Atheism Theological discusion with a Cathlic

PrinceRhaegar posted on Feb 16, 2011 at 04:22PM
Me: Do you really believe in god?
Her: of course maybe just not all the bible says
Me: then you believe that all things even space and time were created by an all powerful being?
Her: yes
Me: how? its a rediculus idea created by archaic idealists.
Her: maybe but heaven is real and gives hope to people that there is something better after death.
Me: there is nothing after death,your body decomposes and after a while you are bones,we only have some much time to enjoy life.
Her:it doesnt matter though
Me: yeah it does
Her: it matters to you wether im an atheist or not?
Me: no i couldnt care less, i just want you to see what your silly religion has done to the world.
Her: like what?
Me: we can trace almost every conflict back to religion at some point.
Her: what name one!
Me: all the cruasades, roman conquests, spanish inquesition, WWII, Vietnam, the genocide of the mayan aztec and incan peoples along with other natives
Me: Religion was created by people who wanted power and control over the masses
Her: not the pope!?
Me: even him, and if Religion was a man made concept that would also mean that God was a man made construct!
Her: i have to think for a while
Me: fine


This conversation really took place and over a two hour period while txting

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