The 쥐, 마우스 and His Child is a novel 의해 Russell Hoban, first published in 1967 and is the most well known of Hoban's works. It was adapted in 1977 into an American-Japanese animated film.
The 쥐, 마우스 and child are a pair of toy mice, joined 의해 the hands and operated 의해 clockwork. The story charts their beginning in a toy store, their purchase, discarding, and pursuit 의해 a malicious 쥐 named Manny who runs a casino and uses broken toys as his labor force, and ultimately, their quest to become self-winding.
This movie has been a favourite of mine since I first saw it as a young child. It differs from a lot of children's stories in that it explores such philosophical topics. From the psychic frog, to the 질문 of infinity - a dog 음식 can features numerous times throughout the movie, and the characters speculate that some profound wisdom lies beyond the 'last visible dog' A very eloquent metaphor symbolising their journey.
The 음악 is provided 의해 Roger Kellaway, featuring a lovely introductory song that is beautifully reflective lyrically of the tale itself.
This movie is highly thought-provoking with its powerful themes, and is frequently disturbing due to its portrayal of life's utter cruelty. It is as far removed from 디즈니 as it's possible to be, this is a dark and poignant tale, once viewed, it is unforgettable.
"A dog shall rise: a 쥐 shall fall"