1. That the supposed "donuts" in the PokeMon T.V. show are actually riceballs? People in 일본 eat 쌀 -- and lots of it, too.

2. That the Pokemon comic book outsells any other comic book, including X-Men? This feat has been acomplished 의해 selling the comic at toy and video stores.

3. That after Pokemon was released, sales of Nintendo's GameBoy system jumped 249%!

4. Even though Jessie and James act like they're all cool and old, they're both actually only 17 years old!

5. Contrary to the beleif of "PokeMon" being a japanese word, it's not. The word is actually an amalgram of the two English words: "Pocket Monster". The name was changed because people felt the name was too close to an existing property called "Monster in your Pocket".

6. That the maximum amount of points 당신 can receive in Pokemon Snap is 17,378,000.

7. That when Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, its swirl changes direction.

8. That Pokemon episode number 35, "The Ledgendary Dratini", got banned in the U.S. because too many 총 were shown in the episode?

9. That when pikachus meet, instead of shaking hands 또는 rubbing noses, they interlock their tails.

10. That even though on Red/Blue versions, even though 포켓몬스터 don't show what genders they are, that 당신 can still tell wether a 포켓몬스터 is a male 또는 female? First 당신 must catch a Pokémon. If the Pokemon has a high attack rating, it's a male, but if it's defense is high, it's a female! Pokemon such as the ledgendary birds, Mewtwo, 또는 mew, don't have genders.

11. That the 포켓몬스터 TCG for game boy has a typo? The card "Ninetales" is spelled "Ninetails", which is incorrect!