I'm ill- I'm bored. Animated 영화 are actually most of the 영화 I watch, I barely watch live action, so I decided to write artcile about my favorites.

Here's the list from 20- 10

20. Wall-e
19. Cars
18. Hecules
17. Up
16. The Emperor's groove
15. Tarzan
14. Aladdin
13. Lady and the Tramp
12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
11. Madagascar

10. Cinderella
Congratulations Cindy, 당신 made it to the 상단, 맨 위로 10! 당신 are pure awesome. I just 사랑 this movie. I remember those great days when I had 3 영화 on my VHS and one of them was Cinderella. What makes this movie so great to me is her. She is just elegant and pretty, kind and romantic, and I think she is one the best role models. I 사랑 her story, minus annoying mice, and I think 더 많이 romantic 영화 should be beautiful, yet simple like this one.

9. Lion King
Seems quite clichee having this movie in top, but hey, what to say, this movie is really great. I absolutely adored it when I was kid. Characters, story, music. It could easily be one of my favorites, but I watched it too much in my childhood and now it's a bit boring to me.

8. Treasure planet
I remeber when I saw this movie for the first time. I had 10 years and I absolutelly loved it. What makes movie awesome is mostly Jim. He is cool, handsome and 당신 can really feel his emotions and how 로스트 he feels. I also really like John Silver, although I'm still not sure what's the thing with him is he supposed to be villain 또는 not. Nevertheless, story is awkward, but I like it, I 사랑 emotions in this movie and it's really great film that'll never get boring to me

7. 슈렉
Wonder which one? Of course the first. The 초 and thrid are OK, Ii mean 2nd and 3rd are too, but at least they tried to hide it. I 사랑 the idea of the story. Main character is an ogre, 당신 know, ugly, dirty thing that is supposed to be a villain, and he gets a beautiful princess in the end. What I like about this movie the most is that Fiona turned into an ogre too. So the story is super original and interesting, characters are funny (minus Eddie Murphy) and 음악 is absolutely great.

6.Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
What I 사랑 about Legend of the seven seas are the characters. I adore every single character, ecpecially Eris. Story is amazing.Every scene is so interesting that I can't stop watching it even when I have to go the bathroom. They have great voice cast and score is kick-ass, especially when sirens arrive.

Lets be honest, I 사랑 this movie only because of the 아나스타샤 and Dimitri. Who cares about people that are starving, Anja trying to find the family and identity, broken grandma who only wants her sweet little granddaughter back, as long as 아나스타샤 and Dimitri are together. They are one of rare couples when I 사랑 both of the characters. They are so good that I can forget mildly bad songs, not so great 애니메이션 and boring characters that are not 아나스타샤 and Dimitri.

4.Hunchback of Notre Dame
Another movie I saw when I was really young and no one was able to tell me what's the name of it. So I grew up and this movie was forgotten. One day, as I was surfing the internet, I finally found it and we were happily reunited. I 사랑 every part of this movie. The 음악 and score are amazing and 의해 far the best of 디즈니 movies. The story is great (of course when it's written 의해 Victor Hugo) and characters are great -minus annoying gargoyles. This movie could have easily been my 가장 좋아하는 animated movie if they didn't killed Hugo's book. Hugo>Disney.

For sake of not being biased I'm going to put it only on 3rd place. No, really, it's not great as the 다음 two.I remeber when I first saw it. My best friend suggested it to me, and I wasn't really impressed 의해 the sound of it. But, after I watched, I was absloutely amazed and since than, it's my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 movie, and 뮬란 kicked 재스민 속, 재 스민 form the throne. It'll never get boring to me. I watched it five times this month, and I'm still clapping whenever something exciting happens. It really has special place in my heart, which is unusal, because I don't easily attach for the things I didn't saw in childhood.

2.Prince od Egypt
It's the way to tell Biblical story. The animators did it beautifully. The story itself is beautiful, but what I like about this movie the most is music. The soundtrack in this movie is the best soundtrack, like ever. Movie brings emotions, action and every scene is just so great animated,which makes it one really memorable movie.

1. Spirit- Stallion of Cimarion
I actually don't know why I 사랑 this movie so much. Characters aren't really outstanding, the only character I like is captain, umm... I don't know. What makes movie so great is Bryan Adams <3 노래 in it. Sure these song are not half as good as those he made before, but soundtrack is still amazing. The movie has it's dull moments, but all in all, it's great. It has lot action and it's very emotional. It made me cry, which says a lot, because I almost never cry. I didn't cried when I thought Rain died like most did, I wasn't even upset, I cried during " Sound the bugle" when Spirit gave up on everything. So, all in all, this movie is just plain beautiful, the story, animation, 음악 and it will never be kicked from the top