This is my opinion! I realize that what I view as attractive is a little different from the classic broad shouldered, chiseled featured 디즈니 hero. So don't attack me. However I'd be glad to hear your comments. Here goes...

15. Taran - The Black Cauldron (Disney)
Taran makes it in as number 15. He's sweet and 메리다와 마법의 숲 and willing to sacrifice everything to save Eilonwy. But he's 더 많이 cute than Hot.

14. Sinbad - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (Dreamworks)
This dashing pirate, voiced 의해 Brad Pitt is one sexy animal. He's a scoundrel but he's as loyal as a dog and for that he gets 14th place.

13. Tulio and Miguel - The Road to El Dorado (dreamworks)
Tulio and Miguel tie for 13th place because I just can't choose between them. Miguel is a wide eyed romantic and Tulio is the moody realist. Can I have them both?

12. Milo Thatch - Atlantis: The 로스트 Empire (Disney)
Milo Thatch, voiced 의해 Michael J 여우 may be a bookish professor, but he's eager for adventure. Also look at those arms!

11. 알라딘 - 알라딘 (Disney)
He's exotic, charming, and willing to help a stranger in need. For all this he wins 11th place.

10. Garrett - Quest for Camelot (Warner Brothers)
Who doesn't 사랑 a blind guy especially one that can command the forest and sing like Garrett. I'd 사랑 for him to see the world through my eyes.

9. Prince Edward - 마법에 걸린 사랑 (Disney)
Prince Edward is the perfect 디즈니 prince, the blue eyes, the dashing smile the carefully styled floppy hair. In his own words "What's not to like?".

8. Flynn Rider - 라푼젤 (Disney)
Master thief Flynn Rider may not be a prince, but he proves he has a princely 심장 when it comes to Rapunzel. Also, I can't resist the smolder. So Rider, 당신 get 8th place.

7. Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet (Disney)
Jim Hawkins may seem like a bad boy at first but he has a 심장 of gold and a sense of adventure, for that he get's 7th place.

6. Kovu - Lion King: Simba's Pride (Disney)
Kovu mat be the Lion King version of Romeo Montague but he is much 더 많이 lovable. Don't 당신 want to just give him a hug?

5. Hiccup - How To Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks)
I 사랑 this adorable viking underdog but really it's his voice. Amazing voice actor 어치, 제이 Baruchel wins Hiccup 5th place.

4. Zuco - Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nickelodeon)
The tortured prince, how can 당신 not fall in 사랑 with this melancholy character? And what 아바타 팬 hasn't wished they could run their fingers finger through his floppy hair.

3. Chululongkorn - The King and I (Warner Brothers)
This kick boxing crown prince wins 3rd for his belief in the importance of 사랑 and for having his 셔츠 of for most of the movie.

2. Cale - Titan A.E. (20th Century Fox)
This 우주 refugee is ruffled but not broken and that just makes him sexier. Matt Damon lends his voice and that make it better. Congrats Cale on 2nd place.

1. Dimitri - 아나스타샤 (20th Century Fox)
I'm a sucker for this early 20th century con-man, his clothes, his wit, his charm, and the fact he's voiced 의해 John Cusack make him my number one animated Hottie.