Atheism The catholic church in Mexico

adavila posted on Jan 16, 2009 at 05:21AM
These people drive me nuts is like if they are from the dark ages MAN

in January 14th they said that in this new year homosexual should stay in their homes and if they´re going to com out they should do it like a normal person because they destroy the mexican values and women shouldnt work because they put their children education at stake


oh and they want their own political party
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over a year ago cowgirlfromhell said…
Man, and I though Ireland was bad.
I really thought that society was ok with gays now and the women thing is bad. I'm really determined to make a time machine now, they'd be more comfortable and happy years ago.

If they really go through with the political party we're all screwed, all the decisions will be based on the Bible and not logic.
over a year ago luinwen said…
they said that??? I have to watch the news more often, the other day I had to go to church and the priest was telling something about that I think I wasn't paying much attention
over a year ago adavila said…
yeah I heard that in the radio news
over a year ago mooimafish17 said…
That is so fucked up!
over a year ago darkkhorn19 said…
Why are these morons wasting our precious oxygen!?