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 Winston: No megusta
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Winston no gusta
A few months past on 의해 and Janice's belly grew. She rested and ate most of the time and was watched 의해 Moonlight. Brian tried to keep as close as posable to her without being caught. Both Brian and Janice waited anxiously for the 일 of the birth. And then that 일 came.
Moonlight was away and Brian was patrolling the woods as always when he suddenly heard panting and someone slowly walking up to him. It was Janice. Before she could reach him she collapsed and let out a moan, "Brian!! Ah! I'm...,giving....Ahhh!"
Brian gasped and ran to her side. He nuzzled her then he rolled his mate onto...
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Lilly sat there on the couch, watching Tv. She had drawn over 20 아니메 pictures of Ba'al and her.

"I've never been so miserable in my life..." Lilly said. She took out another sheet of computer paper and began drawing herself and Ba'al.

"I just want to reset time and make sure this had never happened." Lilly said. Lilly began drawing herself. She drew herself in a dress having long beautiful hair.

"I know it's wrong but... I still kinda 사랑 Ba'al..." Lilly said. She had finished drawing herself and started on Ba'al. What she was drawing was Ba'al as a third grader sitting on a bench and herself...
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저기요 guys! I'm 글쓰기 this on my iPhone so spelling, punctuation, and indenting won't always happen! Just remember when I get on my computer I'll be able to write with all that and more. Thanks,
Lilyomega11 :)

Sage, a light brown pup with beautiful 제비꽃, 바이올렛 eyes, leapt out of the bushes, crushing her brother, Thorn.
"Got you!" she yelled, just as her mother Lily and her father Garth entered the clearing with her sister Tiger Lily and her other brother, Tiger.
Unlike her siblings, Sage was light brown. Everyone else in her family was pure white like her mother, except Garth of course.
"Dad!" yelled...
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Kate & Humphrey adventures.
Summer of 2011 Part 1. "Garth's Encounter."

What happened between spring and now.

The pack has 로스트 1 member since last spring but gained 4 더 많이 pups. They never saw the boy in camo, 또는 have had any encounters with humans. Humphrey has passed his hunting training and is providing 음식 for 3 omegas. Kate likes to hunt also, so she catches her and Humphrey's meals. Even though Humphrey is not an Alpha he is currently as well trained as Can-do. Now the story begins with Garth's encounter.

It's summer! Lilly cheered as she saw her first 꽃 grow outside the den. That...
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Lily was going to visit her family in Jasper but I was sick so I stayed 집 but at night I have the same dream which I think is what happened to Lily.

Lily had gotten on a plane which wasnt good because she had a fear of flying. She was scared shaking as the plane took off and and man leaned over and said were not going to make it. She began crying and everyone looked angrily at the man and tried to calm her down. Then everything seemed to freeze Lily looked around only skeletal remains were left of the passengers she thought I had came and woke up from the transs after she tried to touch me....
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 Poor Kate
Poor Kate
(June 24, 2011)

The Sikorsky landed at Colville Municipal airport at a quarter to eight in the evening. The landing was one of my smoothest in recent flights and it earned me a glance of approval from my Scar.
Kate, however, didn't even look up. She just sat there in the crew chiefs seat, staring at the ground with a depressed look on her face.
"Kate?" Scar asked uncertainly.
She looked up at her. Her eyes were clouded and she just looked miserable.
I made an executive decision and scooped her up. She offered no resistance and just laid there in my arms.
With Scar hot on my heels, I carried...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
I stood there in shocked silence, gaping at what was taking place in front of me. I glanced to my right and saw Ronna's brothers, Armstrong and Lerbo, standing there with stupid grins on their faces.
They were all cheering me as I exited the cave.
"Lerbo, what is going on?" I growled, this sorta had me uptight, just shake it off and 옮기기 on, I thought to myself.
The taller, 더 많이 muscled 늑대 stepped 앞으로 and attempted to keep his smile under control.
"Im sorry sir, but the look on your face was great."
He grined again
"So what is going on?"
"Well, when 당신 sent Blake out, he told them to...
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Soon i could manage to stand up … the pain was away and suddenly I felt realy fine. Like reborn.

The only bad thing was that I could not remember who I’am. What my name is, where I’am from.
All I knew was that I was a Human before, I died 의해 a Car Accident and ...

....strangely ....

also about my 가장 좋아하는 Film Alpha and Omega.

I looked Around …
I was surrounded 의해 beautiful wilderness …

big trees,
green wide meadows,
a big beautiful lake in the far,
and the sounds of wilderness.

I also looked up and down on me and I realized that me and the whole park don’t looked like in real life, but...
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Mooch carried Humphrey to Winston and Eve. Mooch set Humphrey down in Winston and Eve’s sight. Eve gasped at the sight.
“What happened?” She asked.
“He nailed his head on the chin of a dog and has a concussion,” Mooch answered.
“He saved Salty though,” Shakey said.
“I didn’t see crap,” Salty said, “By the way, we have a new comer.”
Jenna came into sight.
“Welcome to the pack!” Winston greeted, “We will be happy to have 당신 in our pack. Are 당신 an Alpha 또는 an Omega?”
“I think an Alpha,” Jenna replied, “How ever I have a confession.”
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It was early sunday morning and jon got up feeling kinda depressed about killing Riley but he had to just then his mother got up and she wasn't to happy she hadn't slept well last night and jon knew that so he kept his mouth shut then his dad got up and said 'Hows my loving family doing this morning?' and jon replied 'I'm good' and kate just grumbled and humphrey took it like a good and he left for his 다음 rap recording he was glad that his family was finnaly 안전한, 안전 but when he got to the rap studio he started his recording and when he finished he went 집 in his audiR8 and as he drove up...
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