Funimation is one of the 더 많이 well known dubbing companies.
I'm sorry... but I have to get this off of my chest.

Anyone who is familiar with me will know that, when it comes to 아니메 shows, I always watch the english dub. I only watch 아니메 with subs if the 아니메 hasn't been dubbed yet (which is usually the case for most of the 아니메 I watch) 또는 has been dubbed 의해 a company I don't trust (I'm looking at you, Ocean Productions).

However, it seems that according to the 팬 of anime, watching english dubs is a sin against god. They think that the english language is terrible and would prefer the japanese language. Honestly, this makes me sick. It makes me sick to my stomach, and it pisses me off to absolutely no end at all.

People who hate english dubs will often use these arguments whenever on the subject.

"Subtitles give 당신 the same experience the japanese viewers received"

Sorry, but no. The experience 당신 get from subtitles is no better than watching it english dubbed. In fact, it's worse, since not only are 당신 unable to understand the voices, the stupid text at the bottom blocks the art. Do 당신 think that the japanese watched it with text at the bottom?

Also, when I watch 아니메 with subtitles, 당신 know what experience I get? I get the experience of 읽기 a book. As someone who enjoys 읽기 Stephen King books, I don't want that. I want the experience of watching a TV show, since that's exactly what I'm doing.

"The 아니메 is censored when it's dubbed"

당신 know what? Yeah. You're right. Some 아니메 is censored when translated into english. 당신 want to know WHY that is?

It's because the company in charge of dubbing is... oh, I don't know, AIMING IT TOWARDS KIDS?! Most of the 아니메 팬 I know of are teenagers (usually around my age) 또는 young adults (usually around the age of 20). Companies like DiC and 4Kids! aren't aiming the dubbed 아니메 at teenagers and young adults. They're aiming it at kids.

If they see something that they deem inappropriate for little kids, they'll 편집 it out. It was the case with DiC and Sailor Moon (yes, I am aware that Sailor Uranus and Neptune are cousins in the dub and not lesbians. Frankly, it's a change that I can live with), and it was the case with 4Kids! and most of the 아니메 they dubbed.

"The original japanese voices are always the best"

To those that use this argument... did 당신 even go to school?

I guess not, because if 당신 did, you'd know the definition of the word "original". Original means that it came first, not that it's better. I haven't watched Cowboy Bebop, but I know that most 팬 consider the english dub 의해 Viz Media to be superior to the original japanese dub.

Being the original doesn't mean that it's any better. Saying that the japanese dub is better is pretty much the equivalent of saying "The original 거리 Fighter II is better than Super 거리 Fighter II Turbo" 또는 "The original Resident Evil on PS1 is better than Resident Evil REmake on the Gamecube".

Subtitles provide a 더 많이 accurate translation

Alright, I'll admit that this argument DOES hold a little water. Sometimes, whenever an 아니메 is dubbed, the script does get a change 또는 two. However, that's usually because that certain part of the script doesn't exactly translate well.

Here's an example. In One Piece, there was a moment where Zoro referred to Nami as a "komono", which means "little servant". "Little servant" implies that whoever was called that had child-like features, hence why Sanji thought that Zoro called Nami flat-chested (which we know isn't true). The joke doesn't exactly translate well in english. At least Funimation gave it a shot.

"Funimation/Manga Entertainment/4Kids!/Ocean Productions/*insert dubbing company here* always uses the same voice actors over an over again"

I don't really know about that. Last time I checked, japanese voice actors had just as many, if not more, roles as american voice actors. Romi Park and Vic Mignogna have almost the same amount of 아니메 roles.

Besides, I think it's good that voice actors are used over and over again. It shows that the voice actor has skill and can voice many different characters. It's the reason why Christopher Sabat is my 가장 좋아하는 english voice actor.

"The japanese voice actors are way better"

Let me ask 당신 this. Are 당신 japanese? Can 당신 understand japanese? Can 당신 recognize when japanese voices are good? No? Then shut the hell up, because 당신 are in absolutely no position to say that.

Breaking out of the realm of 아니메 and jumping into the realm of video games for a little bit, I want 당신 to listen to both the english voice 연기 and japanese voice 연기 of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (only for the Capcom characters, since the Marvel characters always speak english).

Compare Chris Redfield's japanese voice to his english voice.

Compare Morrigan's japanese voice to her english voice.

Compare Spencer's japanese voice to his english voice.

Compare Phoenix Wright / Naruhodo-kun's japanese voice to his english voice.

Chris Redfield's japanese voice sounds laughably bad. However, I will cut him some slack, since Chris has never been voiced in japanese before. The japanese releases of the Resident Evil games always had the characters speak in english with japanese subtitles.

Morrigan's japanese voice tries way, way, WAY too hard to sound "sexy", "seductive", and "orgasmic". Seriously, it sounds like she's taking a good dump and having an orgasm at the same time. Disappointing, since her voice in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom kicked ass.

Spencer's japanese voice is just... ugh. No words can describe how horrible it is. Sorry, but the epic line known as "BIONIC AAAAAAAARRRRRMMMMM" clearly wasn't made to be said in japanese.

Phoenix Wright / Naruhodo-kun's japanese voice sounds like he just drank over 9000 (no pun intended) cups of coffee, which is ironic, since Wright isn't exactly a 팬 of hot coffee being thrown at him.

Try telling me that japanese voices are always better after listening to those.

Those were some of the arguments that sub 연인들 use against dubs. Needless to say, they're all stupid.

Now, let me say this. Whenever I watch anime, I want to WATCH it. With subtitles, 당신 have to take your eyes to the bottom of the damn screen (thus causing 당신 to miss something going on) and READ. If I wanted to READ, I'd grab my freaking Stephen King 책 off my shelf. I seriously cannot stress this enough. 아니메 is for WATCHING, not READING. I want to WATCH anime. WATCH it, not READ it.

And some of 당신 will probably say "Oh, it won't matter if you're a fast reader". NO, motherfuckers. It DOES matter. And I say that as a fast reader who can scan his eyeballs across the screen fairly quickly.

Anyways, I hope that this rant convinces 당신 that english dubs aren't as bad as the retards out there make them out to be. I will close this with a quote.

"I'd rather not READ a TV show" -Vic Mignogna
Cowboy Bebop is said to have an english dub that is superior to the japanese dub.
In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, characters like Firebrand and Nemesis are blessed with not having a stupid japanese voice.
For those that desire to read, there's a little certain something called "Manga".
헤타리아 팬 consider the english dub to be superior due to the fact that it contains accents.
English dubs of hentai 아니메 tend to suck (with the exception of La Blue Girl, which has a "so bad it's good" dub).
When dubbing Sailor Moon, DiC considered the idea of 레즈비언 too mature for little kids, hence why Sailor Neptune and Uranus are cousins in the dub, not lesbian 연인들 like in the original japanese dub.
Thankfully, mistakes like this definitely never occur in english dubs.