslanders from their homes.

Queensland's 연기 premier Paul Lucas said the damage bill from the state's devastating floods is likely to exceed a billion dollars.

Mr Lucas and Emergency Services Minister Neil Roverts today visited isolated Chinchilla in central Queensland and conducted an aerial inspection of the flood-ravaged Dalby and Warwick areas in the southwest.

Chinchilla, Dalby and Theodore have been declared disaster areas and other towns have been hard hit including Mundubbera and Gayndah.

더 많이 than 300 roads are cut including the majority of the state's highways.

Emergency Management Queensland chief Bruce Grady today gave an overview of the flood crisis gripping parts of the state.

He said the situation was dire in some communities, including the town of Theodore, west of Bundaberg, where efforts are under way to evacuate the entire 300-plus community.
Review by kimmyrealestate posted over a year ago
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The Australian Property Market

When it comes to nations in the world that are experiencing a thriving real estate market, Australia is towards the 상단, 맨 위로 of the list. Indeed, over the course of the past decade, the real estate market in many locations around Australia has been booming.

Major Australian cities naturally are experiencing the biggest growth in their real estate markets. Cities like Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne are leading the way in the real estate arena. In addition, a great number of 더 많이 rural areas in the country are experiencing a surprising growth in their own real estate markets. Many people have come to find the 더 많이 rural areas of the Down Under to have particular appeal.

Investment Property in Australia

An increasing number of people -- both Australian nationals and people living abroad -- have become 더 많이 involved in purchasing and owning investment real estate in Australia since the turn of the century. Generally speaking, the up tick in the acquisition of investment real estate throughout Australia is taking shape in two general areas.
Opinion by Cammie posted over a year ago
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Firemen trying to control the Victorian bushfires this weekend
I woke up this evening around eight o'clock -feeling tired and irritated. Due to the extensive heatwave that has swept through most of the country this weekend, I had been unable to sleep for nearly two days. I live in the outer suburbs of Sydney (away from the coastline) and the temperatures reached as high as 46 degrees celcius today. I'm a person that prefers the summertime to winter as I tolerate the heat much better than the cold but these high temperatures were just too much to deal with.
I turned on the radio and the first news item was about the out-of-control bushfires in the state of Victoria.I realized as I listened to the broadcast just how lucky I am though. As much as I have complained and been grumpy all weekend over the heat (as many have I'm sure) I am 더 많이 fortunate than some.
Many towns in Victoria, just north-west of the city of Melbourne,have been completely ruined 의해 the bushfires. The state's Premier John Brumby as described the effect of today's bushfires as "the worst 일 in our history."
Opinion by The_Shizzali posted over a year ago
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So recently, a fellow fanpopper Snerkie 게시됨 a soapbox 기사 entitled “Sydney = Overrated”. If 당신 haven’t read that article, 당신 may have to in order to get what I’m saying. To start, My name is Ali, I’m 17 and I live in Sydney.

Second, I want to pick a little bone with Snerkie.
당신 say Sydney is Un-Australian. Um... isn't that is what is so great about Australia? That that we are so MULTICULTURAL. Now 당신 say 당신 are not racist, but seriously, everyone has a right to live in Australia (given they're not terrorists, murderers 또는 dangerous) and that fact that 당신 put Un-Australian in bold worries me.

No Sydney is not great. When I was 12 my family moved from Melbourne to Sydney. I remember being so overwhelmed 의해 the enormity of it all, I kept comparing it to Melbourne. Melbourne had trams and was easier to get around, Sydney didn’t. Melbourne had all my friends, Sydney didn’t. Melbourne was Melbourne and Sydney wasn’t. But then as I realized I was going to be in Sydney for awhile, so I sucked it up. I discovered buses and I got new and in some cases better friends.
Opinion by Snerkie posted over a year ago
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Okay, the 제목 may "shock" some people but I will explain the whole thing...

Hello, I am Krystal, 18, and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I've been to Queensland in 99/00 (forgot), Sydney in 01/02 (forgot), and Melbourne in 04. I recently went to Sydney again to go see the wrestling. 당신 see on TV and everything they say how beautiful Sydney is and it's like the 심장 of Australia...I saw differently though. Here are a few things.

My first 일 there I got sick, terrible headache that shot my head and a very sore tummy. I had been walking around the streets looking at shops. So many people around, so many homeless people sitting on the streets very close to people (will bring this up later) and smoking...every one was smoking. Sydney turned into "Cancer City" for me, everyone to light up a fag whenever they could, was extremely terrible to walk through.

Adelaide has been seen as the murder capital of the world, I have never had a fear to hold my bag tightly though. All the other places I never had that fear till this trip to Sydney. Not saying all homeless people are pick pocketers but...