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posted by kbrand5333
Part 15: link

    Arthur plunges his head under the warm spray of the shower, thoroughly rinsing the remains of the shaving cream and bits of hair down the tub drain. Gwen stands back slightly, just watching the water run in rivulets down his body, chasing through the lines of his muscled torso, shimmering against the dragon on his shoulder.
    “Come here, you,” he growls seductively, reaching for her, pulling her into the warmth of his arms and the water. “You’re so cold! I’m sorry, I’m hogging the water.”
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    Merlin removes his coat, tosses it carelessly on the 코트 hanger and makes his way to the kitchen. He is back in his own apartment. He wasn’t planning to do so but after the meeting with Uther, he couldn’t bring himself back to Arthur’s, at least for now. First he needs to freshen himself up. Too much happened in the last twenty-four hours, and he really could use some time for himself. He pours himself a good cup of milk, fishes out a cookie from the jar and walks back to his room. He takes a huge chunk from the cookie and munches as his brain works the events...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 7: link

    Arthur climbs back into the bed, snuggling against her now, his head on her chest.
    “Shit,” he suddenly says, getting up again.
    “What?” she asks, sitting up as well, holding the sheet to her chest.
    “Have to pee,” he says, wandering to the bathroom.
    Guinevere chuckles and lays back down.
    Iggy comes bounding into the room, hopping up onto the bed, graceful despite his plumpness.
    “Hello, Baby,” Gwen says, sitting...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 1: link

    “Arthur,” Gwen gasps as his lips connect with her neck, 키싱 a hot, wet trail from her ear to her collarbone, sending a thrill through her center. She reaches up and caresses the side of his head, the bare stubble there tickling her fingers as she gently holds him against her.
    How did I end up beneath him on my couch, 키싱 like we’re both desperate for each other? Oh, that’s right. I invited him in for brunch. 브런치 that never got made, because he said my name and my knees turned to water and he came up behind me and...
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"The Kindness of Strangers"

I can't believe the lack of excitement about this episode. I guess it's what should be expected after we wore ourselves out last week running the gamut of emotions on that one.

We know there will be something of Arwen in this, but not much. Merlin will be center stage which is fine. Well, we shall see. I'm not even going to bother to put up a picture yet until afterwards as the only one of interest to us---well, I want to see for sure what that is all about first.

OK, that's all I have to say. See 당신 all after.
posted by kbrand5333
Part 11: link

    “Morgana, where would 당신 like to go for 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 tonight?” Uther Pendragon asks from behind his massive mahogany desk, not looking up from the ledger in front of him.
    “I won’t be joining 당신 for 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 tonight, Father,” she answers.
    “No? 당신 have plans? With whom?”
    “I’m taking Arthur out. I do want to see him while I am in town, 당신 know.”
    “Arthur who?” Uther asks coldly.
    “Your son,” she 답변 back, just as cold....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 25: link

    Gwen heads 집 after work Wednesday, exhausted from spending the bulk of the afternoon moving into her new office.
    Office. I have a bloody office. My own window. My own desk. My own four walls, and a door that closes.
    She reaches the corner, and while she waits for the traffic, she happens to look ahead and sees the lads out in their gathering place instead of the 샵 and the pub. So she goes straight instead of turning right, heading for them.
    “Slackers,” she declares as she reaches...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

    “Stay,” he asks, taking her hands in his.
    “Arthur, I’d 사랑 to…”
    “But, I have to work tomorrow morning. I have nothing to wear, no toothbrush, and no car. You’ll have to take me home,” she says gently.
    “I suppose you’re right.”
    “But if 당신 want to pack yourself a small bag…”
    He hops up before she even finishes her sentence and heads back to the bedroom and bathroom to carelessly...
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Hey, hey, hey. I haven't been around because of this power outage and I'm sure I've missed quite a lot so can't wait to get back and find out what I've been missing. My hubby let me use some of the generator power (modem on a surge protector) to get online for awhile and to get emails, etc. So naturally one of the first things on my list is to set up our episode discussion for this week. Crossing fingers to be able to see it before the 일 is over! I see electric utility workers down the street!!!!!!

Hope everybody enjoys this episode coming, and I hope to read up on the 다음 two asap because...
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I'm opening up "The Game" to reader requests. If there's someplace 당신 want me to put our 아기 and make them do naughty things, PM me.

However, I have rules, of course:
1. It must be interesting.
2. It must be meaningful.
3. It must be within their "world." No A/Us will be considered for this one.

And don't forget, it needs to be a place for which one of the pair can leave a hint for the other to find. So Spontaneous Acts of Lust cannot be considered, sorry.

I am very particular, as most of 당신 already know, so I reserve the right to select the ones that appeal to me. If 당신 send me one and I do not use it, do not be offended. There's a chance I may yet get to it. If I don't, sorry.

I promise I will give credit where due, and if 더 많이 than one person sends me the same idea, I will credit all names.

So get crackin'. If 당신 want more, 당신 gotta help me out!

사랑 당신 all,
posted by kbrand5333
Part 19: link

    Emrys. The voice sounds in Merlin’s head and he looks about, searching with his eyes and his gift. He recognizes the voice, and it sends the slightest chill through him.
    Mordred? he calls back.
    Yes, Emrys. I understand 당신 wish to speak with me.
    “Arthur,” Merlin calls, catching up to Arthur. “I… I need to go on an errand.”
    “An errand, Merlin? We’re nearly home!”
    “Just came up.”
    “How could it ‘just...
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posted by arthurlover7
Part-1 link

Hey sorry I have not updated in a while. I have been frequently working an all three of my 팬 fictions little 의해 little at a time, so I have a little bit done for each of them but none of them are done fully. But I am trying to finish them so thank 당신 all for being patient and I will try and update some 더 많이 today.
And I hope this first part of the chapter get's 당신 hooked and thrown off the edge of your seat. Enjoy


As I kissed him I never felt such feelings before. I HAVE to feel this way, I NEED to feel this way, I MUST feel this way because I HAVE NO CHOICE. One man,...
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Part 15: link

    “Where are we?” Gwen sits up, rubbing her eyes. She looks out the window and sees… nothing noteworthy. The land is brown and flat. Flatter than any land she’s ever seen before. All around are farm fields, recently harvested.
    “Illinois,” Arthur says. “Did 당신 sleep well?” he turns and smiles fondly at her, all rumpled and sleepy.
    “Well enough,” she says, stretching.
    “Do 당신 need a break? Rest room? Stretch your legs?”
    “That would be nice,”...
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Part 13: link

    Post office
    Try to find a winter 코트 (may have to wait till we get there)
    Don’t forget Mama’s dress

    Gwen is making a list of things she needs to do and/or remember before Saturday, 4:30 a.m. Her doorbell rings, breaking her train of thought.
    “Who could that be at this hour?” she mutters to herself. It’s 10:15 in the morning, everyone should be at work.
    She opens the door and is faced with a bouquet of roses. “Guinevere Thompson?”...
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Part 2- link


I woke up early this morning, dreading what was to come. I looked out my window to see the light peaking through the horizon, barely peaking through the horizon, trying to let it's light through, but the large 언덕, 힐 and trees stood in it's way. After a moment of watching this the light burst through the tree's flooding warmth all over my face and through out the land. After watching this it lead my mind to think, “huh, that light is just like us. Trying to let it's 사랑 and warmth spread throughout the kingdom, and letting the people, the trees and the hills know that it's...
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Title: A Night of Passion + Booze = A Baby
Author: ella-rose88
Word Count: 493
Rating: PG. light M (mention of sexual relations)
Characters/Pairings: Arthur & Gwen.
Spoilers/Warnings: Modern/AU fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin, it belongs to BBC and Shine. If I did it would have ended very differently and A/G would have had 3 children!
Summary: A surprise is in store for Arthur and Gwen...
A/N: This was written as part of the link over at link. The prompt was: Arthur/Guinevere and stupidity from 2sam11.

As always, 코멘트 and feedback are greatly encouraged and appreciated!


God, I can’t...
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posted by ellarose88
Title: They Grow Up So Fast
Author: ellarose88
Word Count: 298
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Gwen, OCs Arthur & Gwen.
Spoilers/Warnings: Modern/AU fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin, it belongs to BBC and Shine. If I did it would have ended very differently and A/G would have had 3 children!
Summary: Arthur and Gwen's son has an announcement to make!
A/N: This was written as part of the link over at link. The prompt was: "But Dad! We're in love" from rainbow-connec.

As always, 코멘트 and feedback are greatly encouraged and appreciated!


“But daddy! We’re in love!” Arthur...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 3: link

    “And, finally, we have six men wishing to petition for knighthood,” Leon finishes his report, standing and addressing the round table.
    “Worthy candidates?” Gwen asks, looking up at him.
    “I believe so, my lady,” Leon says, lifting a different parchment and looking at it. “Lord Clifton’s son Devon, Lord Ackerly’s son Lander, Lord Ulmer’s son Hyde, and then Judson the baker’s son, Oakley, who’s mother is, oddly enough, Lord Ackerly’s maid – apparently his father has passed…”
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posted by sportyshuie

    Merlin struggled with Arthur’s weight but his determination to get the king to the shores of Avalon was 더 많이 pressing than his concern of the burden. Almost dragging the king now, Merlin reaches the 보트 that will take Arthur to Avalon.

    “What are 당신 doing, young warlock?” Kilgarrah asks, looking at Merlin interestedly.

    “I’m taking Arthur to Avalon, to cure him,” Merlin says amid his struggle. He lays Arthur on the ground and pulls the 보트 closer.

    “But it is not his time, Merlin.”...
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Here is the issue I am having and have been having for weeks. I don't believe Arthur dies in the conventional sense. I know, weird as that sounds. I simply don't for various reasons I will not go into, most of them are fiscal and having a kind of understanding. Yeah, I will leave it there. So don't bother asking lol. I hate repeating myself, ask HQ lol. One thing that irritates the crap out of me are those not prepared to think for themselves. No time for it.

Enough about me.

As to the actual legend, there is no Albion without Arthur and Guinevere actually. Murphy twists it to suit his Queenly...
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