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KateKicksAss posted on Jan 23, 2011 at 09:48AM
"In the United States, there's never been a president who hasn't at least CLAIMED to be Christian/Religious.
And someone told me that if Barack Obama wasn't a Christian/didn't claim to be one, then he wouldn't have gotten elected.

I personally am thinking the people are weak minded for not being willing to accept someone who doesn't believe in a higher power, but that's just me. What do you guys think?"

This forum is to discuss the issue/question above. I asked this recently as an answer, and was told it should be a forum, so this a place to discuss it.
If you've answered this already, and want to participate in this discussion, please repost your answer here so we can see it without having to go back and forth.

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over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
Just my copy-and-pasted answer:

A large chunk of America is Christian, and Christians (as a group) will vote for someone they believes represents them. If a presidential candidate declares him/herself as as non-religious, they pretty much have no chance of winning, not matter how great a candidate he/she is.

Personally, I don't think Atheists are any different. If I investigate a political candidate and find them spouting religious stuff (like being anti-abortion for religious reasons etc), I will not vote for them. And that's because someone who is, say, anti-abortion for religious reasons, does not represent me and my beliefs. Christian America is voting the same way. I would argue that Christian Americans (as a group) are far too uncritical about the religious beliefs of their leaders. All some of them have to do is mention Jesus or God and BAM! everybody loves them. I should say that that is what I see, as an outsider looking in (I'm from New Zealand).

Obama has stated that he believes in God, but has stopped short of declaring himself any specific religion. I think that is smart because, he doesn't alienate the Christian majority and he also doesn't alienate Atheists/Agnostics or any other religion really. The belief in a God appeases the majority, while the lack of definitive connection to a specific religious system makes Atheists/Agnostics feel safer about the risk of religiously influenced decision-making *cough*GeorgeBush*cough*

In response to your weak-willed comment, I would give you my Sarah Palin rant, but thats a long one... I will say that I think that, because of the nature of organised religion, using God as a platform, and as a reason to vote, is an uncritical and easy way to vote. Political leaders should be voted in for their work ethic, their honesty and their willingness to listen to the people that they represent. As we all know, there ain't that many politicians who fit that bill. Its much harder to judge a person on the aforementioned qualities than it is to judge them on their religion. "Praise Jesus" invigorates the masses more than a detailed policy or political message.
over a year ago KateKicksAss said…
I agree with that. I honestly can't believe that people care more about whether the person running their country shares their spiritual beliefs than if they share their political views.
Maybe this just astounds me because i'm an atheist, but I just am horrified that people would actually do that.
That's probably why Bush got elected. *facedesk* Americans are idiots...okay, that was generalizing...i'll rephrase, a MAJORITY of Americans are idiots.
over a year ago KateKicksAss said…
And i'd love to hear your Sarah Palin rant. I'm a dedicated Palin-hater, I swear, if she gets elected President, then that's probably a sure sign of the apocalypse.
I think that her idiocy is perfectly summed up with this quote:

"How's that hope-y change-y thingie working out for ya?".

Apparently she was asking this to people who had voted for Obama. *Facedesk*.
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over a year ago Ninja-Kitten said…

Stephen Harper supports missionaries. He's a born-again Christian. And his son attends my school, and he is a JERK.
over a year ago thetacoman said…
I want to know, dont overreact or anything, but do atheists think everyone who practices religion is weird? Not trying to offend anyone, but sometimes I think that's what happens in our society. Please be nice. I tried to be.
over a year ago Ninja-Kitten said…
I don't think they're weird, I think they have their own opinions, even though I believe them to be wrong.

I really only dislike people who foist their religion on other people.
over a year ago KateKicksAss said…
I don't think they're weird per se, but I will admit I look down on them slightly, as I agree fully with that Karl Marx quote, "Religion is the Opiate of the masses".
I do openly dislike when people try and cram religion down others throats, as Lexa mentioned, and also when people are clearly biased, influenced, or prejudiced about it, like when electing US presidents.
over a year ago thetacoman said…
"Karl Marx"?
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
^ What is that comment supposed to mean?
over a year ago thetacoman said…
I just dont think using him as a reference is.... good... but Ill respect your ideas
over a year ago thetacoman said…
OH! Hey wait! Obama didnt claim to be Christan. He said America is NOT a Christan nation...BAAAD idea there...AND he said "Holy Qu'ran" wich really is not a Christan thing to do... not hatin, just sayn...
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
Obama stated that he believed in God, but he has not identified himself as belonging to any specific religion.
over a year ago thetacoman said…
MEANING that he was NOT claming to be Christian! so this is (sorry) kinda incorrect.
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
Ok, KateKicksAss is incorrect in wording, but not in spirit.

If she changes this sentence:
"And someone told me that if Barack Obama wasn't a Christian/didn't claim to be one, then he wouldn't have gotten elected.[/i"
"[i]And someone told me that if Barack Obama didn't claim to believe in God, then he wouldn't have gotten elected.
the whole point of this discussion doesn't change.
over a year ago KateKicksAss said…
^Okay, yeah, I worded it wrong, my bad.

And TacoMan, what do you have against me using Karl Marx as a reference?
over a year ago thetacoman said…
@kate is okay. My political beleifs lead me to disagree with Karl Marx (that and the fact he kinda caused the USSR), but whatever. Your beleifs are your beleifs.
over a year ago thetacoman said…
I do agree, though that many presidents use the Christian angle to boost voting. Even though their actions do not nesscacaraly reflect Christian veiws.
over a year ago Claudia4599 said…
I think that that means that some of the american population is closed minded. If you had to choose between an Cristin president or an Atheist president, who had the same ideas, why would you choose based on religion? I think you should choose based on how they would do something. In 2008 84% of Americans said that they are not ready for an atheist president!