Below is a look into (1.08) "I Will Remember You", a Season One episode from "ANGEL":

"ANGEL" RETROSPECTIVE: (1.08)"I Will Remember You"

One of the most 인기 episodes to air on "ANGEL" is the eighth episode of Season One called (1.08) "I Will Remember You". This particular episode served as a follow-up to the Season Four "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" episode, (4.08) "Pangs" in which Angel, the vampire with a soul, had paid a surreptitious visit to Sunnydale in order to protect his former love, vampire slayer Buffy Summers, from a malignant spirit during the Thanksgiving holidays.

After Buffy had learned of Angel’s visit to Sunnydale, she pays a visit of her own to Angel’s detective office in Los Angeles. There, she confronts him about his surreptitious assistance back in Sunnydale. They are attacked 의해 a Mohra demon. When 앤젤 kills the demon, he is restored to mortality 의해 its powerful blood. After The Oracles - a link to The Powers That Be - confirms that 앤젤 is human again, 앤젤 and Buffy spend a blissful night together. Unfortunately, Doyle receives a vision that the Mohra demon has regenerated itself. Instead of recruiting Buffy, 앤젤 leaves her to kill the demon for good. In the ensuing battle, 앤젤 discovers the consequences of having only human strength. Buffy must come to his rescue and slay the demon herself. 앤젤 returns to The Oracles, who that if he remains human, Buffy will face the minions of darkness alone and die much sooner. They agree to turn back time, so that Angel, accepting the entire cost of the bargain, can kill the Mohra before its blood makes him human. They also inform him that Buffy’s memories of their 일 together will erase once time is turned back.

I might as well be frank. I really dislike this episode. I almost hate it. Honestly. And although I am not a 팬 of the Buffy/Angel relationship, the one thing I truly dislike about this episode is the paternalistic manner in which 앤젤 treats Buffy, once he agrees to the Oracles’ bargain. One, I suspect that 앤젤 could not deal having human strength. It still amazes me that many 팬 have castigated Riley Finn for being unable to deal with Buffy being stronger than him; and yet in this particular episode, 앤젤 seemed to be suffering from the same problem. Then he does something even worse 의해 making that deal with the Powers to resume being a vampire . . . after being told that Buffy would have no memories of their 일 together. As far as I am concerned, he committed psychic rape via the Oracles and the Powers to Be. Even worse, he only told Buffy about his decision . . . 초 before she 로스트 her memories.

Some 팬 have used Buffy’s alleged desire for a "knight in shinning armor" as an excuse for Angel’s behavior. Many of these 팬 still view Buffy as that 16-18 year-old featured in the series’ first three seasons. And apparently, so does Angel. I really do not see how this desire of Buffy is supposed to condone 또는 excuse Angel's decision to becoming a vampire again at the expense of Buffy’s memories. Others point out that the Oracles had informed 앤젤 that order to prevent circumstances from repeating exactly, he alone will remember all they have shared. Let me see if I understand this. 앤젤 could not tell Buffy that he had erased her memories of their 일 together, in case the circumstances of that 일 repeat themselves. Yet, 앤젤 went ahead and informed Buffy that she would lose her memories 초 before she 로스트 them? If 앤젤 wanted to avoid a repetition of that 일 repeating, he could have told Buffy what had happened . . . and add that they could not stay together, in case the circumstances of that 일 would be repeated. But 앤젤 did not bother. In fact, he remained silent. Personally, I found his actions appalling.

To me, 앤젤 was a selfish and controlling bastard who could not handle the lack of vampire strength needed to deal with the 수퍼내츄럴 beings he had fought, in the first place. Without that strength, he could not be a hero. One, he was stupid enough to go after the Mohra demon when he lacked the strength to fight it. He could have easily allowed Buffy to do so in the first place. And when he found himself forced to depend upon Buffy’s strength to take down the demon, he turned to the Oracles to get his strength back. And all of this happened before he learned of the details surrounding his return as a vampire. I suspect that deep down, his act of sacrifice was nothing 더 많이 than bullshit. I have always suspected that 앤젤 was nothing 더 많이 than a control freak, who got his kicks making decisions for others . . . without their consent. If he had really cared about Buffy, he would have never agreed to the spell in the first place. 또는 . . . he could have told her what happened after the spell went into effect, just as I had pointed out in a 이전 paragraph. 또는 he could have told her what he was considering, before he allowed the Powers to Be remove her memories and turn back time. But he did not, because he simply viewed Buffy as a child who had to be controlled . . . 의해 him. And considering that Buffy ended up dead a year-and-a-half later (with 앤젤 not around), it seemed that 앤젤 had given up being a human for nothing.

"I Will Remember You" strikes me as a good example of why I have never been a 팬 of the Buffy/Angel romance. It has always seemed like an unequal relationship that was never able to develop into an equal one. This episode also reminded me that many seemed to prefer a fictional romance that featured between an infatuated adolescent female and lovesick older man obsessed with her youth and his need to be controlling. To me, the relationship was nothing but a patriarchal wet dream. And Angel's actions in both the "BUFFY" episode, "Pangs" and this episode seemed to 확인 this.