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posted by anviange
Is this your first interview?
Are 당신 nervous?
Your producers issued a statement
calling Ishaqzaade the most promising
debutant production of the year.
What they are saying is, 당신 are the
guy to watch out for, the next
probable superstar. What sort of
pressure does that put on you?
You will find stardom at some point, if
you work towards being a successful
actor. I'm fine with expectations. I'd
rather they say that about me than
something not nice. But it takes years to
become a star. Salman Khan is one.
Right now, I just want to be an actor.
They've been cagey about sharing
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posted by anviange
Virus Diwan Movie
Virus Diwan is an upcoming sci-fi movie,starring Arjun
kapoor as Virus Diwan,directed 의해 Bumpy and produced
by Ashish Patil under Aditya Chopra's Y-Films.The
movie is a tech-based caper, which is the story of
India's youngest and most twisted hacker titled 'Virus
Diwan'.Virus Diwan release 날짜 Announce in 2013.
virus diwan movie Story
The movie is a tech-based caper, which is the story of
India's youngest and most twisted hacker titled 'Virus
Diwan'. With a tagline that reads 'Enter. Infect. Escape',
this all about Internet hacking, which is rampant today.
But not many know what hacking...
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posted by anviange
A tall, erudite, Punjabi boy 다음 door, aware
of his reality, duty and ambition yet, 로스트 in a
distant world - as he hopes to become a writer
someday. A writer, compassionate about the
world around him... a world where he wants
to make a difference with his words... without
being preachy.
Raised 의해 an overbearing Punjabi mother and
an alcoholic father, theonly reason Krish is
home, is for his mother. They find the solace
of a family with each other. He would not do
anything against her wishes 또는 do something
that would hurt her.
However, much to the chagrin of his mother,
Krish falls in 사랑 with Ananya,...
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Their laugh-a-minute Koffee With Karan appearance
may have led 당신 to believe that Gunday co-stars Arjun
Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are the best of 프렌즈 but
the truth, it seems, may be far from it.
We hear that the actors don't talk anymore 또는 even
want to see each other. A TV commercial that was to
be filmed later this 월 has reportedly been
postponed because Ranveer and Arjun refused to shoot
together. (Also read: Priyanka Chopra: Ranveer Singh,
Arjun Kapoor are true 프렌즈 )
According to a source, "Arjun was to fly down to Turkey
and Ranveer, who is on a cruise in 유럽 for Zoya
Akhtar's Dil Dhadakne...
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posted by anviange
The 제목 of the film is modeled on common Hindi
slangs ending in zaade (meaning "son of" in Persian
influenced languages such as Hindi and Urdu) for
example, haraamzaade (meaning "rascal" or
"bastard" modelled on shahzaade "son of a king" or
"prince") with the first part of the name Ishaq being a
vulgar pronunciation of Ishq (meaning "passionate
romantic love"). The 제목 may be loosely translated
as "Rebel Lovers" (literally "Children of Love").
Ishaqzaade depicts the passionate 사랑 story of two
defiant, rebellious individuals. The Chauhans and the
Qureshis are two political families whose rivalry...
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Arjun Kapoor’s uncle and producer-director Sanjay
kapoor says that the actor is outstanding in action
Actor-turned-producer Sanjay Kapoor says his
newphew actor Arjun Kapoor has improved with every
film and that he is best in action roles.
Sanjay is producing ‘Tevar’ starring Arjun and
Sonakshi Sinha, which is the remake of a south film
“As a person there are no changes in him as such. On
film front, he has improved with every film. He has
carried both intense as well as romantic characters
very well. He has played different kind of roles in all
his films varying from ‘Ishaqzaade’,...
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