This is the 표, 테이블 of contents and brief chapter 설명 for my new and upcoming Alpha and Omega 팬 fiction, Alpha and Omega: A Hero's Past. It takes place around 20 years before the first movie and focuses on the traumatic puphood of Humphrey, Kenya, Adam, and Garth. This is to give a 더 많이 detailed version of what we learned in my other two stories, A&O 9: Missing Parents and A&O 10: The Legend of the Peaceful Warrior. It will be released in full on the 10-year anniversary of the original movie.
(I still plan to write the actual legend that is told 의해 the 늑대 around the logboard. If 당신 don't know what I'm talking about, 당신 should go and read the other two 팬 fictions mentioned above).

Chapter 1: Birth of a Hero
Humphrey is born. (Don't worry. It's not graphic. It's just a short chapter introducing Humphrey's parents, grandparents, and Adam and ends with Humphrey being named).

Chapter 2: Meeting of Friends
Tony takes a young Garth to meet his friend, Winston from the neighboring pack.

Chapter 3: Like Father, Like Son
Humphrey's father teaches him to logboard for the very first time and teaches him a few tricks, but something goes wrong.

Chapter 4: Stampede of Fate
Tony and his wife, Mary, leave Garth with Winston and Eve for a couple days to go on a hunting trip. But something goes terribly wrong.

Chapter 5: Learning to Howl
Humphrey's mother teaches him to howl.

Chapter 6: Shattered Family
A family walk with Humphrey, his sister, Kenya, and their parents ends in tragedy.

Chapter 7: Scattered
Humphrey and Kenya are separated after being taken from their parents.

Chapter 8: Tony's Return
Meanwhile, Tony returns to Garth and tells him the terrible truth about the hunt.

Chapter 9: Decimated
Humphrey's pack is under attack 의해 humans.

Chapter 10: A Turn for the Worst
Terrible things happen to Adam and Kenya.

Chapter 11: The Youngest Alpha
Adam has to step into his role as pack leader, but at such a young age, some 늑대 begin to doubt him, so much so, that it starts to become dangerous for him.

Chapter 12: The Lone 늑대
Humphrey has to fend for himself when he finds himself alone in the woods.

Chapter 13: Hope is Kindled
Things begin to get better for Adam and Kenya.

Chapter 14: The Storm
Humphrey gets caught out in a bad storm, and is injured during it.

Chapter 15: New Pack
Humphrey is accepted into another pack.

Chapter 16: Forgotten
Humphrey lives in his new pack for a little over a year, during which he forgets his real family.

Chapter 17: Exiled
Humphrey is banished from his new pack and once again, is forced to live on his own.

Chapter 18: The Western Pack
Humphrey is found 의해 two 늑대 in the Western Pack.

Chapter 19: 사랑 at First Sight
Humphrey meets Kate for the very first time.

Chapter 20: 늑대 Fight
Many years later, while Humphrey is living peacefully in the Western Pack, Adam has grown into a strong leader, so strong, that a lone 늑대 from deep in the forest, considers him a threat, and attacks.

Chapter 21: The Fun-loving Omega
Humphrey lives a new life in the Western Pack. He and Kate are great friends, but seeing as how she is getting older, and will be going to Alpha School in 3 years, she decides to help Humphrey make some new friends.

Wraps everything up and ties into A&O 1.

Alpha and Omega: A Hero's Past