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This is an 기사 about my friend. So basically her mom is like the most annoying mom ever. Yesterday her mom was yelling at the 상단, 맨 위로 of the stairs for her older brother and she woke my friend up. When she came down to reprimand her mom the first thing she said was "Come on! Get moving, check the school website... I want 당신 done in half an hour." After my friend refused her mom called her dad. When my friend talked to her dad her dad was on her side. When her mom heard that she took my 프렌즈 phone.

The worst part about this is this isn't the first time. Her mom does this ALL the time. Could 당신 imagine having a mom like that? I went of to my 프렌즈 house to comfort her. What a sad 일 it was for her. Her mom took her phone away within fifteen 분 of the time my friend woke up.

Leave a 코멘트 if something like this has ever happened to you
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