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Dearheart posted on Dec 05, 2008 at 08:34AM
Greetings, earthlings! I come in peace! *waves a random white flag around* I'm Dearheart, I joined fanpop a few months ago, and I'm a Christian.

Before I explain what I'm doing here, I'd like to clear something up: I am NOT here to fight, debate or pound you with religious, in-your-face questions; nor am I here to preach at you or bang you over the head with a Bible. So relax. :-)

Quite simply, I am here to listen. Partly because I'm writing a story for a contest, and I'm making my main character an atheist. (Which, as you can imagine, is proving to be a bit hard for me. I need help, lol.) ;-) And partly because, well...I'm curious.

I know a lot of Christians who've tried to explain the atheistic worldview, how atheists think, etc. I also know that a lot of stereotyping happens on both sides, Christians and Atheists alike. So I've decided to put all that tiresome stuff aside and go straight to the source.

I wanna hear it from YOU, not from someone who thinks they have your beliefs (or lack thereof) all figured out.

Please know that I'm willing to listen to ANYTHING you have to say. Call me delusional or dumb; I won't complain! Heck, I'm used to it. As a PK I've seen just about every label and insult there is, so there's not a lot of stuff that'll catch me off-guard lol. I promise I won't get mad or upset or be offended or anything (as long as the conversation stays civil).

Please talk to me; tell me anything and everything.

Why don't you believe in God? Why are you an atheist? When did you choose to be one and what led you to that choice? How do you view Christians/Christianity and the church? Or religion in general? What about spirituality? As an atheist, how do you view life? Or even death, for that matter? Are there any personal accounts and experiences you'd be willing to share?

Again, I'm not looking for a debate or anything; I just want to listen. I'm full of questions, so hit me with some real, honest answers. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! :-)
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over a year ago adavila said…
just make the character a stereotypical atheist
over a year ago cowgirlfromhell said…
I honestly don't know what a stereotypical atheist is, stereotypes are bad, like Satanists for example, people think that they worship Satan when thet actually don't believe in a God or the Devil, they're for indulgence. My English techer also said to avoid stereotypes when writing a story aswell, after all, it could be an atheist reading it and they mightn't like what you've said.

Anyway, it's atheists you want not Satanists =P
Atheists don't believe in a deity, that's pretty much it really. Most of the atheists I know respect other people's religious beliefs but don't really like Bible Bashers.
I can't really think of anything else...ask any questions.
over a year ago TEMPEBREN said…
First off I don't think people who believe are stupid, it's just that I don't agree or believe and if you want to believe that's totally fine, just don't try to force it on me. I don't know if this is going to help but I tell you some of the reasons I am Atheist.. I have been an Atheist since I was about 12 yrs, I realized "god" had no control over this world, and if he does he's doing a pretty shity job. I've seen so much pain, on family, friends, the world in general, and began to think if there was "someone" out there why was he just sitting around watching horrible crap happen, what kind of nasty guy doesn’t do a thing if he is all powerful, why does he let his so called “children” suffer? What kind of god makes people with faults and then punishes them for their faults? But the response I get it is the world’s suffering is the work of man, but if that is true and you believe in god, he made man, so in turn, is it not the work of God? I guess I just have are really really difficult time believing there is some supernatural Man “up there” looking at us from the clouds, watching people die of hunger, disease, poverty and yet, he does nothing.
over a year ago adavila said…
so how is the novel doing
over a year ago misanthrope86 said…
I can't believe I have only just seen this now!

I would argue that there is no stereotypical Atheist. Like any group of people, we are extremely heterogeneous.

I have never believed in any form of god. I just don't find the arguments believable. Just like some Christians probably find the stories of Bhuddists and Wiccans unbelievable.

I also have HUGE political issues with pathriarchal religions.
over a year ago Dearheart said…
Hi guys! Sorry for taking so ridiculously long to get back to you (five months! OUCH!).

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded or sent me a message; it really helped me out. I'm still having a bit of trouble with the story, but it's just writer's block now, lol. But thanks for putting up with me and being willing to talk to me. I really appreciate it! :-) If you have anything more to share, don't hesitate!
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over a year ago SG1-090 said…
Well, i don't believe in god because....i just don't. I know quite abit about lots of different religions and really like Buddhism but i still don't actually believe in their mytholodgy it's not a choice it's just what it is i just happen to not believe in any of these things.

They aren't based on fact, just stories handed down and altered over hundreds of years from the same times when the ancient Greeks believed gods came down from the sky took human form and interacted and effected daily lives if they were given sacrifices. Not to say these beliefs are any less valid then any other religion but none have any proof or scientific fact backing them whats so ever.

So for me it's like some guy just came up with this story and just because it's really old i'm supposed to believe it? and What makes that particular story more valid than that other story with slight differences? A change of name here change of belief there? Why is this story the right one? Just because? Just because i was brought up this way - no that just doesn't sit.

In my school when we were really young we had a minister/father i'm not sure, come to our school every so often and we were told to pray and we went as a school to church every easter and christmas. Honestly i didn't get it i heard the words but just thought it was this weird (quite frankly boring) thing i had to sit through just because everyone else sat through it to.

I get that for some people god is really important and i have no objection to the belief in a higher power or powers - i mean how the hell am i supposed to know if there is or isn't one right? What i will never understand is why some people are so convinced that they know that this higher being likes this or hates that? Like what the hell?
How can you even begin to know that? What most religions describe is this all knowing all powerful being/beings so far above us that we can't even begin to understand and now they're telling me that they and they alone of all the other religions out there have got his/her/their wish/command completely right - that they completely understand what this higher being is all about? ERm okay...don't see how that's possible considering how much lower we are compared to them!

What can i say the whole thing just doesn't make sense to me? The hardcore scientologists KNOW they're right - with no proof - the hardcore muslims KNOW they're right - with no proof - the hardcore christains KNOW they're right - with no proof. I mean it just seems to me that everyone know's they're right - and with absolutely no proof!

As an atheist i believe that just as we couldn't explain earthquakes thousands of years ago but through time, learning and a growth in intelligence we came to understand them, we will also come to understand the nature of the greater puzzels we face now. The evolution of man - a theory once laughed at and ridiculed - now has a genetic and visible line of progression through skeletons found all over the earth as well as being supported by dna comparisons. We might not have all the answers but that doesn't mean one day we won't if we just give it time and keep thinking logically.

What will happen after death? I don't know. But well one of the laws of physics says that energy is neither created nor destroyed mearly transferred. So if thought and brain activity is a type of energy (well we don't know but its a scientific best guess so far) then perhaps the energy will be transferred somewhere else or released into the atmostphere and we just simply stop being? Some stuff is really quite out there and as of yet i don't know where i sit but i do find it interesting to talk about! Probably realistically we stop being - makes the most sense to me.

Well thats basically my thinking in the subject there is more but yeh that's basically it.
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over a year ago xgirl101 said…
It is just like being anyone else,It not like we have a weird view of the world...
I grown up in a Christian home and I was "Forced" to celebrate the holidays against my will to set a "example" For my little sis.
My view of the world is basically the same as yours except i dont have a god.

And i don't believe in god because I think very poorly of the bibles and also I don't see any science behind anything religion has to offer, to me I don't believe in it because uh uh uh (Brain Freeze.) I think the things god says to do and done are impossible. Oh and another reason is because of this question that I'll never get a answer to. "Who created God and were did he get these powers."

Also a weird thing I believe is in reincarnation but that is aside from the subject.

(Oh too help you with the story not many atheists go to church, not saying all religious people do.)
over a year ago mooimafish17 said…
I think you can be a good person, and not believe in good. I have very strong morals!